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How to make collagen Vitamin C

collagen - one of the major proteins of the human body, which is the main part of the connective tissue.It is a structural element of the skin.

Collagen Vitamin C

collagen and vitamin C

Collagen in combination with elastin can be called a skeleton of the skin, providing its elasticity.Collagen is a chain of amino acids, which is under the influence of adverse factors may break down and erode.With age, the process of decay begins to exceed the production of proteins, which leads to thinning of the subcutaneous collagen, loss of tone, skin laxity and wrinkles.

Collagen Vitamin C

Methods replenish collagen

deficiency of collagen can be determined in a simple manner - slightly pulling the skin on the upper eyelid, and see how quickly it recovers.If the skin is smoothed once, it is necessary to urgently replenish collagen in the body.Young body itself restores and synthesizes collagen, but with age the production of proteins in the body is suspended, an important role in this process is slowing metabolism and hormonal chang


restore an adequate level of collagen in the body, in particular, subcutaneous protein in several ways.The modern cosmetic industry is constantly developing various products based on collagen.Lotions, which comprise natural collagen typically are quite expensive and do not always produce the desired effect.This is because collagen molecules in them is too large, which does not allow them to penetrate deeply into the skin.

Collagen Vitamin C

With creams can be achieved only superficial skin hydration.

for deeper penetration of collagen in the skin cells developed special systems that include fragmented collagen-based biological nano-contributing to the delivery of the molecules in the deeper layers of skin.Such transdermal formulations have an excellent regenerative effect and can significantly compact the subcutaneous collagen layer, align relief and give a person a good elasticity and turgor.

in cosmetology clinics conducted course of injections of collagen , which recommend for older people with much istonchёnnym subcutaneous layer, deep wrinkles and highly visible aging signs.These courses are able to return skin elasticity, but have a number of contraindications and disadvantages.It is also possible to inject fibroblasts to wrinkles in the synthesis of collagen.

Collagen Vitamin C Collagen Vitamin C

recovery methods of collagen - the importance of vitamin C

Before you say about the recovery of collagen and methods for the regeneration of the subcutaneous layer, it is necessary to mention the factors affecting the skin and contributes to the destruction and thinning of collagen chains.The main enemies of collagen considered - smoking, too long exposure to sunlight (sun deck), lack of moisture, stress and alcohol.

Collagen Vitamin C

main component, which helps the body produce its own collagen, is vitamin C. Ascorbic acid stimulates the production of collagen and proteins of subcutaneous connective tissue.Collagen and vitamin C are often produced in the form of complex biologically active food additives.Before you use these drugs, it is necessary to find out exactly what kind of collagen contains this complex.Collagen can be animal, vegetable and marine origin.

animal collagen is not only useful, it can even harm , because it is produced from cattle hides.Vegetation - derived from natural proteins, such as wheat, it is not an allergen and is used in expensive cosmetics exclusive.Sea - is obtained from shellfish and fish, it is most similar to the human protein, has excellent restorative qualities, but can cause allergic reactions.

Collagen Vitamin C

addition of vitamin C collagen synthesized minerals - copper, zinc, silicon, iron, sulfur, 3,6,9 omega fatty acids, amino acids, in particular lutein. That is, eating foods with a high content of these components, you can stimulate the production of collagen in the body.Even observing appropriate diet and taking vitamin C, it is not necessary to wait for quick results because the human body is so constituted primarily useful items are delivered into the internal organs, bone and joints, skin and hair and are supplied to the last stage.

Collagen Vitamin C