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Start fights

No one can accurately answer the question about how much last birth.This process takes place each woman individually, but all stages are in sequence, and they are worth to know in advance.

period of pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, but often mothers give birth in the period from 37 weeks.This is quite normal.and it depends on the course of pregnancy and characteristics of women (hormonal, activity of the child, etc.).

understand that the time may be when a woman in labor feel regular contractions every 10-15 minutes, and when they begin to leak amniotic fluid.The doctor can see what went into labor to reduce the uterus that begins to open.

In order to prepare the female body, virtually the entire period of pregnancy, the expectant mother may feel painless contractions.Before birth themselves, these contractions intensify, released mucus plug and literally the next day to begin the first stage.

The first stage is the period when the cervix opens.So you need to prepare yourself to t

he fact that if at the beginning of the fight were every 10-15 minutes, then gradually it will become more frequent and will peak at intervals of 2-3 minutes.Contractions - the longest and most painful part of the generative process.Thus, the cervix dilates rather slowly - only 1-1.5 cm for one hour.However, when it expands to 4 cm, the process will be quicker.Contractions of the uterus takes no more than minutes, the rest of the mother and the child rest and gather strength for the next attack.

Behavior fetus during childbirth

From the time the first contractions, the baby gradually descends.The process of childbirth inherent nature so that all happened slowly and smoothly, then the child is not injured and will have time to adjust to the size of the birth canal and the mother's pelvic bone.The head of the kid with each promotion helps the uterus to stretch even more.After the uterus is stretched to the size of 10-11 cm, the second stage begins - and the birth of the baby attempts.In the second stage the fetus fetal head has already passed through the pelvis, and the process is much faster.

What next

In the second stage, along with a woman waiting for fights and attempts.At this time, you will actively work all muscle groups, especially the abdomen.So, when planning is not superfluous to strengthen them.Often there is a desire straining before full disclosure of the uterus.In this case, it is necessary to breathe slowly and deeply, to calm the urge.Attempts are most effective if they occur simultaneously with contractions.

duration of the second stage usually does not take more than an hour, but it all depends on the characteristics of mothers, the effectiveness of attempts, fetal size, the width of the pelvis mother and baby position.On completion of this phase indicates the first breath and cry of a newborn.Then, the baby will clean the airway and put my mother on the stomach.After quite painlessly and quickly passes the separation and removal of the placenta.All this does not take more than 10 minutes.

If you have difficulty

Today, many women in order to avoid the pain of resorting to surgery - Caesarean section.This procedure is performed under general anesthesia and lasts no longer than 30 minutes.However, for medical reasons, such a procedure is prescribed about 10% of cases and only those new mothers who can not give birth to yourself.Cesarean section is prescribed in cases where:

- age over 30, wrong location of the child, the fetus is too large size;

- some obstetric complications;

- a narrow pelvis bone, the width of which is not sufficient to release the baby;

- the existence of serious chronic diseases that may be exacerbated during pregnancy and pose a threat to the mother and child;

- a direct threat to a child's life (eg, lack of oxygen).

Childbirth in figures

Finally it should be noted that during each phase lasts for a different time, but there is an overall figure from which to draw on.


- preliminary fights about 6-8 hours;

- struggle - up to 18 hours at the first pregnancy;

- attempts and the expulsion of the child - 30 minutes- 1:00.