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Careful planning of time or for time to do everything

Do you know what is most valuable in the world today?Do you think the money?In fact, this information, and time.The paradox in the fact that modern man has a lot of tools that allow you to save time, and at the same time, it is not always enough.How to keep up with all the - this is a key question every person who does not know the methods of planning time.

See for yourself.Today, we do not always need to spend time meeting with business partners.Just call or connect to Skype.Increasingly, we shop over the Internet.The kitchen is the most difficult job for us making smart appliances - processor or blender, microwave, multivarka, dishwasher.And it also happens that we buy semi-finished products, if not ready-made meals.And we do not have enough hard time.Once a chat with family, to engage in a personal and hobby.Access to information also turns against us, because we're just drowning in it.


How to plan your time ↑

It would seem thatit may be easier - to allocate their time?However, not everyone can do it.If you also sometimes ask yourself how things keep up and not get tired, you also need to learn time management.The first thing to learn - the three basic principles of time.

  • Time is limited.At day 24 hours and 7 days of the week in the month of not more than 31 days, and was only 12 months.And we can not change anything.
  • Time does not stand still.We can not slow down or speed up its progress.
  • Time moves in one direction, you can not reverse it.So, you can not change or fix what is in the past.

5 rules for those who want to do everything ↑

1) Make a clear plan ↑

It may seem trite to keep up with everything and not too tired, you need to plan your time at least a week in advance.Get yourself a nice diary or organizer.Purchase immediately cheer up, you immediately want to record something in it.The main advantage of the organizer - you can immediately see which day you have loaded, and a more or less free.In addition, you train yourself to discipline, and this is the main quality of a man who spends his time efficiently.

Here it should be noted that things are different in terms of importance.There is an urgent and important matter that must be addressed first.There are just important, but not urgent things.They need to make the following important and urgent.There are urgent but not important things.Are those that can be sacrificed at all or make them after more important things.Finally, there is the case not urgent and not important.They can be safely deleted from the list.

2) do not accumulate small business ↑

One well-known rule of time management is called the "rule of two minutes" (five, ten - whatever you like).There are small things that are not completed on time, accumulate and hang over you have significant load, like the sword of Damocles.If you do not want to be buried under this pile of cases, understand this rule: a job that takes less than 10 minutes, it is better to do at once.Reply to the letter, make a phone call, which has long been putting off, get out on his desk, finally wash dishes or clean the sink.

3) Do not let steal your time ↑

How to do everything, when during the day you are chatting with multiple people in Odnoklassniki and ICQ, watch funny videos and photos, follow the storyline of any TV series ever, andhang about an hour on the phone with his girlfriend?All these things are stealing your time, and how much you have it stolen, it depends on you.If you do not have time, you will have to reduce the time that you spend daily for such classes.How to do it?Set yourself a rule: to enter the social network is not several times a day, once every 3-4 days.And do not hang on the phone with a friend, it is better to meet with the output.

4) Try to maintain order ↑

If you regularly tormented by the question of how to do everything, try to maintain throughout the procedure.Each thing in your home, on your desk, in your purse should be in place.From all that has served and is no longer needed must be rid.If you devote to it at least 10 minutes a day in a month all will be in order.Or two, if you take too long did not support it.On the first day you disassemble the contents of her purse, the second put things in cosmetics, the third will take over the desk, or at least one of his boxes.Throw a bucket of junk and ourselves will rejoice.

5) Enter the new habits ↑

not know how to keep up all day?Try to find a new hobby.It can be a hobby you like fitness or yoga, weaving beads, embroidery, sewing, learning a foreign language.Remember how it was when the hospital: at first did not have time to do, and then learned to do at the same time even more cases than they could before.What is the secret?The rigid framework.When we have no choice, we do not think, all in time, but just do and have time.Decide how much time per week you can present yourself in person, and start right from tomorrow.We decided to run in the mornings?Fine.Excuses and transfers this event aside.The main thing is not to give up its decision within six weeks.During this time, according to psychologists, you have formed a stable habit, and you will then not be able to refuse new hobby.

main principles of planning time ↑

  • Plan should before you start doing anything.New day, you need to plan the night before, the new weekly and monthly - at the end of the previous ones.In this case, a new day you begin immediately with the cases, and not with their planning.
  • to distribute their time organizer and use a timer.Do not try to remember everything, because if you do something still forget the stress can not be avoided.
  • Do not try to do several things simultaneously.The results will be average or below average, if you sprayed.
  • started business necessarily bring to an end.Anything that can distract and interfere with your plans, eliminated.Statistics show that when people interrupt the job for a long time, then returned to it again, they spend twice as much time for revision.
  • rest and work should alternate.Despite the importance of the cases, remember that you're not in prison, relax and pause.
  • Analyze planning time and try to continuously improve their results.

Like all keep up at work ↑

If you constantly have to interrupt your work because you need to perform other important cases, it is better to combine similar tasks in blocks.It breaks, as already mentioned, require further "acceleration".Follow the small volume and similar in nature things one by one: the decision of matters of official business by phone, discussion with the staff assignments, disassembly correspondence.Then you will save time appreciated.

Major tasks are performed in small parts, do not forget to set for yourself intermediate goals.When the result of the work of distant time, people willy-nilly, "shirk" from jobs, putting them "in the closet."No wonder Albert Einstein observed that many people like to chop wood only because the result is right for action.If the project is large, work on it a little, but constantly.

Video stepwise algorithm careful planning ↑