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If there is no New Year's mood - 3 recipes from the blues

Christmas mood a child, believed in Christmas miracles and Santa Claus received as a VIP-guest?But the years go by, the magic seems far-fetched, and you have nothing to cheer capable.You just underestimate yourself.The recipe for returning a positive attitude is simple: you have to change the "record."So, what to do if there is a New Year mood - 3 ideas to choose from, and yes you will return to the feast!


idea number 1 - to distant lands ↑

If the holiday is not going toyou in good faith, go in search of him - the farther the better, the more time to think about his life and fascinating journey itself.

New Year on the beach does not matter what place the search for this holiday you choose.Meanwhile worth exploring the most interesting opti

ons.For example, in Thailand New Year was celebrated three times, and right on the beach or under water.If you've never tried diving, it is worth considering.By the way, maybe New Year's days you do not like because of the weather?You just hate the cold?All the more reason - your place for the celebration of the New 2015 - is warmer climes, gentle sea with fluffy sand, generous sunshine and abundant fruit.

not managed to miss the sea, but has long suffered from a lack of romance in your life?Go to Venice - the cradle of creative people.After all, the most interesting is going on in the streets.Plaza San Marino on the holidays is converted into an unusual scene, illuminated by the lights of torches and fireworks.The government of Venice has always come up with original scripts.For example, this year began "group with a kiss."Do not worry, the first night of 2015 will be no less exciting, all your blues like a hand lift.

Christmas tree on the beach bravest of depressed compatriots can go on New Year's expedition, for example, in the Alps.Believe me, this comes from the mood, and most memorable, seasoned adrenaline and pride for his bravery.Imagine Christmas in the Alps has "attacks" on the tops of mountains.The path is not close, but fun - with bright torches and cheering joke mature in experience instructors.When will be on top, you will be offered a gala dinner, however, it will be spartan, but at an altitude of a few kilometers above sea level.On top - on the ground, especially for you arrange the pyrotechnic spectacle, so that memories will last for the entire 2015-D, you'll see!

In general, you have understood what to do if there is a New Year mood - go to the other end of the world.Although the cruise, at least in the restaurant, though under the tree, but for a couple of thousand kilometers from the place where you suffer the blues.

idea number 2 - Will Rock ↑

olden times New Year's holiday is losing its charm because of age, an overabundance of adult entertainment, world-weariness of life, the monotony of pleasure.Psychologists say that people get older, begin to lose the ability to get involved in something new, enjoy the little things, to enjoy the experience.Many tried, experienced, perception is dulled.Because of this, to try to return the Christmas mood could return to the past.

Yes, that's right - in childhood, adolescence, carefree time when all new contentment, delighted minute opening, and plans had plenty of unexplored pleasures."How can I go back?" - Is true you are curious.Due to the emotions, experiences, age melancholy, too, can outwit.It's simple: you have to move to a place to experience the emotions, remember those moments when you were young or even children.Once in such an atmosphere, you will automatically return itself and the light-hearted mood of joy and fun outlook on life, and that you lack, you are again on the eve of New Year mope.

So what are the options of the New Year "Travel back in time" you can see?

New Year retro-disco ↑

New Year in retro style What could be better than a disco previous years?Psychologists say that the music of our youth - the more cheerfulness.Even retirees start to dance when they hear the melody of his most mischievous period of life - when they ogle, seduced, flirt and ran to the dance at the earliest opportunity.Find a New Year's disco in the 80s or 90s, and reserve your place.You'll see a wonderful mood on the eve of 2015 is guaranteed.

Amusement ↑

you fascinated by the carousel as a child, and after visiting the room laughing stomach hurt?You adore rides, prizes, surprise all accurate hits in the dash.Why not go back to my childhood in the New Year's Eve, the benefit of the mass entertainment centers work around the clock, and for special holidays invented scenarios and offered refreshments.

water park or aquarium ↑

New Year in the aquarium Your childhood was spent on the beach or the river?If you can not take a vacation in order to go to warmer climes, be wise - book a place in the water park or aquarium, and return to the past, when you are always in a good mood and trouble if happens, it lasted no more than a few minutes and forgetinstantly, without a trace.Not found in the city such a place?No problem, go to another, and not necessarily in their own country.For example, in Italy it is very good Aquarium of Genoa and the aquarium in Cattolica you can admire even nativity scenes created from ceramic and glass straight into the "house" of sharks.By the way, make a trip to his childhood in another country, you connect the two ideas into one, so there are chances that your wonderful mood persists for the entire year.

New kinovecherinka ↑

She loves movies, from old tapes you breath away?You can not tear myself away from the television, but on New Year's wish to get the special emotions?Arrange a Christmas movie screening.Rent a room, you can with some special "chips", select a movie, order goodies and meet th 2015 in the arms of your favorite bands.By the way, you can invite friends, if you are afraid that you will be bored in the room, and let your loved ones will rise up.

Visiting Tales ↑

Children Surely in your childhood favorite fairy tale was that you asked parents to re-read again and again, until the book is not disheveled and cover not rubbed up holes.

Some excerpts from favorite works still live in your head?And beautiful.Give a second life to a fairy tale, and do it right into the New Year's Eve, surrounded by the most loved ones, which will be fantastic heroes, well, you, of course - the most important of them.

Christmas meeting classmates ↑

Who said that the New Year - is not the best opportunity to meet classmates or classmates?What a silly conventions?Go defiance of rules that no one officially established.Be creative and his organizational skills.Who knows, maybe some of your classmates, too, there is a New Year mood, and your offer will be for them a lifesaver.By the way, it is not necessary to gather in a narrow range, look wider - collect their "colleagues on school shop" with their families.Maybe you put the beginning of a new tradition, and your reasonable proposal will praise generations ?!

idea number 3 - New Year gift ↑

Santa Claus If absolutely nothing, do not want, do not believe that all of the above can you cheer, waving your hand in the New Year and present this holiday to others - those who most needed it andimportant.How?Pretty simple - go to work Father Frost, Snow Maiden (if you - a girl).No vacancies?Offer your services on the basis of free or Treat visit Santa Claus their friends, neighbors, colleagues.You think you're a bad actor?Sign up as a volunteer in an orphanage, a hospital, a nursing home.In the end, just napekite Fortune Cookies and go to the city Christmas tree - to please those who have the mood is all right.

nothing to sit at home and mope, when millions of people in the world are in need of help and attention.After this visit, you'll see, you instantly change the attitude towards life.You will realize that a healthy, having a roof over the head man in the prime of a shame to complain about the lack of holiday spirit.After all, life is given once and is very fast!

Christmas toys with their own hands ↑

Now you know what to do if there is a New Year mood.Even the blues, you can outsmart, and you are now in this case a pro!