Top 10 ways to recognize the boy in love

declaration of love to the guy Unfortunately, the days of knights are long gone.Today, young women increasingly have to take the initiative in the relationship and make decisive steps forward, confessing love.

Although fortunately not quite extinct men capable of brave deeds.

Should I make the first declaration of love?

Should a girl to take the reins in their fragile hands and talk about their feelings heartthrob?More likely than not, if it's true love, otherwise possible and to miss your bright future.

If a man also kind to the girl , then it becomes a kind of recognition of the impetus for the development of relations and bring them to a new level.

Some guys are too shy and timid by nature or had enough bad experiences in past relationships.So much can be difficult to open. In this case, the recognition of the girls will be very faithful, and approach it must be very strongly.For example, you can honestly stroking the eye chosen one, to say that you have long been aware of his feelings for you and that you are expe

riencing the same feelings.declaration of love to the guy

After such a straight statement, loving man, as the saying is simply obliged to marry you.But it is worth considering if it will convert all heard a joke.

uppercase rules declaration of love, of course not, because of love, as in war all means are good.The main thing - it is your sincerity, it will not replace any phrases and words.The first young person should feel it in your eyes.

How to make a declaration of love to the guy - 10 Ways

So, if you decided to confess her love for him, prepare in advance to the last moment, excited, do not mix.

first method declaration of love the guy - the oldest

It is the most traditional and simple, not even need to invent anything.All you have to do is go up to him and just say three cherished words.But if you are a romantic and imaginative natures should choose more original way.

second method declarations of love the guy - a lyrical

All poets, speaking about love, ennoble and thin sense, raising them and making it richer. So if your partner more romantic than brutal, you can use the words of the poet.Please correct row on a postcard, not to forget the most crucial moment.

declaration of love to the guy third way declarations of love the guy - a gala dinner

Of course, everyone knows that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.And it's true! That is why good food and good wine will delight man. And then you will be much easier to admit their feelings.It is possible that he will not stand and make confession first.

fourth method declarations of love the guy - Art

If you find it difficult to squeeze out these three words, but really want to say, you can write them.Buy a drawing paper, gouache, brushes, or simply take a roll of wallpaper and write about their love and better draw. man will appreciate your efforts.

fifth method declarations of love the guy - Technical

In this age of computer technology and the Internet, many make a declaration of love is on the network or SMS. However, this is not the best way, because it deprives the very pleasant visual contact and the possibility to see the reaction. declaration of love to the guy

sixth method declarations of love the guy - tactile

This is quite a good and interesting way to recognition.I like it the most. but is only suitable if your partner is not thick-skinned elephant.There is a game familiar to many, it is based on tactile sensations.

Suggest favorite play, put it on the bed, or any other plane, and the large and slow extraction fingers letters on his back.If he is focused, he is sure to understand what you wrote.

seventh method declarations of love the guy - an interesting

Invite him home and tell him very upset, because gone is your most valuable thing without which you can not live.Describe it well - red, fist-sized, soft and silky.Of course, when you search for the loss, he must find her.

When he finds heart, then immediately understand everything, just tell him that it is your heart and it now belongs only to him.An original and fun way to declarations of love the guy.

Eighth way of declarations of love the guy - the creative

If you know how to play any musical instrument or sing well, it will be very helpful to you. Just be sure to use a favorite song and dedicate it to him.She will do the work for you.If you have special talents can write a song for yourself.declaration of love to the guy

Ninth way to declarations of love the guy - a culinary

Using food as easily admit his feelings, saying nothing while.Even if you do not know how to cook, make a simple omelet is not difficult.And then write on it with ketchup, "Love."

tenth way to declarations of love the guy - mediation

If you just can not be alloyed with his excitement and to make a declaration of love the guy alone, use the help of a mediator. For example, this may be his favorite radio station and the DJ would tell you.Or you can order a banner next to his house.It does not stand even severe a man's heart.

Most importantly do not believe the stereotypes that make declaration of love to the first wrong. Who would not commit it, anyway - is the most magical and important event between two people.

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