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How quickly pump up the press?

After protracted celebration of the New Year holidays, or with the onset of summer, or rather beach season, we are often looking at her reflection in the mirror, we begin to feel sad.

reminded of glossy magazines, in which we see not only trendy outfits, but also models with beautiful bodies Defined abdominal muscles.The most active of us immediately run to buy a subscription to the gym, so do not put it off indefinitely.

How quickly pump up the press

How quickly pump up the press

Believe me, you too can have a flat stomach, even at home.To achieve the goal important determination and regular employment.And do not give up, do not drop their studies, if you do not see fast results in a few days.You understand that the time and effort necessary to spend a lot.And now we give you some tips and recommendations as quickly pump up the press and get the desired result.

useful to start to change the way their food. In no case do not call you to sit on a rigid diet.But the number of incoming calories should be reduced.Surely y

ou've been mentally planning to move to a healthy balanced diet - that's the very moment.But forget about the balance immediately.In them there is no need, in addition, we are going to not only burn fat, but at the expense of physical exercise to increase muscle mass.So the scales away - it is doubtful psychological stimulant.

How quickly pump up the press

training starts no earlier than 2 hours after a meal.Ups trunk allowed on a full stomach, and after a workout hike to the refrigerator will destroy all your efforts.

rock press is necessary to comprehensively considering all muscle groups - lower and upper press, lateral and oblique muscles.

Lower press swing applying ups feet. can start with 20-30 ups, gradually over time, will proceed to increase the number of ascents in one go.If possible, it is best to perform these exercises on the crossbar, but also from a prone position, you get the desired result.

upper press swing with the same intensity as the lower. For this we use the exercises with the rise of the body.If possible, use a bench: sit at her feet fix (for example, having brought them under the bed) and start ups.Hands with the better to keep behind the head, but if you will be hard, you can cross them on the chest.Try as much as possible to bend at the bottom.

exercises for the upper and lower press perform uniformly, alternating them.

How quickly pump up the press

oblique abdominal muscles will swing, using exercise, "Rocker », for this you need a gymnastic stick or something it replaces.Put on the shoulders of gymnastic stick (she will fulfill our role of "rocker") and puncture the body turns to the right and left side.In this exercise, it is important to use the acceleration in the performance.For beginners, the approach will be 30-40 seconds later you will be able to increase it to 50-60 seconds.

side muscle you can pump up with the side slopes.Stand up straight, do not slouch, do inclinations in different directions alternately.Approaches in this exercise as well, first make no more than 30-40 seconds, with a gradual increase.

respite between exercises should not be large, it is important to keep the rhythm throughout the session.

How quickly pump up the press

Add to your training is another simple exercise that will, as it were common to all groups of abdominal muscles.For its implementation does not require any special tools.You will need free space on the floor and a regular chair.So, go back on the floor and put his feet on a chair so that your body has adopted a pose reminiscent of the shape of the letter «z».Stretch your arms forward toward your knees and start climbing.It is to be performed smoothly.When your lower back will come off the floor, try to stay in this position as you can, and then, slowly, lower back.Again, concentrate your attention that this exercise is carried out smoothly , no sudden movements and jerks.So we warm up and forced to work all the muscles.If done correctly, you will feel a slight burning sensation in the press.

How quickly pump up the press

And finally, the most important rule, which is known to very few.All abdominal exercises should perform only after the warm-up, after you have warmed up your muscles. Otherwise you pumped up press over the fat.