Office romance - is it good or bad?

office romance In the West, the relationship between heterosexual employees in the office are clearly defined in the corporate culture.And even familiar to us forms of politeness, as an attempt to hold the door or compliments, are strictly prohibited.

office romance - the situation in Russia

office romance Moreover, this is seen a threat to the equality of women and men.Russia lacks such restrictions. However, the problem of relations between women and men in the office there. Where is that precarious line between office romances and simple friendship?Does flirting on the performance of a team?Is it possible to work in an office couple?Every top manager on this problem has its own view.

Office Romance - 1 opinion

Irina Vasenina, served as president of the group Progression: «I'm always for bright emotions, joyful communion and consider an office romance is quite acceptable.On the performance in the team, especially the girls, this is a very good effect.

However, we have a single rule: if the two men appeared

office romance, then one person should leave the company.Indeed, the development of personal relationships can influence the opinion of one of the parties, may be a manifestation of pressure on the adoption of any decision. "

Office Romance - 2 opinion

Vera Samoilova, leading the marketing department in the company of "Nika Motors Holding»: «I think that regulate personal relationships between employees may only as a pretext for dismissing anyone.

In my opinion, any interference with a person's privacy is discrimination, because in this way violated his rights and freedoms.Our company does not.The only thing we are interested in whether a person cope with their responsibilities. We have in the organization of working families that originated from the office romances. Our attitude to this loyal, because the work of each of the spouses is not affected. "

office romance Office Romance - 3 opinion

Svetlana Kolosov, who is president of the consulting group "Old Square»: «Most of the time of day, we are at work.That is why we must not forget about their gender.

Head-woman must be stylish, emotional, exciting, feminine and attractive.It should not be because of his job to kill a woman.Even admitting little love by male employees to his boss.

In my opinion, a positive attitude towards women leaders very well affect the performance of the team.Through feminine charm (but not coquetry!) Can be induced to engage in dialogue or settlement of some conflicts and professionalism will confirm the status of the head, and earn the respect of employees. In our company, there are no documents regulating the relations in the team and in particular office romances.

office romance Due to the high professionalism of every employee knows allowable face.Our professionals are realized volume and complex projects, so even on a pleasant distraction relations inadmissible.Any mistake can be very expensive, and project and company.

A flirtation between employees, especially permanent, just wasting their creativity and effort in the wrong direction.In addition, office romance generates other colleagues have occasions to discuss his personal life and condemnation of those who flirts.

As a consultant and manager, I would not recommend taking a job at the office a large number of unsettled family, young and horny employees that the workplace will try to solve their personal issues.In our company, the security service to check people today and from this position. "

office romance Office Romance - 4 opinion

Marina Goldinberg, served as director of Marketing Corporation "Organic»: «In our company there is a flirtation, because without it psychologically impossible to exist.In stressful time work or just a hard day a cup of coffee or a compliment from a colleague will be pleasant and will be able to change the mood positive.

My opinion - friendship (but not an office romance) has a positive effect on the interaction of subordinates and superiors. Thanks to friendly relations can count on support in difficult times.And the presence of romance in a relationship of colleagues is often a cause of family scandals and manifestations of jealousy in the office.At the same time, our company considers it unethical to regulate personal relationships in the team.

In my opinion, the presence of family dynasties because love enables a stable development of the company. This feeling makes creative and innovative thinking and increases the ability to work.But on one condition - that the spouse of the work were not related, as operational issues are usually transferred to the kitchen, and home - on the job. "

text - Anna Serebryakov