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Everything you wanted to know about mesotherapy

Mesotherapy prick the skin in order to look in the mirror, you will not get shot in the heart?"She knows," says the chief of mesotherapy - needle, hardware and ... drum.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy - is subcutaneous or less deep - intradermal - the introduction of drugs in the minimum dose , which, however, causes the desired aesthetic effect.

drug is injected directly in the area requiring correction and the station, which is located at a certain distance from the "hot spot".

In the second case, improving metabolism, blood flow rate.The mesotherapy is no age limit: you can do it in 15 and 70 years!


history mesotherapy

Mesotherapy has developed a French doctor Michel Pistor. Its leitmotif was the formula: "Introducing a little and rarely at a fixed location.Thus, the drug is used in mesotherapy takes the shortest path, without falling into the bloodstream and digestive tract.

This minimizes the intoxication of the organism, which is inevitable when using drugs.Subject to completing a full

course of treatment effect lasts from 6 months to a year.


What problems can be solved with the help of mesotherapy?

  • Improve elasticity and skin tone.
  • Perform general biorevitalisation - skin rejuvenation.
  • stop hair loss and enhance their growth.
  • Make it less noticeable Spider veins on the face (sign of rosacea).
  • Make less pronounced scars of different origin.
  • eliminate or reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce excess body fat.
  • improve skin condition for acne or seborrheic dermatitis.
  • restore after peeling and other traumatic renovating procedures and prepare the skin to these influences.


Needle Mesotherapy

Classical (needle) Mesotherapy - an effective and safe method of treatment.The procedure should be performed under sterile conditions and using highly purified drugs
How introduced mesotherapeutic means?

Mesotherapy with a needle (needle mesotherapy), as well as through radio-wave device or a stream of oxygen-enriched air under pressure (needle-free mesotherapy).

Needle Mesotherapy allows you to enter a large amount of the drug, that, for example, requires the correction of nasolabial folds.This method also makes it possible to place the solution at a specified depth, for example, only in the subcutaneous tissue, which is necessary for the impact on local fat deposits. "Note that the method of needleless mesotherapy difficult to call.Substances

sera are pushed into the skin under the influence of various factors, such as pressurized air.However, they do not reach the depth, which is only possible with injection mesotherapy.

What drugs are used in aesthetic mesotherapy?

Base preparations for the face - hyaluronic acid. It is the most effective component for moisturizing, rejuvenation and skin tightening.

hyaluronic acid may be supplemented with vitamins, collagen, firming complex. the cocktail for the body includes a plurality of substances.The main of them - silicon, but also to soften and destroy the membrane of fat cells components, leading out excess liquid, firming, toning and firming ingredients.

Mesotherapy One of the main "trump card" of mesotherapy - the ability to deliver nourishing, revitalizing, toning agents through the surface, the horny layer of the skin to a more deep-seated skin layer.

As part of body this winter is recommended to pass such as mezofat (destruction of fat cell membrane and rapid clearance of fat from the subcutaneous tissue) and bodilift (decrease sagging skin).

Are there any contraindications for mesotherapy?

Yes.These include pathological fear of needles, bleeding disorder due to various diseases, allergic reactions to drugs used in the procedure, chronic cardiovascular disease, chronic renal failure, pregnancy (III trimester).


What type of mesotherapy is more secure?

Both mesotherapy safe, if they are accessed strictly by prescription, and the procedure for a skilled technician.However, needle mesotherapy (especially for the purpose of biorevitalisation) - a rather unpleasant manipulation that requires anesthesia.After the injections may cause bruising and swelling.

What innovations have appeared in mesotherapy lately?

Mezoroll - a small cushion with needles soldered to it, operating on a strictly controlled depth (less than 0.5 cm), which delivers nutrients into the skin and stimulates collagen production.Mezoroll traumatize the skin only at the level of the epidermis - anesthesia is not required.

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