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Answers to key questions about solarium

Harm and benefits of tanning unequivocal answer to the question whether the beneficial tanning in a solarium, yet.Indeed, it has its drawbacks like, and advantages.

Harm and benefits of tanning

On the one hand, there is the use of indoor tanning.It helps to achieve beautiful skin tone even. Besides, solarium slightly dries the skin, helping to cleanse the skin from pimples.Sun warmed muscles time to help them unwind and relax, as well as disinfected lungs.

However, frequent visits to the solarium harmful becausecan cause serious problems - pigmentation of the skin, tumors, premature aging of the skin, loss of elasticity and a violation of the hair structure.

But much difference between indoor tanning and the sun is not, pigmentation in both cases are alike, the only difference is that tanning in a solarium is a more uniform.The sun can cause the very same problems with excessive tanning.

But to control the process of natural sun exposure is much more difficult in the solarium tanning is limited and selected accordin

g to your skin type, which prevents erosion, redness and skin damage.

Cream solarium

The residence time in the solarium tanning does not fit the usual protective creams. protection products are simply not necessary, in contrast, need special cosmetics for tanning, accelerates and enhances the tan.There are three basic types of funds for tanning: developers, fixers and tan activators.

to the developer include creams for the first days of tanning people with fair, sensitive and delicate skin.These funds help initial sunburn and help quickly see the results.Their action is based on a high concentration of different natural oils and extracts and vitamin E to buy more of the packaging means to anything, since he needed only the first 2-3.

Creams - activators - help enhance the already tanned skin tanning, deepening tan.Here such cream is better to buy more, he'll need for all subsequent procedures sunburn.

Creams - fixers Sun - fixed shade and allow to prolong a beautiful tan, moisturize and soften the skin.In addition to creams for the body, it is to buy a special agent for the face and protective lipstick tanning - they protect the skin from photo-aging.

Special protective equipment for solarium

not forget about special protective equipment for solarium.

Special protective equipment for solarium Glasses for the solarium ...

... this is not just an accessory, but a necessity.They protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, which can cause burns of the retina.Just close your eyes in the solarium is not enough UV penetrates even through closed eyelids.

To protect hair in the solarium ...

... there are special one-off cap.Buy yourself a can directly into the sunroom.Putting on her, do not forget to open your ears and forehead, otherwise they will not light up.

very important to protect the chest in the solarium

For this purpose, set up special Stikine, glued on the nipples.They cost quite expensive.To protect the chest may also be used for a protective lipstick solarium.This lipstick is very convenient to use, it is also possible to accurately cover up birthmarks, tattoos and pigmented spots.

power and number of lamps in the solarium

Special protective equipment for solarium Security Sun and its speed depends on the power and number of lamps in the solarium. Before taking baths should ask ultraviolet lamps age.If the lamp completely new, it is better to reduce the tanning time, as you can get burnt.It is also important that the lamp life has not been exhausted, check it on the eye will not work, but you can ask at the reception log, which keeps track of the lamp usage.This log should be in any legitimate sunroom, because he checked sanepidemstantsii.

How to use a solarium?

Frequency and duration of tanning are always based on an individual approach and depend on the type of skin.Therefore, the expert selects the optimal program based on the four main types of skin: How to use a solarium?

  • Celtic type - very bright, pink-white skin, light brown or red hair.Holders of this type of skin tan badly, they are most susceptible to burns.
  • European light-skinned type - light skin, blond hair, a dark-haired with white skin.Representatives of this type tan slowly acquired the desired shade after a number of sessions.
  • European style with dark skin - typical for black hair and dark-brown people with brown skin.They light up rather quickly, and the risk of burns for them is minimal.
  • Mediterranean type - them are happy owners of brown skin and dark hair.People of this type tan instantly without burns.

residence time in the solarium

Therefore, owners should begin light skin tanning in a solarium with a minimum number of minutes , from 5-6, gradually increasing the time.If your skin is dark tan can start with 10 minutes of the session, gradually bringing the time to 20 minutes.

If tanning in a solarium goes well, to acquire the golden hue of the skin will be enough five sessions, if not - it will take at least ten procedures.Sunbathing is recommended every 2 days, and to maintain the colors to repeat the procedure every 2-3 weeks.In no case can not be sunbathing twice a day or combine solarium with a natural tan on the same day.

basic rules tanning

immediately before the tan skin should be cleaned from cosmetics, and remove spirits - they can cause allergies or interfere with normal tanning.Do not forget to remove all jewelry and ornaments.Take a shower before a visit by a sun deck and immediately after sunburn is not necessary.Thus, you are depriving your skin's natural defenses. Contraindications to tan in a solarium

After using tanning creams do not forget to wash your hands or rub with a damp cloth.Often, self-tanning cream contains, and your palms risk much color.

Contraindications to tan in a solarium

  • Do not forget that some drugs are not compatible with solarium - is antibiotics, antihistamines and anti-diabetic medications, tranquilizers, hormones, birth control pills.Poor compatible with sunburn remedies for acne ingredients of deodorants, perfumes and essential oils cosmetics, dyes of decorative cosmetics.
  • Children under 15 years can not use a solarium!
  • the presence of large moles, pigmentation solarium can not be!
  • can not use a solarium immediately after hair removal!
  • People with hypertension , violations of the liver and heart, with vetiligo, dermatitis, TB solarium can not be!

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