How to fall in love with the guy - 15 tips

both fall in love with a Man To you of the love, it is necessary to know the basic principles upon which rests the feeling of love.Knowing them and following these principles, for you will have no difficulty to make a guy fall in love, regardless of his status, appearance and other factors.So:

How to fall in love Man - 5 principles

As fall in love with the guy?- 1 principle

man falls in love not in physical form, other words, the body, and image, which was formed in his mind.Based on this, the guy trying to look perfect, but not necessarily be such (it is difficult!).Your behavior should work this way, and do not forget the guy anyway, what impression you make on others, as long as it is in you something to cling to.

How to fall in love with the guy?2 principle

«Should be a woman some mystery» - woman should always be an interesting guy, and some mystery and innuendo very beckon.Who cares for the hundredth time to look through long-read book.But mystery is not worth it to go too, should be a clear distinctio

n between light mystery and secrecy.

both fall in love with a Man How to fall in love with the guy?3 principle

Forbidden fruit is always sweet and attracts, so you need to stay for a while is not available until you feel that he is really in love with you.

How to fall in love with the guy?4 principle

most important thing in these feelings - a selflessness and devotion. requires nothing from the guy and makes him beholden to you, if he will love you, if he wants to make gifts or give you any kind of help.

How to fall in love with the guy?5 principle

not show how it is significant and important to you. to love you man, he should always feel that he has to achieve and conquer you.It's no wonder they say, the more you love, the less love you.Even if you're in love with him "head over heels", let them think that you're still in thought.both fall in love with a Man

How to fall in love with the guy - 3 misunderstandings

The best means to keep the guy next to him - it is fall in love with him in his own person .But sometimes it's not easy to do because the man and woman, radically different creatures, and we often get offended and complain about their lack of understanding and a strange logic.So maybe it is easier to understand the logic and begin to understand it, to avoid any misunderstandings in a relationship?

misunderstanding №1.Man can not see beyond their noses.

But it is true, but not because they do not want to see something more, or larger, and because they have a completely different structure of the eye, which does not allow the stronger sex to broaden their horizons and look a little further.So do not blame him too much that he did not notice your new earrings, purse or shoes.

misunderstanding №2.A man can not guess what you need at the moment.

fact that nature has so that women's intuition is more powerful than men.And the woman lives often emotions so often understand instinctively that the man needs to present in writing.But this has its positive sides - men do not know how to lie, or rather can, but it can be seen all at once.

both fall in love with a Man misunderstanding №3.He can not do many things simultaneously.

There is, if it is doing something, it is unlikely he will be distracted by any climb occupation.And there is an explanation - the whole matter in the brain, the brain of Man is simply not capable of such an overload.But the female brain is designed so that a woman is absolutely easy and not by constraint deals with all things at once.As

fall in love with the guy - 6 Tips

deal with some misunderstandings, you will be easier to fall in love with a guy.But there are some tips that are indispensable in this delicate matter.

1. Be sexy. Sexuality for many men is paramount, though not many people talk about it.Well, who does not like you to be desired and sexual to her lover, because you already know what he likes and how to arouse.

2. Be beautiful. Well, it's simple advice, you're so beautiful.But do not forget that the nature of beauty requires care.And there is a huge difference between the well-groomed beauty and well-groomed beauty.Do you think anyone would prefer a man?

both fall in love with a Man 3. Be diverse. All men by nature are polygamous, with a few exceptions.There is still matter how easy or hard to restrain a man this natural feature.To save the guy from painful choice, I was for it, thereby quenching the need to change partners.Just sometimes appear before them in a different way and you will see - will not be a walk!

4. Be extraordinary. Any person attract individuals who have any respect his opinion.Do not be all, and he will appreciate it.So it will be easier to fall in love with the guy.

5. Develop a charisma. If you turn into a man, then you have it.Let your companion proud that you go with him, but not so nice guy on the "Mercedes", which is so closely looks at you.

6. Mental abilities. Yeah .. If not, then there is nothing you can not be helped, but you can rejoice that not every guy needs a smart girl.Often, much of the smart women escape their cavaliers, as they do not compete.But some still have to read the literature, well even to keep the conversation going.

Well, like everything.It now remains to determine the chosen and forward - on the trail, "fall in love with a Man."Good luck and do not forget - "love of evil ....»

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