What to expect from holiday romance?

During love, but only at the first stage of its turbulent, the body produces a substance phenylethylamine, causes a reaction similar drugs.Therefore accustomed to the holiday novel, it becomes more difficult to maintain a serious relationship.

resort novel - is a drug?

Dreaming of a holiday romance? Before you make new acquaintances, to answer the question: what do you expect from him.And be aware of the fact that the resort novel can give you ...

There is nothing more romantic and promising than holiday romance, which may turn into a bright Union. you ask whether it is possible such a scenario?Very much!For each of us there is at least one familiar couple, meet on the beach.

It's simple.Relaxing problems forgotten, the sun caresses the body ... I want to be happy and in love! That's fine, but in the pursuit of a summer love, try not to fall into the trap.We'll show you how to avoid it.Consider a real-life stories with comments psychologist.

Holiday romance - Summer illusion

Going on the Black Sea coast, the heroine of the novel spa dreamed of meeting new people.

«Flirt will be the beginning of a new wonderful feeling," - she thought.But she did not seek adventure going.Cavalier was not long in coming. On the third day at the beach she was approached by a nice guy. conversation, a new acquaintance turned lawyer.Then - a romantic walk in the moonlight, dinner, talk ... She felt that he was losing his head.

all seemed to her ideal.From morning to evening colors conversations and meetings on the beach under the moonlight.

«Misha had a lot of plans, it is a step would not let me. not let one go to the beach - just could not part with me!He repeated: "Mishutka die without his queen!" And there were days when we just did not get out of bed, making love, laughing and fooling around.I no longer felt so happy.This guy seemed ideal, if we were made for each other.He was a gentle, caring and all its plus and a lawyer!

When I returned home to Moscow, a magical bubble burst.It became clear that behind this relentless vigil for me.On vacation, he adored me, do not let a single step.But after returning home, I wanted to put me in a cage.

Michael found himself the owner of a terrible and terribly jealous man. rolls scandals, when I was doing something wrong, he said.I wonder how I could be so blind and not seen it before!I broke with him a month.Quickly I stop this farce. "

Comment psychologist to resort novel

on vacation, people succumb to their illusions begin to believe in them ... We meet a man in unusual circumstances, outside the context of its usual life.Therefore it is difficult to properly assess the human.To see who he really is.

We accept the image that imagined themselves. We do not know, for example, our new friend a slut or akkuratist, you never were in his house.We can not judge whether it is a responsible person, because in the summer we rarely find ourselves in a difficult situation in which it would be possible to assess the true nature of man.We feel relaxed, rested and at times overly tolerant of the shortcomings of others.

man in the resort novel - a blank sheet, which is easy to fill out their ideas, draw the desired image.

We attribute to him the features that we want to see for yourself ... and start blindly believe in it!We just illusions.And we meet, if we speak of revelation, with their expectations of men, not with himself.And all our efforts, if only lead to the fact that we are bitterly disappointed when he returned home.

Note also that the rule of "resort illusions" applies to both sides.Not just a man for you, and you for it in the scenario vacation look more attractive.These are ideal conditions for a guy that you like, you saw that beautiful and desirable woman, which he had always dreamed of.

you feel that he likes?Great!Enjoy the moment. But do not forget that the end of the leave may very likely be the end of your holiday romance.And the clearer the realization that after the summer of your ideas about each other can change dramatically, the better for your alliance.

resort novel - search, find and ...

In this heroine holiday romance not have time to meet with friends and to search for a companion.So she traveled to exotic countries: China, Vietnam, Thailand ... I think that it is easier to meet an interesting man.

«I look good, and it helps to make an impression.I know where to go on vacation, to strike up a conversation with an interesting man.However, women managers have a hard time.Men treat me with fear and prefer to keep their distance.It is hard to justify my expectations, I understand perfectly.A ride to rest for a few years, and only once on holiday spun true romance.I told them "ill" ... and do not regret it.In the week I picked up a whirlwind of emotions, and then boyfriend just disappeared.He deceived me.But, despite this negative experience, I do not lose hope. "

Comment psychologist to resort novel

leave on vacation, driving it into an idea: "I am ready to do anything for a whirlwind romance" - the most common mistake. You could even say that this is a recipe for defeat.After all, when we really want to meet someone and working in this all my strength, we just do not leave a chance to come true feelings are in a constant state of stress.And men, contrary to popular belief, it is unmistakable feel.

And the more we are in love affairs, the greater the risk of being cheated. the resort you can easily become a victim of a banal thrill seekers.You see a man in his ideal, and it is in you - easy prey.

think that you can not find love in his hometown?Believe me, it is not so!If you can not find a partner, most likely, you're just not ready for a serious relationship.That's all.Vacation or holiday will not change anything.

It just seems that if you paid for a room for two with a huge bed, then sooner or later there is a sincere and loving person who will share it with you ...

By happy love should go a completely different way!Relax, travel, but stop chasing adventures.Focus on itself.

Think about why you are afraid of a serious relationship. What prevents your intimacy with a man?Are you each time to take the initiative to meet?Break your stereotypes.Try to be yourself.Think about what is fun for you.Trips to the mountains?Maybe descent under water diving?Before you allow someone to meet with you, you have to know yourself better.

resort novel - who falls in love in the summer?

This heroine of the novel resort boasts free status of women and the fact that she copes with everything.

believes that she has no time for a serious relationship.And in general I was not even born the man who she handed the keys to his apartment.It is quite another summer.Then Victoria easily gives a man the keys to the cottage.

"Even I do not know why, but I find it easier to fall in love in the summer: in nature, away from the city, or traveling to exotic countries. Then the romantic adventures themselves dumped on my head. Bares body, a keen sense of sexual desire ... andIt happens by itself! I can not explain why so many of the respondents planned to continue such a relationship resort romance quickly terminated.

year ago, spent two weeks with the architect of St. Petersburg. In life, so do not laugh like him. But I liveYekaterinburg, visiting each other far away. There was no sense to pull it all. A year and a half ago, I met with Cyril. spent together stunning th days. If you would like our relationship would continue and probably would have been quite serious. But whyStatement that complicate life? "

Comment psychologist to resort novel

People who prefer to holiday romance permanent relationship, in a way deceive themselves.Roman Holiday convince them that if they just want to be with someone all the time, then easily be able to.With each new novel they are trying once again to make sure that such a possibility.

Holiday romance for some as a sedative pill. Tying this relationship, we are aware that they may soon be over.

This gives a certain freedom.Surviving the summer outbreak of feelings we once again want to assure that all of us in order that we are able to love and be loved.In fact, all this is only in order not to see the truth.In ordinary life, strong feelings and love, it turns out, we are unable to.

soothing pill - it is certainly good. But only up to a point.Try to stop equate relationships and spa novel.You can not live from one summer to the next.

Holiday romance - Hue years treason

Marriage next holiday romance heroine is going through a crisis.

"My husband and I constantly quarreled, therefore did not make sense to spend holidays together. We decided to separately consider our future. I went to Yalta to relatives, which previously often spent holidays and there met his first love!

Sasha became more attractive, but was already married with two children. And yet begun to walk late at night! I could not believe it was happening to me really. Do I regret what happened? And yesand No, no - because experienced, perhaps, the most romantic and passionate night in my life. Yes - because it could ruin Sasha's marriage, and his own too. indescribable feeling of guilt still does not leave me. "

Comment psychologist to resort novel

Each change has a dose of aggression, against the partner.Holiday romance as a reaction to problems in family life certainly does not help to solve them.We only momentarily distracted from these problems, we relieve stress.That is why, after a summer holiday in the arms of another, and a feeling of fresh blow in a relationship with her husband.

But should not deceive ourselves.Drowned thus problems and forgotten at the time of omissions sooner or later again will be felt.And will have to solve them.And then there's remorse ...

One of the wise men said that it is better to regret what has been done, than that was not possible.Well, that's up to you!

According to the magazine "Planet of Women"