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How quickly a tan?

How fast tan With the onset of summer, every woman starts to think about their appearance.And usually the winter pale skin spoils the mood.Therefore, with the beginning of warm days most rushes to the beach and in the solarium to get rid of winter pallor.

Many people believe that the more time they will spend in the solarium or on the beach, the faster they burn. However, this idea is not correct.

It requires Sun to form at least a week, during which the skin produces melanin and accumulates.

How fast tan?

It can be concluded that get a quick and beautiful tan, way too intense insolation fail.In this case, you just obgorite, and the skin becomes red, not tanned.

But what to do when you want to quickly get a tan?Fortunately, today there are many ways to help the skin to acquire the coveted golden hue in the short term.

How fast tan (1 hour)?

get a nice tan can be fast in the beauty salon. today are very popular procedures for instant tan - avtozagarnye showers and hand showers.Special means ma

nually sprayed master or in the cockpit. How fast tan

procedure lasts about an hour, but the result appears instantly.

This method is suitable for tanning when you need to quickly, but not for long tan.Its disadvantage is that it is washed away not very evenly.

How fast tan (2 hours)?

One way to get a quick tan - a tan. This tool is specifically designed for the safe and virtually instant tan.Tanning is very simple and efficient to use, and allows you to quickly give the skin a delightful saturated hue.Of course it's not quite real tan, but it is completely safe for the skin, as opposed to sunlight.These funds do not cause skin aging and contrary to care for her.

As part of these funds contain a substance dihydroxyacetone, which is in contact with the skin is connected to the proteins of the skin, causing it to darkening.

avtobronzant takes effect after 2-3 hours after application, and the resulting tan will last at least three days.

way than ever before seen the effect of the faster wash off tan.

Dermatologists believe this method of tanning one of the best, as the substances are only on the surface of the skin without entering the body.Tanning also simultaneously serves as a body lotion, moisturizing the skin.These funds may be issued in the form of sprays, creams, gels, and they can be purchased at any store at an affordable price. How fast tan

However, this method has its drawbacks.These tools can dirty clothes can go to spots on the skin, and have a specific smell.Sometimes it can be too unnatural shade of yellow.Tanning is not suitable for people with skin diseases and hormonal disorders.

How fast tan using the tablets?

more reliable way to get a quick tan - special tanning pills.Choosing they need to pay attention to the composition.Those that contain canthaxanthin, though effective, but not safe.This substance entering the body stains skin and other tissues and organs of the human body.He is able to accumulate in the retina and cause vision loss.Therefore, the tablets with the substance banned in many European countries and the United States.

harmless food additives, allowing to accelerate tanning and strengthen it considered a means to beta-carotene and lycopene.

These components are extremely beneficial for our skin.They will not only stain the skin, but also enhance the production of melanin, have antioxidant properties and to some extent protect the skin from burns.

How fast tan in a solarium?

tanning t akzhe can be done faster if you use special creams containing activators and accelerators of sunburn.

These tools allow you to get a darker shade, reducing the duration of the treatment of sunburn.And this is not unimportant for our skin, because the solarium as the sun causes photoaging. How fast tan

among the world novelties in the field of rapid tanning can distinguish a solarium with shower. It allows both sunbathe and take a shower, so a tan lies flatter.Moist skin tans more quickly and in a natural shade.

How fast tan in the sun with the help of power?

Get a quick and lasting tan also help some products .Therefore, before you can leave to go on a special diet.Basically it consists of fruits and vegetables that contribute to the production of melanin and protect the skin.

the best product for Sun, of course, carrots and carrot juice.

Carrot perfectly reinforces and strengthens the tan resulting in a solarium and a natural way.The rapid emergence of Sun also contribute cantaloupe, spinach, peaches, tomatoes, asparagus and broccoli.

These fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of vitamins, makes our skin more beautiful, allowing the tan last longer.If included in the daily diet of these products, you will get not only a quick and even tan, but also get the benefit of the whole organism. How fast tan

How fast tan with suntan oil?

for a natural tan in the sun, it is best to choose a special oil for tanning, that will get a tan faster.However, the residence time on the beach should be dosed so as not to get burned skin.

This tool is called - oil for quick tanning, you can find it at any store.

important to remember that it does not protect the skin from ultraviolet light or has a minimum protection factor SPF2.

How fast tan leaves walnut?

get a quick tan possible by means of folk remedies. example, to brew the leaves of a walnut to the desired shade and mix with water.

solution of the present in the bathroom and immerse yourself in it for a few minutes. After some time, the skin will get tan.This tan will last 4-5 days.

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