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Dietary soup: the best recipes of soups from the book of healthy lifestyle


  • Dietary soups recipes simple preparation
  • Five options available dietary soups
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most popular dietary soups areduring periods of fasting.But every year they go to the homes of families as healthy and tasty dishes of food, thoroughly prizhivayas menu.

They are becoming obsolete stereotype nesytnoy tasteless and food, because they consist not only of the traditional ingredients, but enriched by aromatic spices, herbs and even crackers.
Traditionally, soups are eaten during the day: from 12-00 to 14-00 hours.In the morning eat his periods of irrational, as it can overload the body had not yet awakened from a night's sleep and thereby reduce the capacity of man.In the evening soup weigh down the stomach, causing a sudden desire to sleep.Its use on the eve of the main holiday accelerate the digestive process and thereby cause insomnia, waking up the body of the night or late in the morning.

Therefore, the optimal time for a hot and tasty soup - a meal.Still

not tired of working the body, accept the first batch of food as a source of additional energy.

Dietary soups recipes simple preparation

The following recipes dietary soups are easy to prepare, enriched taste and available ingredients.They are suitable for use during periods of fasting, in order to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.Be sure to be able to please all family members from younger - up to the most senior.
believed that the soup tastes better succeed if they cook every day in small amounts, calculated on the 6 - 10 servings.

Five options available dietary soups

Option 1: Vegetable soup with cauliflower.

To prepare you will need:
- color (to replace the suit savoy) cabbage raw or frozen;
- potatoes;
- onion;
- carrots;
- a jar of canned peas;
- salt, spices, herbs to taste.

number of each product mistress can define yourself, based on your own preferences and the total thickness of soup.
So in boiling water alternately adds exploded into florets cabbage, then sliced ​​onion, chopped carrot, cut into cubes and straw potatoes.The final stage is to put peas, spices and salt.After boiling, turn off the stove and let cooking.Serve in solid form or in a blender for whipping cream soup.It is recommended to cook crispy crackers - they will add spice and cause interest among the younger generation.The presence in a dish of rainbow colors of different ingredients, is bound to cause the appetite and the desire to try.Bright palette of flavors will not leave indifferent any gourmet.

Option 2: Bean soup with vegetables.

To prepare you will need:
- beans (preferably red);
- potatoes;
- onion;
- carrots;
- salt, spices, herbs to taste.

Previously a few hours before cooking is recommended to soak the beans in water, so that it swelled.Then you cook it until tender, adding the remaining ingredients alternately: diced onions, shredded carrots and sliced ​​potatoes.Spicy taste of the soup will add ground nuts walnuts and fresh green onions.For the experiment, you can add a handful of sugar and a few drops of natural vinegar.

Option 3. Soup of seafood and mushrooms.

It is not suitable for fasting, but is ideal for the preparation of the first course.Slim, elegant and unforgettable taste experience will enable unique music, presented by sea.
To prepare you will need:
- chicken broth;
- mushrooms;
- white wine;
- onions;
- cream;
- seafood.

must first put out the mushrooms and onions.At the stage of readiness, 7-10 minutes should add 50-100 grams of white wine, then you need to pour the strained salted chicken broth while cooking the soup in a mode of extinguishing.After 5 minutes, add the necessary seafood, and then the cream.After their introduction to boil the soup is not needed.

Option 4: Green soup with sorrel.

cooking it can be like in the summer with fresh greens, and winter - from frozen pieces.Rich in vitamins and minerals Perov dish that will please both adults and children.If he is prepared not lean period, you can take as a basis the stock of chicken or turkey, and the list of ingredients to add to the cool boiled eggs.
To prepare you will need:
- onions and green onions;
- carrots;
- potatoes;
- sorrel;
- greens.

So the finished broth (or boiling water) is added to sliced ​​potatoes.Bringing it up to readiness, should be made a pre-passaged onions and carrots.At the end it is to add finely chopped sorrel and herbs, as well as ground in the form of cubes, eggs.

Option 5. soups of different products.

They may be prepared from all sorts of ingredients that are selected on personal tastes and preferences.The main condition of this dish is a thick consistency, which usually provides the potatoes.Technology of preparation is simple.Products boiled in common reservoir with water or broth.The product is then whipped with a liquid to a blender.To taste add the cream, milk, broth and herbs.Served supportsionno.Separately served crackers, croutons, fresh herbs and other products.


presented recipes are only a modicum of a huge list of possible dishes.But even these five options allow to diversify their menu of starters healthy diet and lifestyle.

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