The ideal figure of 10 principles of healthy eating

Usually after the holidays our figure becomes "unnecessary" roundness.The first desire to see myself in the mirror, take the super-fast diet to lose those extra kg.

Diets: 10 principles of healthy eating

The ideal figure of 10 principles of healthy eating However, there is a method which will solve this problem once and for all. Total 10 principles of nutrition, simple in execution, you can take the habit, and you have to change your lifestyle in the right direction.

1. hunger to be reckoned

most important rule - is when hungry, not because the company was invited to eat at. However, the feeling of hunger, which lasts more than twenty minutes, makes us uncontrolled gluttons.We begin frantically to suppress this feeling fast food, sandwiches, sweets and so on. If we are very hungry, you are guaranteed to eat more than usual.

therefore necessary to listen to our sensations. important to ensure that a full meal was at least once at 5 o'clock, and between them is necessary to arrange a snack in the form of an apple or a cup of yogurt.These

research scientists from the United States showed that those women who are about one hour before lunch eaten apple or drink a glass of liquid, during a meal have used 200 calories less than usual.

2. chew food thoroughly

This has two advantages: the first - the stomach to digest food more easily, the second - there is a chance not to overeat and do not get better.Since the feeling of fullness comes after 20 minutes after the start of a meal, eat slowly right not to eat during this time three times.In addition, it is assumed that after the meal must remain "a slight feeling of hunger."So do not rush to gorge themselves "extra weight".

The ideal figure of 10 principles of healthy eating The ideal figure of 10 principles of healthy eating

3. We combine products

There are a number of foods that are contraindicated eat in one meal.They are able to cause severe bloating.For instance, milk, cabbage and grapes - are incompatible, because they are the culprits and so fermentation.

If you eat at the same time the milk (alkaline) and tomatoes or cranberries (acidic environment), is guaranteed earn an upset stomach.There are products that when combined will add extra centimeters to your figure.So, combining fats and carbohydrates, such as bacon and bread, coffee with cream and cake, you risk to acquire new deposits of fatty tissue.

4. The food can not drink

Drinking during the meal breaks digestive process. If you can not give up the habit, it is better to take tiny sips of liquid.

It should also be borne in mind that drunk should not be more than a third of the total amount eaten.Under the rules, a glass of water and a cup of tea you can drink only a half an hour after a meal.

The ideal figure of 10 principles of healthy eating The ideal figure of 10 principles of healthy eating

5. Choose the right drink

The ideal figure of 10 principles of healthy eating What you drink - another important factor.With food incompatible juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, coffee, tea.These drinks, in extreme cases, can be supplemented with bitter chocolate, candy, jelly and other simple dessert.

By themselves, they should drink half an hour before and an hour and a half later meal.Alcoholic beverages can be combined with a meal.However, nutritionists recommend to dilute the wine-third water and stronger drinks to drink at the end of the meal - as a digestif, which helps digestion.

6. Use small dishes

Food dessert plate fit in smaller, but you will feel that enough food, because a plate is full.Moreover, additive, or even put some dish did not immediately succeed.

As we laid a rule to eat up until the end, because we always try to keep the dishes clean. If the plate is less than normal, then the food you can eat 20 percent less.

7. Watch TV while eating is forbidden!

The ideal figure of 10 principles of healthy eating In the process of eating need to focus on the very meal, so put all the important conversations, discussion events, reading magazines, books, TV watching.

all external stimuli lead to the fact that you eat more. In addition, you must also listen to their taste sensations: hunger exacerbates them, and satiety - blunts.If you have to eat tasteless, it's time to stop eating.

8. Correct desserts

By choosing a dessert should be approached with the utmost importance, because some of the fruit (pomelo, cranberries, grapefruit, pomegranate) combines with vegetables and meat.All of them are digested with the gastric juice acidity equal because they can be combined.

The ideal figure of 10 principles of healthy eating If your goal - a beautiful and slim figure, dessert you foe. Occasionally you can allow yourself to "a little fun", but only after the main meal in an hour and a half.Fruit is usually also concerned because different products require the participation of different types of enzymes and different digestion time.Experts recommend eating fruits and six o'clock in the evening.It is believed that up to this time they saturate the body with energy, and in the evening can create fat and cause fermentation.

9. Stress is not worth seizing

The ideal figure of 10 principles of healthy eating Emotions sometimes so may overwhelm that control the use of food becomes impossible.It threatens bust and calories, and weight.Feature emotional experiences - food choices.

most cases pastries, chocolate bars, for which we "implies" due to high production of the hormone cortisol.So you must fight hunger is not tolerated, but there is only healthy food - boiled breast, baked goods from whole grains, etc.In addition, methods for producing inedible looking for fun.

10. Learn satiety face

Many people wrongly eat.Some are starving all day and night ready to eat an elephant.Other - constantly snack, but do not feel satiety or hunger.And eat up every last crumb, even if not climb too many rules.

What to do?Eat slowly, from small dishes, stop when it is saturated.You can also buy a kitchen scale and accurately measure the amount of food.With this approach, your figure will be perfect.

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