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Recipes with frozen strawberries

This berry spoils us with his presence for long: only a month and a half strawberry season lasts - not overseas, packed in the original container, and our native, with a unique taste and flavor.Seize the moment!

Frozen strawberry

Frozen strawberries with their hands

Frozen strawberry

especially good red berries combined with rhubarb, cherries, peaches, apricots and currants. However, Strawberries perishable, so buy it as much as you eat in a day or two.To
berries longer preserved, not mine them, and spread out on a plate and tightening the top with cling film, put in the refrigerator.Remember that you only need to buy ripe strawberries, as, taken from the garden, she did not ripen.

Well, before eating, gently wash strawberries under cold water, then with a sharp knife Take away the stalk.

Frozen strawberry puree

Frozen strawberry excellent opportunity to preserve the aroma of strawberries for many months - grind it into a puree. is best suited for this slightly mashed berries.The puree can be added sugar and freeze it in port

ions at -18 ° C.

And then add this to the yummy drinks, cocktails, cream cake, as well as used in the preparation of desserts - of mashed potatoes will fill flavorful.

How many strawberries freeze whole berries

A can be frozen strawberries to her delight yourself all year round. For this we need to take the most beautiful berries.First, spread them on a baking sheet or board and store it in the freezer.Then shift to special packages and re-store it in the freezer.Since the berries retain their shape and do not pomnutsya.

recipes with frozen strawberries

Frozen strawberry

Pie frozen strawberries

Dough: 100-150 g of sugar with whisk 2 eggs, add a cup (neutrambovanny) flour, 100 gbutter, a pinch of vanilla, baking powder package.

Bake in the form of the German cake with a diameter of 28 cm, for 10-15 minutes, until lightly browned.

carefully remove the cake from the mold on the platter for a cake, cool, brush with whipped butter with powdered sugar (20 grams and 2-3 tsp.), Put the berries (strawberries cut in half lengthways), cook jelly cake (red).Pour the berries.Allow to solidify.Delicious!You can eat whipped cream.

Frozen strawberry Smoothies - milkshake of frozen strawberries

  • 7 large frozen strawberries)
  • 1 cup (225 g package) yogurt
  • 1/3 cup orange juice
  • sugar to taste

In a blender, combine frozen strawberries, yogurt, sugar and orange juice.Grind to a homogeneous mass.Serve in a transparent glass with a straw.You can decorate with berry strawberry.

puffs of frozen strawberries

Buy without yeast puff pastry, thaw it and strawberries.The juice from the strawberries, drain.Make puff stuffed with strawberries.Strawberries can be sprinkled with sugar.

Morse of frozen berries

Frozen strawberry

ingredients used in the recipe:

  • black currants - 100g
  • strawberries - 3 pieces.
  • cranberries - 2 tbsp
  • sugar

Preparation Instructions:

Wash berries and put them in a glass dish.Pour boiling water so that water covered the berries and stir to black currants melted.Then pour boiling water up to the top and 1 liter of water to pour 3 tablespoons of sugar.You can put and mint (the taste will be very original and soft).

close lid and wrap up in a towel.We give it brew for 3 hours and then we press the berries.Now you can filter and squeeze out the pulp with a spoon.

poured into a decanter.As the ice can be cooled and refrigerated.

Frozen strawberry Frozen strawberry

Frozen strawberry Frozen strawberry

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