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Wrinkles - factors that do?

We all know that during the time delay is not possible - it is moving inexorably quickly.Sooner or later, any woman looks in the mirror and notice any changes in their skin, age-related.


Mimic wrinkles

Of course, many of us want to cheat a little time to these changes came as late as possible.In this article we describe how this can be achieved.

most obvious skin aging is wrinkles.They represent a small mark, a track that folds formed layers of skin - the dermis and epidermis.

The dermis is made up of lymph vessels and fibers, number is significantly reduced with age.It was at this same time (about 35 years), the structure of the skin begins to inevitably change and the aging process starts.In terms of age-related changes, the process is completely normal and natural as work cells in our body slows down.


most were the first messengers who report early skin aging are wrinkles .They are the result of constant work subcutaneous facial muscles.They are constantly working, as they help u

s to express the whole range of emotions, ranging from joy and ending irritation and even anger.At this time, the skin is constantly stretched.While we are young, it is very easy to restore the structure, but with age it do this more and more difficult.Thus, the space around the lips or eyes, and the skin on his forehead gradually deformed, and it formed the so-called wrinkles .

In order to keep your skin as long as the young and healthy, to protect her from the scourge of wrinkles, you need to follow a few simple but very effective rules.


Powered by facial wrinkles

example, powered largely affects the skin condition. necessary that it be balanced carefully and properly.Your daily diet should be rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals helpful.Try to keep the food contained a maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.


facial massage of facial wrinkles

In order to effectively deal with facial wrinkles, need to constantly do a facial massage.Master the basic moves and repeat them all the time, when applied to the face any creams, masks, and other cosmetics.Massage should be done very gently and carefully, most tips of the fingers.The basic movements are the following directions: from the nose to the temples, from the center of the forehead to the temples, from the corners of the mouth to the ears, from the middle of the chin to the earlobe of the lower jaw and several others.


be undertaken by a professional facial

best to turn to the help of a beautician at least 4 times a year, that is at the beginning or end of each new season.Professionals will help your skin as long as possible to remain resilient, healthy and young.In addition, he will tell you how to most effectively take care of your own face.

Try to take care of their skin since adolescence, because young skin needs protection not less careful than mature.Besides, it was in my youth, we are laying the foundation for what will be lifelong.If you are already in their teens do not pay enough attention to the skin, the wrinkles will start to attack you much sooner than it should.


Mimic wrinkles and stress

Try to protect yourself from any stress. Bad insufficient sleep problems, constant feelings, excessive facial expressions - all of this has a huge strain on your skin, the farther away, the more difficult it will be to cope with the load.

Try to protect yourself from any negative impacts, smile more often, and thus you will be able to maintain the health of your skin.

Try to drink plenty of water.It naturally moisturizes the skin, stimulating its job and keeping it young and healthy for a long time.

Wrinkles Wrinkles


Wrinkles Wrinkles

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