Gestures men - need to know the woman?

Gestures Men a lot of misunderstanding between the sexes can be avoided by knowing sign language to each other.Women need to know the features and gestures of men to be able to decipher them.This knowledge will help in many situations relating to communication with the men - and in the office and on the romantic party.

Incorrect understanding gestures often leads to emotional conflicts, spiritual emptiness, wrong actions.Gestures men usually differ from women.After all, a man seeks to please one particular girl, and a woman wants to please everyone present immediately.Many gestures have their analogues in the animal world, they are given to us from our ancestors - monkeys. Gestures Men

person's success in relationships often depends on the ability to send signals of interest and be able to recognize the response signals.For example, men often do not notice the female signals , so the range of gestures is much broader.

Gestures may be either conscious or subconscious. Studies show that a person is in the company of the

opposite sex, undergoes a series of psychosomatic changes.Increased muscle tone, posture straightens the stomach is pulled even may disappear under-eye bags.

basic gestures men

to the male suffered demonstrating sympathy for the woman include various manipulations with the appearance, when a man begins to smarten up. If a man in a tie, then his hand will automatically be attracted to him to straighten his tie and collar.He can stroke the hair, correct buttons and shake the dust off the shoulder of a non-existent.Man will make every attempt to look more attractive.

Gestures men - hands in his pockets

One of the most aggressive gestures is laying the thumbs in his belt or in a pocket slits. This gesture expresses masculinity, a hand here focus on the genital area.Typically, such a gesture is used to mark their territory, demonstrate a challenge to other men. Gestures Men

the presence of women in the gesture takes on sexual connotations. With it, a man tells about his liking.He may be accompanied by dilated pupils, reversing the housing and directed toward women toe.

Gestures men - their hands on the belt

Sexual interest also reflects a gesture - hands put on the belt. This posture shows men physical strength and willingness to cooperate.You can also catch the sympathy of view, if a man holds look for a split second longer allotted time.

Gestures men - house edge

Communicating men often involuntary gestures give their true feelings. say about their interest raised eyebrows.At a meeting with pleasant and unpleasant people, we either raise or frowns, it happens involuntarily.

If a person is pretty or interesting man, his brow pripodnimut, unpleasant encounter with a man make him lower his eyebrows and eyes will be gloomy.Focusing on the eyebrows can make conclusions about the topic of conversation.If you talk to him uninteresting or distasteful, the eyebrows are stretched and lowered.

Gestures Men Gestures men who speak of sympathy

When dealing with a man of his mouth slightly open, it means that he is interested in his companion.The man for a while automatically opens her mouth, until a glance with the object.
If a man who has something interesting, it instantly reflected on his face, it would be more open and friendly.A smile, raised eyebrows, and the joy in their eyes.Each dash face as if talking about his sympathies.

Gestures man who wants to please

  • to attract the attention of women to men trying to make a variety of beautiful and vivid gestures actions that distinguish them from the crowd.At this point, a man wants to show their individuality, the girl noticed him.
  • When a man is worried and wants to please he always corrects anything.He could not help correcting hairstyle hands, and does it very often.Sometimes it happens that a man at a meeting corrects socks.This gesture can be regarded as 100% better and the desire to look like you, and at the same time speaks of his strong emotions. Gestures Men
  • If a man intently scans a woman, considering the shape he gives to understand that the woman he loves, and he sees it as a sexual partner. Often the gesture is not hidden, as seen consciously.
  • Men are characterized as specific gestures, when they are trying to demonstrate their shape or ability.It may seem ridiculous boasting, but at this point he sought to show that suits you, that it is beautiful or talented.

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