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  • good combination - the success
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  • The basic rules of successful accessories

Even the most accurate and pure girl can ruin your appearance because of incorrectly chosen image.

Not the least role in this played accessories.So, properly chosen handbag, gloves, or shoes can literally transform the appearance.In today's world to make purchases of clothing is not difficult and it only encourages the choice of accessories.And the more choices, the more carefully you need to pick up additional detail.

For lovers of the classic image of the usual rules of good use, because classic is a classic, and it is difficult to make a mistake.The main rule was and still is the selection of accessories in the same color.So, handbag, gloves, shoes sure to choose the color, while a scarf or headdress may simply be in tune.Even to the very bright scarf easy to find the color of the bag, ballet shoes, belt or jewelry.

On the other hand, over time, in terms of the right mix of

classics eased somewhat difficult to find and if accessories of the same color that you can choose the appropriate tone.The main thing in this case come from the composition.For example, a clutch is appropriate to wear black or yellow with black accents gloves and bright shoes combined with a black bag.If you love bright handbags, you should not use the same shoes, but some piece of clothing - easy.A good habit is considered suitable in color and "inner" design - a purse, business card, or a housekeeper at the tone of the bag.

Over time mandatory canons clothing getting smaller and smaller, and the only one still fashionista urgent task - to create a memorable image of the piece.Then you'll feel really confident.

Choose hair accessories

No matter what style of dress you prefer, beautiful and well-groomed hair prerequisite anyway.So do not last in this business take all kinds of accessories for your hair, but they still need to choose the right.

When buying hair ornaments sure to pay attention to the quality of things.And if the home is suitable for a simple band, then for the release of the need for something more substantial.Avoid the use of plastic products, unless they are made in the ethnic style.And then, in that case, give preference to natural stone.In any case, it is believed that the older a woman is, the more expensive supplies should be like.

choosing hoops, barrettes and even gum, consider your tsvetotip.Agree, it is not appropriate to look orange hoop girl-winter, but the owners of red or blond hair, he undoubtedly will decorate.

Pay attention to the rule of relevance, because the evening along quite useless gum with bright flower, while, as the hairpin with stones make way perfect.

The basic rules of successful accessories

expert in the fashion world is made a lot of rules and recommendations that can help you achieve perfection.

offer acquainted with the four basics of selecting decorations.

  1. first rule is not to forget about the harmonious combination of colors.In order to make things right, many stylists used a trick by which create excellent combinations.Its essence is that the lateral vision to determine the dominant color, set in the range of warm or cold it is, and then, using a spectral circle, select the tone for accessories.Using spectral range simple.In the spectrum to choose the opposite color, and the color triad (those colors, as if to form the corners of an equilateral triangle) or 2-3 colors adjacent spectrum - so you play with the tones of the same color.
  2. According to the second rule, it is important to choose the accessories necessary form so that they do not fit into the overall composition.For example, the sporty style can not tolerate small bags, just as the evening dress can not be combined with the "sack".
  3. similar principle professes third rule.If a sweater with V-neckline braznym accessories must be suitable for the form.It looks beautiful pendants in the form of a stylized triangle, just as earrings.Good fit and modest chain.But round neckline allows massive decorations.
  4. last quarter usually requires creating an image, adhering to one style.Combine simple decoration with strict business style, and barrettes and brooches with stones leave for the festive reception.

And always use the golden rule - less is better!It is not necessary to overload the set, know how to find a middle ground.Match the two parts together, such as a scarf and bag, earrings and ring and so on.That restraint and accuracy is the first sign of the presence of taste in women.