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Coffee Scrub - Best Recipes

As you know, scrub - this Cosmetic means for a deep cleaning of the skin.Thanks to him, our skin is cleaned of old, dead skin particles, improves blood circulation, the skin becomes smooth, soft and well-groomed.

All scrubs are composed of bases and abrasive particles. base may be any, and the role of the abrasive ground coffee would do well.Coffee Scrub - this is one of the most popular and effective exfoliating agents, which can be easily made at home.

Coffee Scrub

Coffee Scrub - benefits

coffee scrub is very popular among beauticians. They appreciate the natural product of a great result, which he is able to give.He is able to break down a well body fat, tone the skin and remove excess liquid.Coffee Scrub

Particles of natural coffee beans not only cleanse the skin, but also perform massage. This improves blood circulation, thereby cellulite begins to recede.The skin is smoothed, it becomes smooth, soft and smooth.Caffeine is contained in coffee beans, into the skin, promoting cleavage of subcutaneous fat an

d cellulite.Thus, the regular use of coffee scrub promotes weight loss.

huge plus of this scrub is its accessibility. All you need - is to buy coffee beans. In addition, coffee has a delightful scrub invigorating aroma, improves mood.As a bonus, after the procedure, your skin will become soft golden tan and a wonderful aroma, as well as improved penetration of the cream into the deeper layers of the skin.

Universal coffee scrub

Coffee Scrub can be used for the body and face.But face should pick coffee beans is very finely ground, otherwise you will scratch the skin.To prepare, you can use fresh coffee beans or thick with drink beverage.

Coffee Scrub

Recipes coffee scrub

  • Coffee Scrub easiest coffee scrub - mix ground coffee with shower gel.You can mix right in the palm.Apply the scrub on the body and a good body massage.
  • Nourishing coffee scrub - Mix 2 tablespoonscoffee beans and brown sugar, add 100 ml of almond oil.This recipe is ideal for women with dry skin.
  • coffee cellulite scrub - Mix 3 tablespoonscoffee, sea salt and olive oil, add 3 drops of essential oil of ginger.All components are perfectly cope with cellulite and nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals.
  • Coffee Scrub Mask - in a small amount of warm mineral water, add equal proportions of blue clay and ground coffee, to get the consistency of sour cream.Apply to the body and massage problem areas.Then wrap the body with cling film and leave the scrub on the hour, it will work like a mask.With it you can easily get rid of a few extra centimeters.
  • Coffee Scrub - Mix 1 tspfinely ground coffee, and honey, add 2 tspolive oil.Apply to face and gently massage.

Coffee Scrub

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