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Tanning: a guide to action


proved that safer tanning solarium. If you have to spend the whole summer in the city, without this means to not do.

Pros tanning obvious - ultraviolet radiation adversely affects the skin (wrinkles, hyperpigmentation) and tanning not only gives chocolate skin tone, but also cares for her.

Modern tanning performs many functions. Besides giving the skin a tanned appearance, he cares for the skin, moisturizes, sometimes protects it from sunlight and gives the skin a seductive shine.

But that tanning has become your assistant, you need to find one that is right for you and know how to use it correctly.

Let's look at the selection parameters and rules for the use of tanning.

Action tanning

tanning A major component of tanning is dihydroxyacetone. This substance belongs to a group of sugars.When dihydroxyacetone reaches the skin surface, it reacts with amino acids and proteins present in the upper layer of the skin.As a result of this reaction melanoidins, which give the skin a tan.

Workers medicine is not in the process no harm, because the reaction takes place only on the surface of the skin and does not penetrate deeply.This tan is coming off quickly, within a few days, together with the top layer of skin, which is constantly updated and peeled.

Action tanning occurs within an hour, sometimes it takes a long time, and the faster it will be, the faster and then come down.

Selecting tanning skin type

Scandinavian type of women - is owner of blond and red hair, together with light eyes and very sensitive skin.For this type of women are harmful rays of the sun, the skin reddens and burns instantly.

Central European type of woman - a blonde woman, often their skin covered with freckles.This type of women also has a tendency to erosion.Women need to look for these types of tanning, with the inscription on the label the word lifht .Better to choose a tinted self-tanning effect, for a more natural tan.Perfect modeling body lotions, moisturizing lotion with tinted effect.So women should not use tanning with a dense texture and towels for sunbathing.

Southern European style women - a woman with blond or brown hair, combined with brown, gray or green eyes. As a rule, the sun loves them only if they do not abuse them.Sunburns - it is very rare for this type of women.They need to tan, with a note on the label medium .The most appropriate for these women self-tanning lotion or cream.You can use lotions, but then the process of dyeing leather in bronze color is slightly slow.

least problems with the sun in dark-skinned women, owners of black hair. As a rule, they do not particularly need to be tanning, but you can use marked dark on the label.Special indications for this type of women do not have, but do not need too zealous, unless you want to be like the representative of blacks.

use tanning

  1. Selecting tanning, according to your skin type. Note the shelf life - expired tanning can give uneven color and cause an allergic reaction.The same effect can be of dubious origin from tanning.
  2. product test. apply a small amount of cream on a small piece of skin and wait a short time, it is better not less than 12 hours.If you do not cause irritation, itching and rash, you can safely begin the procedure.Allergy test must be done before each use of the new tube.In the shade of one check and choose the best time for sunbathing.
  3. subsequent stage is hair removal, as the product may accumulate around the hair and tan get spotted.Epilation is better to do one day before use tanning to skin time to calm down after the procedure.
  4. Before applying bronzer need to thoroughly clean the skin in the shower, better with scrub or other exfoliating agents.
  5. After cleaning wipe dry the skin and give the body to cool for 20 minutes.
  6. then evenly and rapid movements distribute tan all over the body, starting with the feet.
  7. When applying bronzer on the face is better to use a cotton swab.Apply tanning need all over the face, including eyelids and lips. most important thing to put the cream on the transition from the cheeks to the ears and on the face to the neck to get a natural look.tanning
  8. Wash hands with soap and clean fingernails, since later to clean under the nail of tanning is difficult.
  9. need to spend about an hour in a vertical position and without clothes to tanning entrenched.
  10. Within a few hours it is better not to put on light clothes, since the first time tanning can leave stains on clothes.
  11. Tanning easily washed off, so swim in the bath can be when you decide to get rid of him.Shower not hurt tanning if held for at least 4 hours after application procedure.
  12. If suddenly something happened and you somehow striped, take a bath, adding a approximately 200 g of milk, or use a body scrub.Also good lightens skin lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide, with the last one must be careful, because you can burn the skin.
  13. tanning does not protect from the sun, so be careful in the sun or use sunscreen.

What else you need to know about tanning?

for rubbing the back is better to use someone's help. layer of bronzer all over the body must be uniform, particularly strongly darkened place in the elbows, knees, ankles and upper chest.Do not forget the neck and around the ears.

tanning Apply tanning better with moistened sponge. can mix one to one self-tanning and moisturizing body lotion.This skin tone is a little lighter anticipated, but it is unlikely the formation of spots and streaks.

during application tanning wear gloves on his hands, hands to get too tanned.

performed correctly all the items the instructions, you will get beautiful bronze body, though a tan lasts no more than 4 days.But what effect!

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