What determines the calorie cake?

Most people have a weakness for sweet desserts, and especially to the cake.For girls and women who are watching their figures, stick to diet or trying to lose weight eating cake causes a lot of questions and doubts.

In order to answer the question whether you can treat yourself to a slice of cake, and what kind of cake at the same time select, you must define what determines calorie cakes and cakes which have the lowest energy value?

calorie cake?

What determines the caloric content of the cake?

Energy value any dish depends on the composition and proportions of its constituent products.The cakes have the most calories creams, because they made from butter, cream, fatty cream, condensed milk, in addition, they often contain a lot of sugar.To determine the caloric first we must see what kind of cream added.The largest number of calories contained in the cake with butter cream, the second place is occupied by calorie cakes, which are used in butter cream, third place for sweets with condensed milk and cus


following indicators calorie is dough, from which the baked cake.

Many people are very fond of sponge cakes, because the gentle melting cake, really, one of the greatest pleasures for a sweet tooth.But it is important to note that the biscuit dough is the most nutritious, especially if you take into account that for the impregnation used syrups with high sugar content.

Another factor that you should pay attention to is the amount of cream , the more cream cake decorations on the surface, so, consequently, higher than its energy value.Confectioners often create wonderful cream composition, decorating cakes, of course, it is beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but to save the figure is better to abandon this beauty.From a modest piece of jewelry, such as fresh fruit or berries cake you get no less pleasure, it does not eat too much.

calorie cake?

On calorie cake affect various additives - chocolate in the form of supplements in a cream or icing, nuts and candied fruits, ornaments from sugar mastic and other delights increase the number of calories.Recently, confectioners, considering the needs of the population began to prepare cakes with dietary kinds of cream, for example, cake with yogurt cream has the lowest caloric value - 240 kcal per 100 g

If you want to cook your own cake diet, then you can use yogurt creamgiven its calorie per 100 g:

  • yoghurt 1.5% fat and sugar - 67 calories;
  • yoghurt 3.2% fat and sugar - 82 calories;
  • 6% fat yogurt with sugar - 108 kcal.

Calorie unsweetened yogurt in the form below above 15-20 kcal.

calorie cake? calorie cake?

Calorie Cream Cake

average calorie cream cake is:

  • oil cream - about 300-350 calories;
  • Custard - 180-215 calories;
  • Cream condensed milk - 300-315 calories;
  • cream whipped egg whites - 170-180 calories;
  • butter cream - 225-250 calories;
  • Curd cream - 160-175 kcal.

on energy value creams affect the amount of sugar and additives - raisins and nuts.For example, if a low calorie cream cheese add these ingredients, its energy content is increased up to 240 kcal.

calorie cake? calorie cake?

Calorie dough cakes

If we look at the most common and popular types of cake dough, we get the following picture:

  • Biscuit dough without additives - 260-280 calories;
  • Puff pastry - 340-410 calories;
  • shortcrust pastry - 350-400 calories;
  • Honey dough - 380 calories;
  • Choux pastry - 210-220 calories;
  • Sweet pastry - 220-240 kcal.

If you prepare the cake yourself, taking into account the data given above can independently calculate the caloric value of your dessert, and to cook perfectly acceptable dietary dish.For example, meatless cake with yogurt and fruit will have a caloric value of 145 kcal per 100 g

calorie cake? calorie cake?

Calorie cakes

When buying a ready-made cakes, carefully review its composition and the value indicated on the label.For example, such indicators:

  • Cake "Napoleon" - 100 g of about 550 kcal;
  • Cake "Bird's milk" - 100 g of about 350 kcal;
  • Sponge cake - an average of about 400 calories;
  • Cake "Pancho" - 280 kcal;
  • Cake "Prague" - 350-450 kcal.

calorie cake? calorie cake?

calorie cake? calorie cake?

calorie cake? calorie cake?

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