Weight Loss

A diet based on chicken meat


  • Advantages chicken diet
  • main menu, a diet with chicken
  • short diet with chicken
  • Chicken with pineapple

Chicken everybody likes.Cook it simply, the taste of chicken - delicate, so it is willing to include in the diet of any family.Chickens used to prepare homemade dishes both simple and refined dishes for elegant banquet tables.Chicken has bioavailable protein, so its inclusion in any dish provides ease of learning and leads quickly to saturation.

Unlike other varieties of meat, chicken contains increased amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids.The protein is chicken consists of more than 90 percent of the amino acids needed by the human body (can be compared, beef protein contains in only 72 percent of them).Tryptophan, which is a large amount of protein found in chicken meat, synthesizes serotonin, which is called the "hormone of pleasure", and coarse connective fibers and difficult to digest animal collagen are virtually absent.

The white chicken meat is magnesium, phos

phorus, iron, calcium, choline, retinol, folic acid and some B vitamins bit fat, and remove it convenient, since it is all in the skins, and sufficient to remove it,to make meat diet product.For all who are watching their own weight, chicken - a favorite food.Chicken Breasts - frequent content virtually any diet as chicken breast meat only 5% fat and from 90 to 130 Kcal.

Advantages chicken diet

By urine diet is not worse than any other type of protein diet, because it:

  • eliminates the sensation of hunger as protein foods are digested slowly and have a good satiating power;
  • adjusted metabolism, and the body begins to burn fat stores, muscle mass and this does not decrease;
  • protein intake is combined with exercise;
  • obtained after diet result becomes quickly evident;
  • slimming effect persists for a long time.

chicken diet has serious differences from other variants of diets that involve the use of animal protein in large quantities: on this diet should eat plenty of vegetables.This allows you to adjust the side-effect of increasing servings of protein: in conjunction with vitamins, fiber and slow-type carbohydrates in vegetables, the diet reduces the load on the kidneys and has no adverse effects on intestinal motility.However, people suffering from various acute or chronic diseases should consult with your doctor before you start to use slimming chicken diet.

main menu, a diet with chicken

basic version of chicken meat in the diet suggests using it within 7 days.Forming a menu, it is desirable to follow two simple rules:

  • eat food per day, the energy value of not more than 1200 kcal;
  • chicken meat in the diet should be less than half the weight or calories.

to diet best suited boneless chicken breasts and skin, which are boiled or steamed.In addition to chicken, it is also permitted to use in food:

  • herbs and any vegetable except potato;
  • fruits except bananas and grapes;
  • unrefined whole-grain cereals except wheat and its derivatives.

In preparing for the day the right menu, we must use a table that shows the calorie content of foods.When using the diet is often best to eat 5-6 times a day, but in small portions.This will stabilize the proper metabolism, eliminate the occurrence of hunger and burn fat evenly.

undesirable for chicken diet eat fat and sweet, there is a fast food, drink beverages with sugar and sweeteners.One should not eat salt.The day you need to drink at least half liters of still pure water, you can drink tea and coffee without any additives.You can drink a day for one glass of dry red wine.

week this diet allows you to lose 3-5 kilos overweight.To achieve weight loss in more success, it is desirable to combine the use of diet with exercise.

short diet with chicken

On the basis of chicken you can use short, a three-day mono-diet, similar to the fasting days, developed by Queen Margaret.During the day you can eat a medium sized chicken.Boil it, and removing the skin from the bones, it is necessary to distribute all the meat (about 700-800 grams) to six meals that perform regularly throughout the day at regular intervals.Salt the meat can not, but you can spice seasoning.Also permitted on this diet for drinking unsweetened liquid other than dairy products.Losing weight can be up to 2 kg.

Chicken with pineapple

pineapple-chicken diet is designed for nine days.Pineapple - the protagonist of truth and many mythical stories associated with successful weight loss.The basis for this is available: in the pulp of pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that promotes the splitting of proteins.Pure enzyme in pineapple not much, but it has a potassium necessary for the heart, vitamin C, improving immunity, and pectin, which causes satiety.The only thing that we must remember that this slimming fruit is not recommended to use in diseases of the mouth and gastrointestinal tract.

When pineapple-chicken diet first three days you can eat as many chicken, cooked in any way, but without the salt and without skin.The next three days just to eat pineapple.And the latest three-day diet you can eat and the chicken and pineapple, in any combination with each other.Just before each meal should not forget to drink a glass of water.Over the entire period of this diet can save you from 5-6 kilograms of excess weight.