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Silicone breast: what do her time and guarantee

has long been the main weapon has always been the women's visual appeal.But perhaps the most formidable "type of weapon" is the female breast.

That it attracts admiring glances from men and envious women.Therefore, a woman whom nature has not bestowed a magnificent bust, seek to correct this misunderstanding, do yourself a silicone breasts.How are these plastic surgery and how safe silicone breast?

Silicone breast

Silicone breast - the first operations

first breast augmentation with silicone implants were performed still in the early 60-ies of the last century . Today more than 2 million women worldwide have made them a silicone breasts. Currently, breast augmentation - is one of the most popular and frequently performed plastic surgery.

Silicone breast Silicone breast

What makes silicone breast

Breast enlargement using several types of silicone implants different shapes and sizes.Typically round or spherical are used in the form of drops.Selecting a form provides the physician with the breast size of the patient and her wi


Implants made of silicone, and as a filler can be used saline or silicone gel.Top implants are made of cohesive silicone gel, it has a "memory effect" and always retains a predetermined shape, and when cut does not spread.On palpation of silicone breast prosthesis so closely mimics breast.

There are several options for implantation of the implant, which determines the shape of the silicone breast.They feature under the breast or under the muscle (or submuskulyarno subpektoralno).The first two ways to make the most natural silicone breasts.And she installation occurs through incisions in the crease under the breast, around the edge of the areola or the armpit.

Silicone breast Silicone breast

Silicone breast - Warranty terms and

All women interested in breast augmentation are concerned about - how long do silicone breast.Modern, high-quality implants do not come into the biochemical reactions with surrounding tissues.Therefore good manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on the implants. And no need to make repeated operations, silicone breast will serve you throughout your life.The only danger - mechanical grinding in the folds of the shell, but this phenomenon is very rare.

Recovery after surgery takes 3-4 weeks , during which the need to wear special clothes and limited exercise.After that, women who have silicone breasts, can safely go to the gym, sauna, swim in the pool, etc.

Silicone breast Silicone breast

How safe silicone breast?

The notion that breast augmentation surgery - this is a dangerous procedure did not occur by chance.In the 80s there were the first evidence that silicone breast can pose a threat to health.

  1. first implants were not good enough, so 74% of the patients met the sad consequences. shell could burst and spread over the silicone breast tissue.This caused deformation breast swelling, pain, autoimmune disease and cancer.However, modern high-quality implants eliminate the risk of rupture, but the risk of running into a low-quality prosthesis exist.
  2. Therefore, women should be very careful approach to the choice of the clinic. Also today there are safe implants filled with hydrogel or saline, which are non-toxic and harmless in case of accidental rupture.
  3. also studied the risk of breast cancer. researchers concluded that the risk is the same among women with silicone breast, and among others.Intact implant does not affect the development of cancer.
  4. Modern research has shown that silicone breast does not affect breastfeeding and does not cause side effects during pregnancy.However, doctors are advised to do the operation after the birth of the baby, as this will help to correct the shape of the breast, which changes after childbirth.
  5. Only you can decide whether such breasts.Calculate all pros and cons.