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Often when buying shoes, we draw attention to its appearance, not particularly thinking abouthow easy will then wear it.

But poor quality shoes can bring a lot of trouble their hosts and this applies not only to repair, but various diseases legs.So the main rules when buying clothes that part will not save and abandon the beautiful but uncomfortable shoes.

choosing a time for shopping, it is not necessary to choose morning.We all know that during the day a little swollen feet, and make a purchase in the morning, you risk to buy tight shoes or boots.Also, do not buy too tight or loose shoes.In the first case it threatens to calluses and pain in the legs, the second your feet will constantly be in tension.

Trying liked the shoes, always wear both shoes.Walk around the room, look for a variety of defects, ensure that the material allows the skin to breathe.The sole should be soft and fle

xible, plastic products should be avoided.Daily pair must be low enough and wide heel (not greater than 4 centimeters) so that the studs leave a special case.

Seasonal shoes

No matter what time of year bought another couple, it must be made of natural materials.It need not be leather shoes.Perfect nubuck, suede and textiles.If you avoid buying shoes from imitation leather not work, try to choose though, would be one in which the lining is made natural.Please note that footwear made of natural materials tends to eventually take the form of the foot.

summer is not recommended to wear lacquered shoes, bad pass moisture and air.The patent leather shoes you can go to any celebration, and every day is better to have open sandals made from natural materials.For spring and autumn it is important that the shoes did not let the water and at the same time allows the foot to "breathe".If demi shoes or boots fastened by a zipper, it should not begin too close to the foot, or feet will get wet.

Unlike summer shoes, boots should not be adjacent to the leg vplotnuyu- need to try them on a tight sock.In winter shoes or boots importantly - sole.It should be thick enough, with a special tread anti-slip.Heel shoe, too, should be the protector and to be rubber, not plastic, or foot will slide.

How to avoid becoming a victim of fashion

Every woman wants to look fashionable and attractive.The presence of all kinds and styles of shoes, of course, contribute to this, but only when they are chosen wisely.For shoes and sandals with high heels, legs visually longer do, and look neater than the platform, but their permanent decision is bad for the foot.

By the way, the frequent wearing of platforms is also not conducive to security, as reserves the risk of injury, can also lead to flat feet.

Similarly affects our legs wearing shoes with pointed toes.Indeed, the constant pressure on the fingers and tightening health does not give.And it's not talking about corn, "bumps" and joint deformity.

best insoles

Today choose shoe insoles have no difficulty.Of course, they are positioned as products with a certain therapeutic effect, however, to fully help unless insoles, made to order.The most popular types of insoles - hygiene, insulated and electrically insulating.In addition, insoles for shoes for every day a little thicker than for the pins.In addition, there are special, absorb odors insoles for shoes, as well as sandwich for diabetics.

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