Liposuction or diet?

In pursuit of the perfect body, many of us are ready to make any sacrifice.What is more effective - to correct shape using liposuction or go on a diet - ask the stars.

Jan Laputina - presenter of liposuction

Frankly, I have not thought about liposuction. But in the future, if need be, do not rule out that dare to correct appearance.Surely nothing wrong with such a procedure does not.And it is no more dangerous than any other operation.Unless, of course, approach the matter rationally and seriously go through all the necessary examinations, choose a good clinic and a qualified doctor.Then the health risk is practically zero.

Although diet and liposuction - things are quite different.With the help of diet you can get rid of the extra kilos, and liposuction - a way to adjust the shape.

Plastic surgeons often refuse to do the women complete this operation, encouraging them first to lose weight naturally.If you are losing weight you will find that not achieved the desired results in problem area

s (in the stomach, shoulders, buttocks), in this case, is already thinking about the cardinal measures.

As for me, I am not in favor of diets, I like a balanced diet.

Lera Kudryavtseva - presenter of liposuction

any surgical intervention - is a huge stress to the body, so liposuction personally, I would never have dared.

In order to lose weight, there are many other effective methods.You can find the right diet for you, which will help in a couple of weeks to become leaner. Nobody argues: hard to get rid of excess weight, lose weight for 10, 15, 20 kilograms of yourself ...

imagine what must have willpower to limit yourself in everything!

So I am sure that you need to take care of yourself all the time: to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, to include in the diet of more fruits, vegetables, fish dishes, play sports, walk often.

For several years I gave up meat, completely eliminated fat and fried foods, fast foods.However, I can not say that I spend a lot of time in the gym, do I basically aerobics and swimming - these sports help to maintain good form.Fortunately, I was lucky with the physiology - I do not tend to be overweight.