Secrets of the intimate massage

intimate massage few gentle light touch - and loved already burning passion of intimate massage.Check your own!

Want to master the art of intimate massage?There is nothing easier! You do not have to study a thick manual with colorful pictures.After all, by and large, are any gentle touch to the partner prior to intimacy, and sometimes even replace it.Therefore, to include fantasy, the mood for a sensual wave his arms and try to convey your love.

Gentle and slow intimate massage

most important thing in an intimate massage - tenderness and sensuality. You can start it with the stripping of the partner, turning the process into a sexual game.By taking the time to unbutton his shirt, gently touching his skin.Plant a favorite on the bed and stroked his neck, chest, abdomen.Move into action is when you are both excited. intimate massage

Which petting give birth to most of your loved one, you realize along the way.One like touching the ears, another comes to the delight of stroking the inner thighs, and someone to taste massag

e fingers or toes.Experiment!

Want to enhance the effect of an intimate massage?

Try to use essential oils. In pharmacies a wide range of aromatic agents, some of whom are aphrodisiacs.Do not forget: before using essential oils (2-3 drops) should be added to neutral, basic (fit massage, peach, almond, canola).

Pick up oil for intimate massage, depending on what goals you want to achieve. for intimate relaxing massage with lavender and chamomile.If you want to cheer up a loved one - choose rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, orange.Strong stimulating effect is ylang-ylang, patchouli, ginger and sandalwood.

main thing - do not overdo it: the flavor to be subtle, or get the opposite result.

Secrets intimate massage

Intimate massage can be done not only with hands, but also breast, fingers, legs, feet, heels.For best effect, you can float the tongue, lips, hair and even eyelashes.

Good use chiffon scarf, ostrich or any other pen, own panties.Generally, the best erotic massage is not one that is "on the classic scenario described in books on the art of sex. A fantasy invented specifically for you loved.

intimate massage only rule, which is to adhere to the intimate massage: the softer and lighter touch,the stronger the response. paradox? Not at all!

barely perceptible strokes back, thighs or abdomen - the most effective.

intimate massage, but the motion does not have to be small and fussy, else instead aroused the favorite starts to giggle- it would be just tickled. Move slowly, being careful not to tear the hands of the man's body.

Remember: everything you do with inspiration, with an emotional lift, will be perceived to cheer your favorite! It's not intimate massage techniques, and in respect ofProcess!