Beautiful body


long gone are the days when a woman with milky white skin was so attractive ... In winter, too, want to be just a little, but tanned!And for this you need only a few sessions tanning.

When it comes to tanning, the first thing comes to mind solarium.Indeed, there can be in the short term to buy a flat, a nice tan - so that is not a shame and expose the shoulder and leg show!But in order to achieve precisely this effect, not burns and subsequent health problems, you need to know the rules of indoor tanning.

Contra tanning

Unfortunately, that the solarium you can be contraindicated, you can only learn from a specialist dermatologist.

There are general contraindications to tanning - adolescence (15-16 years), increased sensitivity to UV light, the presence of age spots and moles (not single and multiple or re-emerging), pustular eruptions ...

All of this you can easily "diagnosed" very at home.But, for example, to measure the pressure of a better doctor.And if you are taking any medications t

hat a doctor can answer your question is compatible with their reception insolation sessions.

during pregnancy also can not visit a solarium - at this time the body produces a hormone that activates pigment.

not superfluous, it would also make sure that you have everything in order with the liver and kidneys.See how many you need to provide!

Types tanning Sun

There are two basic types of tanning beds - vertical and horizontal. Maybe someone told you that in a vertical tanning better and lays down exactly?In fact, a great tan in a solarium can also be obtained in the "Speed" booth, which is popularly called "hamburger."

But the inner terrain of the cockpit must be designed correctly, ie taking into account all the anatomical features of the body in a horizontal position.However, there is one condition: your growth and "configuration" should more or less conform to.Otherwise, certain areas of the skin rays "of the sun" simply will not get!

same "danger" can trap you and tan vertical solarium - if the internal diameter of the cabin is too small or if face tanning lamps are high, and you are of small stature.The more expensive a solarium, the more it has all sorts of "pleasant things", including present and ... a lift.

Mandatory attributes booths include ventilation, and to the "luxury" - music and aromatherapy setting.Speed ​​and quality depend on the number of tanning lamps and their power.The lamp "over" the more developed their life, so take an interest in the selected solarium, the last time I changed the lamp.

tanning - what can and what can not

Now is the time to learn, that you can (and should) be done before and after the tanning session, and that is not recommended.

  • unacceptable solarium without removing cosmetics! The skin should be clean!
  • Peeling do before visiting the solarium can not.But two days before the solarium applicability scrub - to tan is not "out" with flakes peeling off the epidermis and formed unsightly stains.
  • sure to use special means of tanning - they moisturize and protect your skin, and also contribute to rapid and even tan.The funds selected on the basis of their skin phototype.
  • sure to take care of particularly sensitive areas of the skin - nipples and the area around the eyes.Usually sold in solariums protective stickers on her nipples, they cost mere pennies.
  • The cabins have special glasses, put on them.
  • Protect hair: take with a cotton scarf or buy a hat in the solarium.
  • shower gel or soap accept no earlier than one hour after the tanning session in the solarium.
  • Do not forget to use moisturizer!After tanning apply a moisturizer on the entire body - for some reason, often "forget" about the feet.
  • Eat carrots for better tan!

tanning - the arguments "for"

Opponents tanning sure you lash of horror solarium. hear them ... and do according to his own way.After all, you just found out that you have no contraindications (visited by a doctor) - this time, you know safety rules when using a solarium - two, and be sure to vospolzueshsya special tools for skin - three!

Those who scares you oncology, explained that in the solarium, a combination of rays of type A and B, and completely absent unsafe health rays of type C!

Tan will not only make you beautiful - it also give a good mood, because under the action of ultraviolet radiation begins to produce endorphins - the hormones of happiness.

How much can you take a tan in the solarium?

You belong to the Celtic type, if you have very light skin and eyes, blond or red hair and lots of freckles and sun your skin turns red and tans and peels.Alas, you do not need a solarium, best to use self-tanning ...

Europeans have blond hair, blue, green or gray eyes, freckles little, tan they are easy, but not extensively.Start with five minutes and gradually increase the sessions to 15.

to the Mediterranean type you belong to, if your skin is dark olive, eyes and dark hair, and you sunbathe and easy to brown.Can you afford all of 20 minutes!But let's start all the same with ten.

Fasten the effect of tanning

Those creams that you use in the summer, sunbathing under the rays of natural lights, for solarium, alas, will not fit.Special means you can buy in the cabin.For those who come to the solarium for the first time or after a long break, the basic tools are recommended for the ongoing session - amplifiers and the so-called tanning maximizer , and after the sessions, you can use prolongator, fixing tan.

These tools are designed to meet the specificity of the UV rays used in tanning salons, and contain moisturizers and other nutrients, as well as antioxidants.