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Bikini Hair Removal: 10 ways - which one is better?

Bikini Hair Removal Since ancient times, women are struggling with unwanted hair in the bikini and beyond.Today, they developed many different methods of hair removal bikini, with which you can get rid of hair at home or see a specialist.

Any girl, woman wants to be perfect. not only a limited number of hours per day, and 24 hours for 365 days a year.The ideal image is composed not only of hairstyles, makeup, perfect figure, clothing of the best boutiques.The ideal smoothness comes bikini.

popular method of hair removal bikini

most popular types of hair removal bikini nowadays considered waxing shugaring, chemical hair removal, epilation and electrolysis.Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, let's look at the main types of hair removal in detail.

Bikini Hair Removal What tricks are pretty half of humanity to achieve smooth skin bikini and save the result as long as possible.This is only the result is not always positive.

It is time to understand how to wisely invest your money, achieve the expected res

ults, while preserving their health by getting rid of untimely "taunts" the bikini area.

Today invented many methods of hair removal bikini. But few providers of this procedure say truthfully about contraindications, possible complications, the true results.

The hair removal is different from hair removal?

Hair Removal Bikini hair removal is different from the fact that the hair is removed by plucking. Regardless of tools - tweezers, thread, wax, electric epilator - the result will be kept for a long time, the smoothness will delight from 7 to 14 days.In reality, most 7. This is achieved by removing the hair root and hair bulb traumatization.

Bikini Hair Removal Contraindications this method of hair removal bikini: skin hypersensitivity and altered pain threshold.By the result of hair removal should be added increased hair growth, regeneration of vellus hair in tight, ingrown hairs, possible irritation, folliculitis, and inflammatory edema.Traumatic swelling characteristic of the upper lip.

Bikini Hair Removal - Shaving

This is the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to get rid of the hair in the bikini area. Shaving - old grandfather's method.All you need - a razor, shaving cream and aftershave.

hair roots are not damaged, procedure is painless, there are practically no contra-indications (individual hypersensitivity).Because of complications threatening cuts, if you use razors, and reborn in hard vellus hair.

However, it is the most ephemeral way of getting rid of unwanted hair , as they grow in 1-2 days, depending on the speed of hair growth.Therefore, the procedure for hair removal bikini must be repeated very often, but it does not go without consequences.The skin appears irritated and grow back the hair become more rigid and prickly.

Chemical bikini waxing

also fairly simple and common method, which uses special tools depilatories.They may be issued in the form of a cream, gel, lotion, aerosol, but the principle of their action is one.They are applied to the skin for a few minutes and then removed with a spatula or a sponge.

depilatories Action is based on the possibility of chemically destroy the hair rod on the skin surface.Chemicals disrupt protein base hair, allowing it to be easily separated from the skin surface.However, the hair follicle is not affected, so the hair epilation grow at such fast enough.But unlike the skin remains smooth shave a little longer and the hairs grow back not so much pricked.Cosmetic value depending on the drug used ranges from 3 to 10 days.

huge disadvantage depilatories - it is possible allergic reactions and chemical burns.Possible side effects from superficial burns to the deep with the subsequent formation of scars;often limited to all local skin reactions.

Hair removal bikini wax

Bikini Hair Removal Waxing Bikini Waxing is also called or bioepilyatsiey, is quite effective procedure.It is carried out using a resin or wax, both at home and in salons.This method has come to us from ancient times, it enjoyed another very Nefertiti.

This method is applied to the skin of liquid wax, which hardens over time and breaks with frozen hairs in it.This procedure is ideal for women with abundant vegetation in the legs, underarms and bikini.Wax also copes with unwanted hairs, allowing the skin to remain smooth for a long time.Because the hairs are removed by the roots, they grow only 4 weeks.

However, this bikini waxing is very painful, and not every woman is able to cope with it on their own.

Therefore, in this case, it is best to contact the salon.In addition, when an independent hair removal with hot wax can cause burns, as a professional will be able to competently carry out the procedure and reduce pain.Over time, after each treatment the hair thinning, and most of them simply stops growing, the remaining pulled the easier and easier, reducing the pain of hair removal treatments.

At home, usually used warm or cold wax. Such wax and wax strips can be purchased at any beauty store.The strips are heated between palms, applied to the skin and break against the hair growth.Cold waxing - the most painful kind of waxing, but the easiest and cheapest.The effect of it is stored for about two weeks.

Bikini Hair Removal Hair removal warm wax longer keeps bikini area smooth. Also during the procedure warm wax warms the skin, reducing the morbidity of the procedure.This wax is sold in special cassettes, warmed up to 40 degrees, which is then applied to the skin.The result is warm waxing lasts about 3 weeks.

after hair removal bikini wax should be carefully remove wax residues special cloth to prevent ingrown hairs.

Sugar hair removal bikini

Today, sugar is becoming more popular hair removal bikini , also called Shugaring.For hair removal is used thick sugar paste, which is applied to the skin and removed by hand.

Because this paste captures only the hairs and does not stick to the skin, this type of hair removal is virtually painless and does not cause irritation.

Since sugar paste is removed along with the hairs without touching the skin.The hairs are removed in the direction of growth, so it is possible ingrowth.And they begin to grow around 3-4 weeks.

epilator for bikini

Hair removal with an electric epilator is plucking hairs in the bikini area. Many modern devices are equipped with analgesic, cooling and massage nozzles, which reduce pain during epilation.They also feature a shaving heads and the trimmer.Some are even able to work under water.

In general, this procedure is quite painful, but thanks to the removal of hair from the root each time the hair removal is easier and painless.And the effect of such a hair removal bikini holds about 2-3 weeks.Bikini Hair Removal

Electrolysis bikini

It's quite effective and safe method of hair removal bikini - he is able to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

during a hair removal bikini zone each hair is treated individually, so the procedure is time consuming.Hair shaft transmits electrical current that destroys the core.To fully get rid of the hair of one session is not enough - need at least 6, at intervals of 4-6 weeks.

This method of hair removal bikini girls requires patience and time, as well as a lot of money. But the result will be worth it.While it may be that the hair follicle wake again, for example, in the case of hormonal changes.

high-frequency current damages the follicle, then the hair pulled.The effect is durable for smooth hair in the curly has no effect.Method dangerous hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, burns and scars, folliculitis.Bikini Hair Removal

IPL bikini

IPL offers hair removal in the bikini area using light impulsive, destroying the bulb at the base, regardless of its depth.With its large areas of skin are treated, and the procedure is fairly quick and painless.

However, this bikini hair removal is not for everyone and used on tanned skin.

Laser hair removal bikini

Laser hair removal bikini contraindicated in areas with bright, red and white hair, moderately painful.LHE hair removal is painless and has no restrictions on hair color.

from sustainable, but a complete cessation of hair growth occurs after the course of treatment, the number of which varies individually.

Bikini Hair Removal before and after hair removal bikini is necessary to stay in the shade, use sunscreen.

Contraindications: excessive sun exposure, hypersensitivity, inflammatory diseases in the acute stage, medication.

list of complications is great: peeling, itching, swelling, erythema (redness), hyperpigmentation, angioektazii, with little power increased hair growth on the contrary, at high - burns, moderate pain.

Enzymatic bikini hair removal

Enzymatic bikini hair removal - hair removal with the help of enzymes at high temperatures.Under the effect of enzymatic preparations germ cells are destroyed.After application of the enzyme after the exposure time, hair removal wax at low temperature.

Bikini Hair Removal result - stable result of epilation. can not be used for people with individual intolerance to the drug and contraindications for thermal procedures (tumors, inflammatory diseases in the acute phase of the disease in the stage of decompensation, etc.).If you take into account contraindications, the side effects will occur.

Ultrasonic hair removal bikini

Ultrasonic Hair Removal Ultrasound + = growth inhibitor germ cells. After 1 treatments effect lasts for 2-3 weeks.To completely remove the hair need 10 - 12 treatments (the number can vary individually, often in a big way).

Contraindications: contraindications for the ultrasound.Alas, it is likely that a bouquet of positive emotions and decorate coarse hair, folliculitis, ingrown hairs, hematoma, transient angioektazii.

To determine the sensitivity of the skin you want to use your own hair removal bikini at first in a limited area. But before that, if your choice was electric, laser, ultrasound, or photoepilation svetoteplovae effects, contact your physician and / or physical therapist to determine the issue of contraindications.

text - nusha, Savage