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The whole truth about stretching: is it possible to get rid of them?

how to get rid of stretch marks

can say without exaggeration, none of us wants to see stretch marks on any part of your body.

And when these awful shriveled potholes found on our body, we are trying to get rid of them soon!

As a result, the market is teeming with beauty creams for stretch marks, deceiving consumers' expectations.Do they help?Maybe ... But conventional oils cope not worse.

Almost all women, in some cases, men face the problem of stretch marks.

Nature different extensions: someone they appear after the birth, someone because of sudden changes in weight or because of rapid bone growth during adolescence, but in any case they look very unaesthetic and we are committed as soon as possibleget rid of them.

What is "stretching" and is it possible to get rid of them?
What is stretching?

Stretch (the medical term "striaeĀ») usually occur when skin is abnormally stretched or loosened for a short period of time, such as during pregnancy or weight gain.As a result, due to rapid stretching break, tear co

mponents of the internal structure of the skin (collagen and elastin).That is essentially stretching - it scars formed on the site of the "internal injuries" of the skin. how to get rid of stretch marks

Streamers - a consequence of the gap layer of the skin (dermis), which leads to deformation of the connective tissue. fight them very hard, it was previously thought that to remove unsightly scars almost unreal, but at the moment it is possible to get rid of stretch marks, in extreme cases, to make them less noticeable.

However, there is no ethnic predisposition to stretch marks, they suffer from all the races on earth. difference in the connective tissue of the skin is considered to be the reason why women are more prone to stretch marks than men.

Particularly relevant question "How to get rid of stretch marks?"during the holiday season, when all go to the beach for a beautiful tan and stretch marks and uneven tan give ugly shiny pink.

why stretch marks appear and you?

You're not alone, according to statistics streamers have:

  • 90% of pregnant women
  • 70% of young women
  • 40% of young men
Statistics show that 1 in 10 men suffering of stretch marks, and at women, this problem is relevant in every second.

How to get rid of stretch marks - but is not it better to warn them?Causes of stretch marks

Before you start getting rid of stretch marks, it should further consider cause of unsightly scars. A few causes of:

1. The most common cause - a dramatic weight loss, or vice versa dramatic weight gain, and poor skin elasticity.

effect the appearance of stretch marks can be seen in the plastic bag. When overloaded, cellophane stretched and get rid of these bands is no longer possible, even after being removed from his excess weight.About our skin also undergoes the sudden weight gain.When weight gain is faster than the body build new cells are damaged the deep skin layer.

how to get rid of stretch marks If rapid weight loss, the skin does not have time to recover, so as there are characteristic scars.Therefore, to lose weight dramatically - it does not mean to become attractive as drastically lose weight, you can buy another equally vexing problem.

problem often occurs after pregnancy stretch marks, due to significant changes in the figures of the future mother.Generally, stretch marks appear on the chest, thighs, abdomen, sometimes in the lumbar region.

This perspective completely happy nor a young mother.To reduce the likelihood of the formation of ugly stretch marks requires timely methods of protection against stretch marks - massage, sports, skin care.And then you do not have to deal with the question "How to get rid of stretch marks" after giving birth.

2. Another reason for the appearance of stretch marks - hormonal changes.This type of stretch marks prone to both men and women.

difference between these extensions is that they vertical , rather than horizontally as in a sharp change of muscle and body fat.Hormonal changes entail thinning of the skin and loss of elasticity of the skin as a result - the wrinkling of the skin in the form of stretch marks.

rid of stretch marks for health fail. health problems can cause stretch marks.When manifestations of hormonal failure, be sure to consult a doctor-endocrinologist.With timely treatment of hormones will be normalized, and the consequences in the form of stretch marks can be avoided.

Do the cream to get rid of stretch marks?

rid of stretch marks by using lotions ... It sounds too good to be true ... Despite the fact that assurances of advertising sound attractive and pictures before / after a really impressive (photoshop worksMiracles), most of these products can prevent and remove stretch marks even more.

Do not waste time and money on a cream for stretch marks that contain any of these ingredients, because there is no research proving that they work!

  • extract of onion (onion extract)
  • Vitamin E (Vitamin E)
  • essential oil of lavender (Lavender oil)
  • Aloe (Aloe)
  • Cocoa Butter (Cocoa Butter)
  • Lanolin (Lanoline)
  • germ oilwheat (wheat germ oil) and any other vegetable oils
  • collagen or elastin (collagen or elastin)
  • extracts of exotic plants
how to get rid of stretch marks There are creams or cosmetic ingredients that can help get rid of stretch marks. no makeup will not be able to return these dents to its original position, or re-link the elastin fibers.In this case, following the advertising promises - a waste of money.

How to get rid of fresh stretch marks?

  • First you need to have patience and faith in a positive outcome. process of getting rid of stretch marks rather long (about six months), an important role is played by the natural elasticity of the skin, stretch marks affected the scale of the surface and how promptly you started fighting with scars.
  • easiest way to get rid of fresh, pink and purple stretch marks, because the skin there is still torn blood vessels and, if possible intervention to stimulate the regeneration of the skin.The old, white stretch marks are very difficult to remove hard, but you can smooth out the bumps and give the skin a more attractive appearance.

How to get rid of stretch marks at home?

From home remedies to combat stretch marks, well-established, almond oil and olive oil.

very good help from stretch marks oil of bergamot.Rub him every day to the place where you are stretching.

This method just removes the stretch marks visually.

How to get rid of stretch marks with the help of salon treatments?

Not so long ago was considered the fight against stretch marks completely hopeless.In modern cosmetology exist combined techniques that bring very significant results.For each patient selected individual program of treatment of stretch marks.

main methods to combat stretch marks are: sessions mesotherapy - this is when the drugs are administered under the skin, peeling, and dermobraziya - a mechanical skin resurfacing.

In modern cosmetology is one of the best results in the issue of "How to get rid of stretch marks" indicates chemical peels together with dermobraziey.

This treatment is good because it does not require the system and can be carried out at any convenient time for the patient.Mesotherapy also shows good results, but it requires the procedure weekly for 10-15 weeks.

How to get rid of stretch marks?The procedures that really work

  • Tretinoin: long-term use significantly improves the appearance of stretch marks.Remember that tretinoin is not recommended for pregnant and lactating to get rid of stretch marks
  • Therapy Intense Pulsed Light (IPL therapy) or phototherapy.The result of a series of procedures will be a significant reduction in the depth and length of the stretch marks, as well as change their colors, although not to the ideal state, which would like to get, given the cost of therapy.But it really helps.
  • Chemical peeling. Chemical peeling with 20% TCA due to deep penetration stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin.However, this should only be done peeling in the beauty salon with an experienced beautician.

How to warn the body of stretch marks?

  1. Beware of sharp change of weight.
  2. massage as often as possible.It will give the elasticity of the skin.
  3. Expectant mothers have to wear special belts and tires, which considerably reduces the likelihood of formation of skin breaks.
  4. During pregnancy, use a cream against stretch marks.Use regularly.

If you managed to get rid of stretch marks, write to us - how?

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