Wedding / Marriage

Rules perfect wedding photos

seems you're done!Extra weight dropped, a bouquet made up, three-tiered cake ordered.Long months of training and ... just one day of celebration.

about it soon will be only memories and photos. But the effect of the picture does not always meet our expectations.To avoid failed shots, follow the advice of a professional makeup artist.

ready for a photo shoot? How to choose the correct angle for a photo shoot?Our tips will help you to look at the pictures perfectly, so that no one frame do not have to hide under the lining album.

1. Wedding Photo - half-turned

Posing for a photograph, turn the camera sideways at an angle of 45 degrees. Thus the photograph you will look slimmer than it actually is.

2. Wedding photos - without a second chin

We do not claim that you have it, but it can get pictures marked, if you do not watch out for facial expressions.Ask the photographer to hold the camera just above the level of your eyes and point the lens down a bit.

3. Wedding Photo - open y
our eyes

order not to blink during shooting and then look at the picture "Sleeping Beauty", a few seconds before the camera flash, do a simple exercise: a fewseconds, open your eyes as wide as possible, and then release the stress and reiterate.

4. Wedding Photo - smiling slightly

When the photographer directs the camera, remember something funny or ask someone to amuse you.Smile as natural as possible!