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Birthday greetings guy


  • original design greeting
  • pleasant surprise
  • Gift for hobbies
  • Romantic dinner
  • Quest
  • dance or a song for the birthday
  • Video

Any girl in anticipation of the upcoming birthday of her boyfriend, wants to congratulate him on his beautiful and original.

So that self congratulation or gift him remembered for a long time have shown the importance of relations between them.If the methods of how to surprise the beautiful half of humanity, there is a mass, then to surprise a man sometimes is not as easy as it may seem.Especially if you are meeting recently and little else know each other.However, do not despair, even the most difficult situation there is always a way out.

So, we can offer a few original ways birthday greetings guy.

original design greeting

itself birthday greetings can be different.For example, the poems of his own, or just a couple of gentle and sincere words written on a piece of paper and accidentally left on the pillow.Shirt or an

y other souvenir with a picture on it a picture of your guy.

very important is not what you say in this greeting, but also how.For example, you can write a self congratulation lipstick on the glass of the car of a loved one or to send him a nice sms-message at 00.00.Congratulate you can broadcast your favorite radio station in the presence of millions of listeners or to arrange a real flash mob on the honor of the birthday.

pleasant surprise

I would like to make an unexpected but pleasant surprise for your loved one?Then make a balloon flight or a parachute jump - it's very romantic and always remembered him for a lifetime.Or maybe your guy loves the creativity of any performer, then give him a ticket to the concert idol.And can play the role of the gift by jumping out of a large box, but rather a celebratory cake.Another option, which never let anyone let this Fireworks congratulations written in letters of fire right on the palate.

Gift for hobbies

win-win congratulations birthday - a gift that will fit hobbies birthday.For example, to enjoy a trip can be arranged at the place where your favorite has not been.For the motorist - disc of your favorite music or a chocolate copy of the car, which he had long been dreaming.For those who are fond of fishing - rod, a hook that will have an envelope with your photos or congratulations.Those who love to collect certain to be excited about the new replenishment of its collection, etc.

Romantic dinner

romantic dinner - it is also a perfect gift.If your spouse is sure that you do not know how to cook, then surprise him, flashing his culinary talents.The festive meal can be organized at home or in a restaurant, but especially the original is a dinner for two in an unusual place, such as in a park on the lawn or on the roof of high-rise buildings.And if your favorite loves noisy companies, then arrange him a surprise-party in the circle of acquaintances and close friends.


to congratulate Man Happy Birthday, not only original but also more exciting, you can create a real quest for an apartment, or even the city.In order to organize such an event, you will need the help of friends and relatives.Solving various puzzles and performing all sorts of tasks, you will have a great time, and the gift will be enjoyed not only your friend, but also to all the participants.

dance or a song for the birthday

If you have some talent, for example, sing or draw well, then will be a good gift song performed exclusively for a loved one or a portrait painted of your hand.You can also perform a sexy dance for the second half, gradually turning into a passionate night of love.

Recognition feelings

If you just met and do not dare to confess her feelings, maybe birthday guy will be a good occasion to do so.Such a gift he probably will appreciate.


If you have long together, as a gift to a loved one can be presented a video with your photos or joint video excerpts.All this can be supplemented with a pleasant melody and funny captions.

So congratulations options Man on his birthday, there are many, the main thing, a little plug your imagination and talents, as well as to listen to his own heart.

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