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Hair removal at home - the best 3 ways

Modern fashion shows to a woman, sometimes stringent requirements.To look well-groomed, spend a few hours in front of the mirror is sometimes not enough.

Hair removal at home

Hair removal at home

And not all treatments are equally enjoyable.One of the most important challenges on the path to beauty and perfection - unwanted hair.

Women go to all sorts of tricks, wanting to get rid of the "vegetation". Some use the services of specialists, others do hair removal at home.But neither the one not the other can not get rid of unwanted hair forever!

known that the quality and quantity of body hair individual.Depending on ethnicity, and sex hormone levels can occur richer, or, conversely, the poor "vegetation."It is known that in the case of increasing the number of male sex hormones in women may occur increased growth of body hair.

sudden appearance of hair on the face, chest, excessive growth of hair - an occasion to address to the endocrinologist.In other instances the procedure can be performed to remove hair

as in the cabin, and in the home.

Hair removal at home

However, I must say that hair removal at home allows you to save money, and time.

First, let's define.Waxing - is a procedure in which hair is removed only part of which is located above the skin.Hair removal presupposes besides impact on the bulb, thereby slowing down the growth of hair.

methods of hair removal at home

consider different methods of hair removal home .

Electric hair removal at home

Hair removal at home electrodepilator work as follows: metal discs spinning in contact with the skin, act like tweezers and pulled them.This procedure is painful, so you'll need patience and endurance.To reduce the pain, you can purchase epilators, for example, with a massage or a cooling effect.

The advantages of electro-epilation include the fact that hair grows slowly.However, after applying electrodepilator may have ingrown hair and skin irritation.To avoid this, use special means, such as mousses, gels and after shave.They soothe the skin and make it softer.

Do not use eletroepilyatory pregnant women, skin lesions and varicose veins.

Hair removal at home Hair removal with hot wax at home

Before you apply the wax on the skin, it is necessary to process a special lotion.Then, the skin was partitioned wax is applied on top of a strip of fabric.Abruptly torn from the fabric of the skin, removing hairs.After this procedure, the hair grow back in 2-5 weeks.Due to the wax, the hairs are removed together with the root, which allows you to keep your skin smooth for a longer period.

waxing Waxing is called. This procedure is a good alternative bioepilyatsii.If you remove the hair wax for a few years, then over time the hair growth slows down, they become more subtle.

Hair removal at home At home, you can use special strips, which are already coated with a special composition makes the hair sticky or wax solution.It should be noted that the hot wax epilation painful sensations, but smaller than, for example, hair removal cold wax.

  • fact that warm wax warms the skin, hairs are removed much easier, which reduces pain.That is why such hair removal at home applied to underarms and bikini area.
  • procedure is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive wax during pregnancy.
  • Very often after the procedure, there may be skin irritation.In order to "make amends" stress put on a skin soothing lotion or cream.Wax is not Dolen be too hot, so as not to get burned skin.
  • doing epilation at home wax, apply wax or wax strips for hair growth and peel off the anti-growth.Before and after the procedure, apply to the skin talcum powder or lotion, which include alcohol.
  • longer to keep the skin smooth, regular use means of inhibiting hair growth.
  • carry out the procedure in the cabin, it is very common following violation.For each client, the wizard uses peretoplenny wax-hand.

Hair removal at home It is not hygienic!Another plus of hair removal at home.

Epilation sugar at home

Shugaring is perhaps one of the oldest methods of hair removal. A thick skin is applied to the solution of sugar (in some cases it is diluted lemon juice).Then applied to the skin of the matter, taking that remove hair.

attractiveness procedures primarily lies in its low price. However, due to a strong enough painful procedures not recommended in the axillary regions, and in the bikini area.

Hair removal at home

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