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How to build chest muscles at home

powerful pectoral muscles in men - a real feast for the eyes for the female, they look impressive regardless, they are covered with clothing or not.Of course, over the beautiful powerful chest to work, while women truly appreciate the works, and you will feel more confident.

The pectoral muscles at home

pectoral muscles at home

The pectoral muscles at home Modern men often do not have enough time to visit the gym, but that's no reason to sit idly by. Inflate pectoral muscles at home perhaps most importantly - the right approach.How should it be?Let us consider in more detail.

pectoral muscle movements involved in many men. This - the so-called muscle support arms, so arm strength is, in particular, and the effectiveness of the pectoral muscles.When extension of hands in front of him (actually a direct impact) pecs doing exactly half of the work, 30 per cent of the added triceps 20 - deltoids.The pectoral muscles are utilized in other power exercises: pull-ups and upheavals on the bar, push-ups, pushing hands.Iechest muscles - one of the most im

portant muscle men.Therefore it is necessary to approach their development correctly.

First, a little theory about breast muscles

pectoral muscles in men - is quite broad, it is distributed over a large area, and therefore, to work on strengthening its need in different ways.There are several types of exercises for each section of the pectoral muscles.Very often a man who is just starting to engage in sports, is the uneven development of the chest muscles.

Many have a "failure" in the center of the sternum, where the muscles of the least developed, while at the sides, the shoulders are well developed.This can be explained by the fact that in everyday life men do not load the inner portions of the chest muscles, and their development is necessary to do strength exercises a special grip.

consider detailed set of exercises to strengthen the chest muscles at home. By following these rules, you can greatly enhance the beauty of your chest.

There are a few basic rules when pumping the chest muscles, which is available prior to the exercise.

The pectoral muscles at home The pectoral muscles at home

How to build chest muscles at home - the rules

  1. Rule one is probably the most important thing. wider grip, or the distance between the hands-ups, the greater are utilized external chest muscles.Therefore, it is recommended for beginners to take narrower grip, but not too narrow, aswhile the narrow-grip the work will include a large triceps muscle than pecs.Optimum grip width or stop - a little wider than shoulder width.
  2. The pectoral muscles at home second rule. higher raises his hands above his head in the performance of bench press or push-ups, the greater are utilized upper thoracic muscles.Beginners upper section usually developed worse than the lower one, because in everyday life we ​​have little work with his hands above his head, so it is necessary to include a set of push-ups exercise with an emphasis hands just above the collarbone.
  3. Rule Three. clasps his hands smoothly decompress sharply.The best value - unclamping hands twice as fast compression.
  4. Rule Four. Maximum efficiency push - at a position where the feet above the head.
  5. Rule Five. Watch for breathing, is very important.Exhale do with the greatest effort, breath at the maximum relaxation, ie, spin inhale when moving down, exhale with force when moving up.In general, this rule applies to all power exercises.
  6. Rule Six. Let muscles rest.With a strong physical exertion muscles do not have time to relax for a day, engaged in a day.We should not be afraid of the pain in the muscles after exercise - soon it will pass if you practice regularly.The pain in the muscles after training - evidence that they are growing.

The pectoral muscles at home

Regarding the number of sets and repetitions, in practice, it was found that for best results you need to do 4 sets of 7-12 repetitions at regular trainings.

How to build chest muscles at home - exercise

consider three types of push-ups you can perform at home.

  1. Squeezing usual. focusing hands on the floor on the width of a little more than shoulder width, height - at the level of the clavicles, the body - your feet are locked and toes rest on the floor.Get down, wringing her hands gently, then sharply unbend hands.Depending on physical fitness, you may perform a different number of repetitions, but must strive to do 20-25 reps for 3 sets.Perform this type of push-ups to warm up the muscles first.The pectoral muscles at home
  2. Pushups with your feet above your head. Take a chair with good focus, rest in his toes, hands, arrange in the first exercise.Do push-ups, making sure that the body was straight.This exercise - is fundamental for the development of the chest muscles.It is recommended to do 10-20 reps, and 4 sets.
  3. Squeezing stretch. To develop the pectoral muscles definitely need to do strength exercises for stretching.For this type of push-ups take two chairs, place them so that, resting in their hands, they were slightly wider than shoulder width, and at the level of the clavicle.Legs throws on the sofa, will be fine if it just above the chairs.When push-ups a deep sink straight to the body not strong pains in the chest, and the muscles are stretched and then subsequently grow.Unclenched his hands quickly on the exhale.Adjust the number of repetitions depending on physical fitness.It is necessary to perform 4 sets.

Separately must be said about the food and rest. Eat more protein foods: nuts, cheese, meat, eggs, beans, and fruits and cereals.Try to find time for a rest, aswithout rest the muscles will not be able to fully develop.

The pectoral muscles at home The pectoral muscles at home

The pectoral muscles at home The pectoral muscles at home

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