Fractional nutrition for weight loss - solved!

Recently, more and more people are thinking about the importance of proper nutrition, tracking their weight and maintain an active lifestyle.And all thanks to the understanding of humanity simple truth: only depends on us how we look and what our health.

Split meals

Fractional power

And one of the basic principles of right living is split meals.His most important rule - the separation of the total volume of food , eaten by man for a day, not three, and for 5-6 receptions.In other words, you need to eat more often, but slowly.A maximum length of breaks between the individual visits to the dining room (or kitchen) should be 4:00.

Split meals

What you need to follow split meals?

answer to this question is quite simple.When too long break in the human body produces a set of hormones, leading to the emergence of a strong sense of hunger. The man "played" the appetite, and he was unable to sovladet with his need to eat anything that is not only on his plate, but also in the refrigerator.And it regularly overeating

lead to the development of gastritis, intestinal malfunctions, the appearance of colitis and ulcers.

Split meals

What are the main benefits of fractional power?

1. Gradual weight reduction

Since the break between meals reduced hormones that stimulate hunger, no time to be developed.As a result, you eat less food (reducing the amount of calories by at least 15%) and thus full.

In addition, in the normal 3-course mode power body, "funky" prolonged fasting (over 4-5 hours), starting to make fat stores.And in the case of frequent consumption of food that does not happen, on the contrary, the experts say in their patients - adherents of a fractional power, increased the intensity of metabolic processes.The same can be said about the tone of the body, not overloaded with food.

Split meals

2. The correct calculation of the energy value of foods consumed

take the help of a competent dietician, every person who seeks to lead a healthy lifestyle, can find out the number of calories is strictly individual, he needs to consume during one day.
Based on the obtained values ​​calculated approximate diet for up to three full meals and two so-called "bite".And on the advice of nutritionists, breakfast should be as "carbohydrate."At the same time, at lunch and dinner best consume as many low calorie foods containing dietary fiber and natural fiber.

Split meals

3. Determination of the optimal food for you

Fractional power - this is not a regular "bite" nuts, chips and crackers.These high-calorie foods, which brings no benefit to the body, must be completely eliminated from your new diet.

satisfy your hunger for the benefit of the body will allow you to whole-grain bread, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as cooked ones salads, mashed potatoes, juice.In addition, you need calcium and protein sources: fresh yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese.Do not forget about useful products such as oat flakes and muesli.Incidentally, the sugar you should also be abandoned.

In order to fully control your diet, try to keep a detailed diary in which to record in detail everything that you eat during the day.

Split meals

diversity of food systems crushes

There are several variants of fractional power:

  1. Greyzing. When lung hunger is "recharge" your body by eating bread 2, a little cheese, a piece of boiled chicken breast or fresh vegetables / fruits.Eating should be strictly through 2.5-3 hours.And the serving sizes are calculated using a calculator calories;
  2. calculation of the amount of food "glasses". principle of this system is quite simple - after 2 hours should eat cereal or a specified number of dairy products.Alternatively, you can cook for yourself salad with a small amount of vegetable oil or any dish containing low-fat proteins.

you to choose a suitable system and start your way to a healthy lifestyle, beauty and youth!