Monica Bellucci and her diet

Italian actress and former fashion model Monica Bellucci boasts not only a great career, but also a beautiful figure and a luxurious appearance.

its forms admire everything, both women and men .She even called the second Sophia Loren.Indeed, the star lot in common: the origin, model past, bright appearance and beautiful figure.What is the secret harmony of the Italian star?

Monica Bellucci and its parameters (weight, height)

Figure Monica, really gorgeous. However, too thin it will not name, more likely, it's a fine line between harmony and splendor, which gives it a special seductive figure.In 46 years, Monica weighs only 64 kilograms during the growth of 178 centimeters, and has a luxurious settings 92-61-91.

As recognized by the star, the secret of her attractive figure is not in a grueling workout and rigid diet and lifestyle.She does not like to visit the gym, and time on it during its life style simply does not remain.After shooting usually starts at 6 am and continue until night

fall.Therefore, get up at 5 in the morning to give everything to the full in the fitness room, it just can not.

Diet Monica Bellucci

Best Diet says Monica Bellucci - Italian cuisine, important to use them in moderation.In her famous seven-day diet that helps maintain beautiful former model figure also includes the Italian spaghetti.Also this program includes food vegetables, lean fish and meat.
diet menu Monica Bellucci is quite simple and accessible to every woman.

Monica Bellucci Monica Bellucci

1 day

breakfast - a cup of coffee, 2 small cookies with a dollop of jam.

Lunch - vegetable salad dressed with olive oil, a slice of whole-wheat bread, 150 grams of fresh fruits or berries.

dinner - spaghetti with grated cheese, vegetables and fruits.

Day 2

Breakfast - yogurt with small fruit pieces.

Lunch - fried egg yolk of 1 and 3 protein, whole wheat bread, steamed zucchini.

Dinner - 120 grams of lean boiled meat, salad and fruit.

3 day

breakfast - a cup of tea with lemon, 2 toast and fruit.

Lunch - boiled potatoes with olive oil and herbs, low-fat cheese.

Dinner - Spaghetti with tomatoes and greens, fruit.

Monica Bellucci

4 day

Breakfast - low-fat yogurt with a spoon of cornflakes.

Lunch - 50 grams of rice, 100 grams of boiled beef and stewed zucchini, berries.

Dinner - 150 grams of boiled fish, vegetable salad, grapes.

5 day

Breakfast - fruit juice and toast.

Lunch - Spaghetti with fresh herbs, a few slices of pineapple.

Dinner - bean salad with egg, onion and greens, whole wheat bread, fruit.

6 and 7 day - repeat the menu every day.

However, the main secret of its harmony finds Monica Bellucci is not a diet, but the ability to dress to hide their shortcomings , and good mood.Star am confident that a positive attitude and self-confidence allows a woman to feel irresistible.

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