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When fast - it's bad

Strength-Training No, it's not what everyone thought.Do not short on training.And on the typical female approach to training ordinary.Power and lifting weights.Ever notice how some comrades carry their approaches and repetitions?Quickly, beating all possible extreme positions of body weight, and swaying like a birch tree in the wind.Well, if we are talking about ballistics - weighing problem, technical exercises, weightlifting and sprint preparation.And "expensive" - ​​if a simple fitness training for health and weight loss.

Why are they doing

There is such a thing as an aerobic syndrome.This set of knowledge and skills that lead a person to do things quickly and correctly.If only lasted sweating and the heart comes in quick succession.This approach to training generally includes even more appalling food rules, like "do not eat before, do not eat after, if possible, do not eat ever."Aerobic syndrome excellent sale.After all, he - the rapid weight loss, and who among us does not want to lose weight fast ... but we gat

hered here not to condemn, but to examine the causes of the phenomenon.

fact, aerobic exercise with the same squats, lunges and Burpoe be effective if done faster movement.But do not just haphazardly faster, and with a smooth, approximately the same technique.Without the "bounces" on the bottom point and without "pinching and urging" at the top.

Another thing is that when the instructor alone, in a group of 20-30 people, and club rules require to engage with customers, for all will not follow.And half of these people will hear the "faster, faster" and not "faster and better".Hence the habit of priority tempo on technique.It is usually druzhnenko carry out aerobic gym classes.

In addition, there is also a home-grown training logic.Do not sweat - so do not burn calories, so all in vain.Well, of course, it is better to sweat, jumping with blank stamp haphazardly than 3 weeks not sweat, and then get the desired intensity by increasing the weight on the bar.It is necessary today.So on Fitness with the "mentality of today," it is better not to go.

Think of "now" when you eat in the cafe.For example, "now I do not order a cake, but it'll take more expensive fish, grilled meat patty rather than cheap oil."

How to diagnose it at

usually amateurs squats and presses the speed without the weight does not personally identify their training with this problem.While not depart into the hall of the month 3-4, and will not notice that all around there are results, and they have - everything as it was when visited Zumba classes mixed with Pilates.

Thus, sorry, the more fat, the more likely there is a realization.Thin on the nature of the citizen rather quickly "dry up relief" to such training.And as the muscles most of them are not needed, they are completely satisfied and with this result.As they say, if only did not pull ligaments and joints did not hurt then.

A diagnosis too fast is very simple:

  • Take a timer and set it for 30 seconds;
  • perform exercises with his usual weight;
  • If you have managed to fit into this larger interval of 15-17 repetitions of something polyarticular and complex, such as squats, lunges, bench press or standing, you are doing too quickly;
  • Temp "reduction in the second" approach, unless you're doing something mnogopovtornyh jerks with weight, and then, with normal growth and normal length of the arms and legs one cycle takes about 4-5 seconds, even if youforce a pace

This pulse, sweating and fatigue - no figures.Many are "aerobic" experience more than 2-3 years do weaned feel the pace and stopped feeling load mnogopovtornyh exercises at a high pace.

continue diagnosis

sometimes quickly - does not mean bad.This is almost a hypothetical amateur fitness in a situation where a lot of repetitions performed with more weight in almost perfect technique.But this thing work enough years, and not years visiting aerobics, and heavy enough for years of training, with the power, endurance and gipertrofiynymi cycles and power to "support plus" most of the year.In a world where women are either dried or drying rest between "support" - this is almost a fantasy.

How to identify, I do not whether you are a future Froning female, and can do exactly the same 100 repetitions with a weight reminiscent of his own on his shoulders?Hire a trainer for at least one session.Put

problem is.You do strength training, the coach is looking for the technology, not the tempo.And then it shows you all the technical mistakes.

«Terrible" of them are:

  • Round the back, all the power of the movement "troika" and absolutely any polyarticular exercises;
  • «Spacing" weight, for example, "knock" bar on the chest in the bench press, a sharp bending of the knees in the bottom of the squat so that your thighs are literally "flew" from the calf;
  • «buildup" in an unnatural for the joint amplitude.For example, you push the bar out of the situation "with breasts", and instead of a small movement "back and forth" in the hip you, excuse me, pulling from side to side as in the "pendulum hips" in belly dance;
  • different amplitudes of movement in the joints of the pair.For example, one knee unbend faster pelvis "mow" the projectile fun rides toward greater bending spin warp

can "catch" someone from the experienced dealing with, preferably, without such as technical errors, and ask to see.In an extreme case, zasnimite his exploits on video, and try to objectively assess the part that you are doing there.

If all the criteria you have converged the word "Swifty", try as soon as possible to be retrained.

How to do it?Putting a timer and try to perform each and every rise of lowering weight slowly emphasized.Weight is not to change, but by ballistics (tremors all, anything, jerks, cheating in block rods, and generally any cheating) better on the "pereuchiyvaniya" abandoned altogether.If you think that the training was not enough active, better add 20 minutes of cardio at the end than trying to increase those that have not yet been worked out technically.

Elena Selivanov

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