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How to part with memories and forget the favorite guy

how to forget the guy you love Parting or just unrequited love inflict a crushing blow.Even the most powerful and strong-willed women sometimes can not make it, and do not know how to forget the guy you love.The severance of relations is similar to betrayal: But more recently he promised to always be there.And what if it is just temporary (sometimes so necessary) break in relations and not break?Then it is not necessary to burn the photos to register on dating sites, trying to make himself still reciprocate old boyfriend.But be reasonable, not comfort yourself with unnecessary illusions sensibly assess the situation.After all, the wrong decision can lead to new problems.If you're determined to erase the past, do it to the end.Try not to come back more in those memories when he was around.


How quickly forget the guy you like?↑

First you need to delete an

ything that might remind him.Take photos on the table, remove the telephone number, messages, put away in the closet of his gifts.Toy, presented them at anything, so do not carry it in the garbage.Time always heals, and a few months later you look at things differently.Each souvenir will be sweet memories of pleasant moments that once were.

how to forget the guy you love Give yourself a good cry.No need to hide the tears, because they are just a defensive reaction to stress.Arrange a "day of mourning".Wail, put on his shirt, listen to sad songs, see pictures together, even if they were not removed.You can even download the girlfriends their problems, they need to understand.But in any case, do not allow yourself to call a former boyfriend in this state.Now think about it, whether it was worth your tears, tantrums, and these experiences?

second day should be held under the motto: "stop the panic."Control yourself!Every experience in life makes a person stronger.You have gone through all this yesterday (day crying), why repeat it?Of course, the more times you feel a lump in my throat, but the most important thing was over.By the way, remember, as a child, when you do not give a toy, you, too, were crying?Why this feeling go?Not because it grew out of toys, also because today looks for a new handbag or shoes.Just with age you become stronger.Much stronger.Relations are developing in a similar way.We need to try to suppress the urge to be together, if it is no longer possible.You can do it!

to forget the need to escape!↑

Now one task - to distract.With a guy you spent the evening, and now they are free!Telephoned friends and girlfriends, meet me at the cafe, in a club or in a movie.Loneliness or more "independence" has a lot of advantages.Written on fitness, walk to the pool or for a massage.By the way, why do you yourself do not enroll in a massage?Make a list of things you have long dreamed to do, but there was one stipulation: "no time".And now proceed to implement them.If not immediately, but gradually.You can go shopping, transplant flowers, try to cook a new recipe for the cake, go to the exhibition.The options, as you can see, a lot, and now you have the time to do so.

Enjoy life.Be sure to visit the beauty salon, solarium or hairdresser.If you can not do it - then just experiment with a new way home.Any girl should always look well-groomed and effectively.

Stay active.You can purchase a subscription to the gym, yoga.Lovers of extreme sports can go to the skating rink, or even enroll in a section of martial arts.During the class active sport, the body produces endorphins.This is the "hormone of joy", which is so necessary for everyone.

What does not kill us - makes us stronger ↑

how to forget the guy you love So said Nietzsche, and he was right.This separation did not kill you.It will make you stronger.Everything that could remind of the former guy - is erased, new hobbies.What's next?All the same, because sometimes in my head but he, at least you have it and displaces there.Time - is the best medicine of all diseases showers.It is difficult to say how much time to forget a person.Someone just two weeks, and someone needed a year.It all depends on how much you want to forget the guy and that this made.

Look around.Perhaps your partner walks nearby, has signs of attention, and you are immersed in a depression, just do not want to notice this?It is time to discard the old life.No need to deliberately urgently seek new guy.Either choice, and especially in the relationship should be aware.

Video with professional psychological advice ↑

Overcome this test that will make you stronger.Improved and work on yourself, because life goes on.

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