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Why is a cold sore healthy teeth and how to cure a toothache

Are you familiar discomfort when completely healthy teeth hurt?In people, this condition is called cold teeth.There are many folk treatments: gadgets on your teeth, rinse zamatyvanie jaw warm scarf, and so.. Of course, dentists do not recognize this disease and do not make such a diagnosis.But the people who experienced this condition, say that the teeth can really simple.If you have recently visited a dentist and you know that you do not have tooth decay, but healthy teeth "whine", the pain does not work in peace and rest, even the area of ​​the mouth where teeth once were removed, remind yourself, probably, and youfaced with this condition.

colds teeth sometimes called dental pain, which occurs when cold.She appears as a reaction to a virus or infection occurs after exposure to external stimuli on the body (wet feet, prolonged exposure to cold, bathing in a pool of cool water, stay in the draft).This is the nerve endings in the teeth are signaling that the infection got into the body.Sometimes it

hurts even the entire right or left side of the face.


How relieve acute toothache ↑

What causes toothache colds ↑

There are several causes of dental pain at the common cold.

Infectious viruses infect the respiratory system, inflamed mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.It appears sputum, which increases the pressure in the sinuses.It is the cause of toothache for colds.

Sometimes teeth can cause the common cold medicines that you consume during SARS.If you drink a liquid that contains a lot of acid (regular tea with lemon or soluble tea cold - Theraflu products, maksgripp etc), tooth enamel becomes thinner and the teeth become more sensitive.Try as little as possible to hold such liquid in the mouth.Medications that you take for colds, contain not only acid, but also sugar, which is also detrimental effect on tooth enamel.Therefore, after receiving these drugs should not forget to rinse your mouth.

If a cold is accompanied by a runny nose, a man can not breathe through the nose, mouth breathing so.Consequently, quickly dries out the mouth.Sugar that postprandial small amount remains on the teeth in a "dry" starts more actively on the teeth, so they are destroyed, and there is pain.It is recommended to drink more plain water.

Colds may be accompanied by disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, since the virus entered the body walks wherever he wants.If nausea and vomiting, to the teeth with the vomit may enter and acid from the stomach.It actively destroys tooth enamel.If you are having such trouble, rinse your mouth as often as possible, but rinse toothbrush use is not recommended.

How to cope with painful manifestations ↑

If your teeth become too sensitive, appears painful reaction to hot and cold, salty and sweet, immediately go to the doctor.If the disease let things slide, between the cheek and gum abscess may occur.

If healthy teeth hurt, you may have trigeminal neuralgia.It is a common disease, so dentists often send patients to a neurologist, who will determine the cause of toothache and prescribe proper treatment.

Sometimes colds teeth bothering people on the background of general weakness.If the body lacks vitamins and nutrients, your teeth may become more sensitive to the background of a general malaise.Contribute to the development of the state by various factors.This is bad ecology and frequent stress and poor diet, and lack of full sleep.Many patients dentists say that the teeth they start to feel ill with the onset of cold weather.Then recommend the use of dry heat.

Folk remedies for colds teeth ↑

you for a while alleviate their condition, making a toothache weaker.There are some traditional recipes.

  • Toothache will be less severe if to rub the gums with garlic.
  • Well relieves pain ginger root.Its useful substances penetrate the gums and relieve toothache.
  • Coping with a cold will help teeth yarrow.It is necessary to rinse his mouth with broth several times a day.
  • Helps to get rid of a toothache decoction of leaves of sage or thyme.
  • Some advise to put between the cheek and the painful area of ​​a small piece of lard.It should be kept there for as long as pain disappear.If
  • worried toothache colds can rinse your mouth with a solution of baking soda (one teaspoon dissolved in a glass of warm boiled water).
  • Well relieves toothache room geranium.The leaf geranium put on the sore spot, and periodically change it until a toothache will not pass.

Homeopathic remedies and precise massage ↑

If you are concerned about a toothache with a cold, you may want to be treated with homeopathic medicines.Contact your doctor, homeopath, he will prescribe the funds that get rid of all the symptoms of the common cold, including toothache.So, mouthwash recommend using aconite, but it is necessary to be cautious and strictly adhere to the dosage that the doctor has prescribed.As the rinse is used arnica, especially well it helps in bad microflora.

When toothache makes and acupressure.It is necessary to massage the point, which is at the end of the jaw.This is what emerges out at the closing of the mouth and jaw strong compression.

Medications colds toothache ↑

If pain is severe, teeth can be a cold drink paracetamol.But if you feel that the pain increases, it is better to take ibuprofen.He has a good anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.Others medicines do not contain a sufficient dose of the active ingredient for the treatment of severe toothache.With increasing doses of medication, and side effects are increased.

Many people are worried about a toothache for colds.But more often it happens, the last thing, is thinking about a sick man - a dental care.Because of weakness or laziness he did not rinse your mouth after taking the medication, forgetting to brush your teeth at night.All this could trigger a cold teeth.Try not to forget about the daily oral hygiene even in the acute phase of the disease.

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