How to remove belly fat at home?

remove belly at home Many of the girls, and sometimes boys said that if, pinching themselves, they seized two centimeters of fat, an urgent need to lose weight.Or maybe just try to remove belly fat at home.

In fact, the belly fat that you can grab with your fingers, ielocated directly under the skin, is absolutely harmless.In addition, the fact of its existence is normal for human beings.Much more serious problems may occur due to visceral fat, deposited near the vital internal organs such as the liver and the intestines.

Dr. Arthur Frank - Head of programs to combat obesity, conducted at George Washington University, said that the health threat is not the presence of excess fat and place of concentration.

How do we determine - represents a danger to the health of the "extra" in your opinion centimeters?There is a simple way: calculate the amount equal to the ratio of your waist circumference to hip circumference.If the figure obtained during the calculations for women greater than 0.8, and for men more than 0.95, i

n order to preserve the health of their urgent need to take action to burn fat.remove belly at home

If you reject the myths aside, then remove the stomach in the home without resorting to surgery is not so difficult.

Remove belly at home

to remove belly fat at home, not necessarily sit on a strict diet or fasting altogether.It is enough to understand that all the products, even very high-calorie (eg, bread, pasta) are useful, they should just eat in small amounts, and it is better - in the first half of the day.The reason for the increase of our weight is in the excess calories.So you should eat less high-calorie foods: vegetables, fruits, wholemeal bread, etc.

grueling diet often helps to achieve good results. However, in our view, to get rid of belly fat should be gradually without subjecting the body to stress In addition, the dramatic weight loss can cause stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen, chest and hips.

To remove belly fat at home, you need to:

remove belly at home
  1. eat healthy, simple food. This does not mean that it is necessary to abandon the body needs food of animal origin - meat, eggs, milk, etc., this means minimizing the consumption of fried foods, sausages, and others. It should limit itself to the consumption of flour dishes.
  2. Eat a day at least 1,5 liters of clean water.
  3. twice a day using a massage glove need to massage the belly in a circular motion until a light redness .The fact that the massage increases blood flow and reduces the subcutaneous fat layer.During the massage the abdominal muscles tense.
  4. If you want to not only remove the extra inches from the waist and make a flat tummy and fit, you should definitely perform exercise for the abdominal muscles.

remove belly at home remove belly at home

exercises that help remove the stomach at home

remove belly at home Exercise "remove belly" - "Cat"

Stand on all fours.The back and arms straight.Look straight ahead.Make alternately exhale - inhale, and then perform a powerful breath and perform basic posture: bow your head down, and at the same time bend the back, raising it as high as possible.Hold the position for 5-10 seconds.Release the breath taking its original position, do the exercise at least 3 times and relax.Exercise "cat" has beneficial effects on the stomach area, helping to make the stomach flat.

remove belly at home Exercise "remove belly" - "Scissors"

performing this exercise on a regular basis throughout the month , you are guaranteed to reduce the amount of your waist.It can be performed even in beds."Scissors" help to strengthen the muscles of the lower press.This exercise will help to remove fat deposits where they are most easily laid and cleaned the hardest - the abdomen, below the navel.

to exercise lie on your back, arms at your sides, place the palms down, straighten your legs.During the exercise, do not release from the floor head and lower back.Follow the exhalation, then - a full breath, then held his breath, lift the feet above the floor of 10-15 cm. Perform extensive kicks (socks stretched) cross-wise, the Movement must be energetic.Exercise is necessary to carry out 5-10 seconds.Release your breath, take the starting position.

remove belly at home remove belly at home Exercise "remove belly" - "Movement belly"

Remove the stomach at home is possible by means of the exercise of hatha yoga - "energetic movements stomach" In order to achieve its goals during its implementation need to focustheir attention on the area of ​​the abdomen.To strengthen the muscles and to reduce the volume of the waist is very useful vigorous retraction of the abdomen, made on the inhale and exhale.Exercise has virtually no contraindications.It can be performed in diseases of the stomach, with adhesions after surgery.It will not only help remove the stomach, but also significantly improve the complexion.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart place, hand is situated along the trunk.Look straight ahead at one point.All concentrate their attention on the abdomen and on the breath.Very exhale through your nose while retract as you can stomach, then, at the same time sharply inhaled through the nose, sticking out his stomach as much as possible in advance.Exercise perform at a rapid pace.The shoulders are not raised.Initially follow the exercise 5-10 times, gradually bringing to 25 times.

Important for success in the matter "to remove belly fat at home" - it is your desire.

Do not look for excuses: age, or genetic predisposition does not specify extra inches at the waist.There is only one explanation: the laziness and lack of will.

text - Sonia