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How to remove a double chin - a sure way

If you are looking in the mirror, notice the fold at the bottom of the chin, it is not necessary to raise a panic.With some exercise you can get rid of this unpleasant defect in appearance.

How to remove a double chin

So, how to remove a double chin?With SetEdit exercise

Remove the chin - Exercise 1

first exercise will allow you to remove a double chin in the short term.Running it on my back.Keep your head in the air, raise it, trying to see their feet.Do 15-20 repetitions.But this exercise is not recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases or back problems.

Remove the chin - Exercise 2

Longer time you have to spend on this exercise, but it gives an excellent result.Sit down at the table, put on his elbows.Somknite lips and chin on his closed fingers.The head should be slightly raised, chin slightly outstretched.Over 30 minutes, pats on the chin without opening his fingers.Movement of fingers to be performed easily, the exercise should be repeated several times a day.

How to remove a double chin How to remove a double chin

Remove the chin - Exercise 3

following exercise will also allow remove a double chin .It can be performed even in the office during a break, or free minutes of work.Stand with your back straight.Put your hands on his shoulders.Then try to pull the neck up as much as possible, so if you want to make it longer.This hand put pressure on the shoulders, they must remain motionless.We need to do at least 5-6 times.

Remove the chin - Exercise 4

According to cosmetologists, skin on the chin longer retain flexibility if subjected to frequent facial muscles training.That's about an exercise that allows to remove the double chin, which can carry during the evening make-up remover. Sit down at the table and put his hand on her elbow and squeeze his hand into a fist.Put on cam chin, lift the lip so that it covers the top.Language at this time Abut the sky.Then count to five, the fifth score as much as possible uprites language in the sky and hold this position for 5 scores.Then slowly relax.Do 3 sets.

How to remove a double chin How to remove a double chin

Remove the chin - exercise 5

During the morning washing, before they wipe your face, patting his hands on his chin.As a precaution, a double chin can help you "exercise of models."Walk through the apartment with a book on his head a few minutes every day, squared his shoulders and keeping your back straight.With this exercise you can improve your posture and.

Remove the chin - exercise 6

Another effective exercise is done sitting. Keep your back straight, fists of both hands under his chin substitute.Then, try to lower the head, with the bottom push their fists on the chin, as if creating a resistance.

More 2 ways to remove a double chin

How to remove a double chin If you want to know: how to remove the second rebounds dock, you should know that in addition to exercise, you can help, and some cosmetics.You can make dressing with lemon juice.Just add a few rows of a piece of gauze, soak it in lemon juice, and tie up her chin.Leave the bandage on for 30 minutes, then remove, brush the chin with a nourishing cream.After 40 minutes, again tie a bandage, her pre-moistened in cold water.Do this procedure a day at bedtime for a month.

If you are not allergic to honey, effective way to remove a double chin , will be the honey massage.Dip your fingers in honey and massage the chin to redness.This massage allows you to remove the sagging folds on the chin, and honey would affect how your skin moisturizing and nourishing products.

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