What is the best burn fat: strength training or cardio?

Overweight - the eternal problem of millions of women around the world.Everyone knows that the most effective way to deal with excess weight - is regular exercise.

What is the best fat burning

Training for quick weight loss

But not everyone knows, what kind of fitness helps to quickly lose weight and what load burn fat effectively: cardio or strength training.

In order to select the most effective form of fitness, it is necessary to begin to understand the concepts.

Strength training are exercises that are performed with the use of all kinds of weighting, for example, dumbbells.A cardio - courses aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system.These include load without additional weighting, such as aerobics, cycling, running and others.

What is the best fat burning What is the best fat burning

How is burning fat during strength training?

power load well disperse the blood and improve the body's metabolism. This metabolism long after the lessons remain elevated.It is believed that fat is burned when cardio is much faster than with power.This statement comes to sh

ort and intense weight training, because in this case there is an active burning carbohydrates, not fat.

What is the best fat burning What is the best fat burning

But strength training might have a more lasting effect , since our bodies require huge enegrozatrat and continue to work even for a few days after the occupation.After a workout, our body needs time to recover, which means that it consumes more calories, even when you are at rest.

How is burning fat during cardio?

During cardio fat burning is much faster, than the power load, as our body begins to rapidly consume oxygen.Accordingly, increased calorie consumption.

However, cardio recovery is very fast and no change in the muscles occurs. In addition, sometimes the body can not be used to supply oil and own muscles.Therefore, people who lose weight using cardio and diet, get rid of the extra kilos very slowly.

How to accelerate the burning of fat and losing weight?

and cardio and power loads have their advantages.Cardio allows you to quickly burn fat during the session, but does not have a lasting effect.A weight training, though not provide immediate results, but burn fat even after class.

What is the best fat burning Therefore, to achieve the best expression of results is best to combine these two types of workouts.Begin training with strength training and then go to the cardio stress.

can also perform cardio before breakfast, so you already use up stored fat.And the evening is ideal for strength training.Also do not forget that for effective weight loss you must eat right.

perfect solution - a diet low in carbohydrates and fat or a diet high in protein.