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Simple and unusual salads for a bright New Year

table for the new year On the festive table elegant and will look unusual dishes, original jewelry, or laid out in the shape of an animal or a flower fairy glade.Ordinary vegetables or fruit can be cut so as to impart decoration extravagance.White mayonnaise, ketchup red, bright yellow egg, orange corn, black olives and green dill allow fantasize with colors.Interesting salads decorated for the New Year will not leave visitors indifferent.


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There are a few universal dishes that are suitable for any holidays.If snowmen decorate salads are chicken and quail eggs, Christmas trees of parsley and dill, olive bullfinches and cooked protein, the New Year's table will elegant and memorable.


Eggs can be made not only to the snowman, but the bird

  • M Eli fishbone of "Olivier»

traditional and beloved "Olivier", served at the table are not in the ordinary salad bowl and smallpersonal kremanki formed slide-herringbone with a sprig of dill and balls of canned corn and peas will look festive and original.


Almost any salad can be issued in the form of Christmas trees

  • hearty lettuce liver

Excellent rescue owner that wants to surprise the guests the ability to prepare a salad from the liver.It is hearty and tasty dish is prepared pretty easily.Chicken or beef liver must first be boiled until tender and cool.Onions and grated on a coarse grater carrots fried in sunflower oil until golden brown.Boil hard boiled eggs.That's all the preparation, you only cut into small strips liver, eggs pass through yaytserezku.Then, open a jar of canned corn, drained from her pickle.All the ingredients are mixed together with mayonnaise.In taste the dish may take one of the places of honor at the festive table.And if you put the remaining corn into a beautiful picture, the attention of the dish and cook his mistress will be provided.

  • famous "Caesar»

not let those wishing to eat the famous "Caesar."The combination of white cheese and black olives can be beat by attaching Christmas motif (eg, not too lazy to cut snowflakes from white cheese).

Christmas Light salads for slimming ↑

Holidays are always a negative impact on the figure, even if given the unbreakable vow to eat less, do not have to give up the fat, sweet, and so on. D. What to do?Prepare a few New Year's salads are safe for the waist.The taste will not be affected, and conscience will be clear.

Christmas trees

Christmas trees are not only voluminous, but also flat

For example, the famous French nutritionist Pierre Ducane recommended for those wishing to postroynet meat and fish salad with low-fat yogurt or a few drops of olive oil.

very tender and tasty salad is obtained from chicken breast.Half a kilo of meat without skin and cut onion rings should be put on the silicone mold and pour the yogurt one percent so that the liquid covered the fillets.Then, add some salt and spices for baking chicken.After half an hour you can get the meat out of the oven, cool and cut into thin strips.Further ingredients are the same sliced ​​julienne cucumbers, salted, boiled chicken or quail eggs, steamed without fat mushrooms, green onions.For the filling, you can use the remaining yogurt or mayonnaise dyukanovsky (whipped egg yolks in the blender with yogurt, mustard and spices).

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Year of the Horse should be met with a full table, a special place where the salads occupy a horseshoe collar, a horse's head.


With carrots and peppers can make the calendar

traditional "Garnet Bracelet" of fish, meat or language can be issued in the form of a horseshoe.Wonderful collar with a bell will of the popular "Forest clearing" if its spread is not for turning into a round bowl and in cake pan with a hole in the middle.The lowest layer of marinated mushrooms caps are laid down, legs backfilled finely chopped dill and parsley.The next layer of mayonnaise evenly distributed, then the ring fresh cucumber and boiled carrots.After that laid chopped boiled chicken and fried mushrooms.Rounding out the composition of the ring boiled potatoes, mayonnaise, pickled onions.Above all closed lettuce.The dish is in the refrigerator for several hours and then turn over the form - get a neat circle with mushrooms on top.The bell can be built from a small pepper salad or egg white.

horse of any lettuce ↑

to put favorite salad in the form of a horse's head, it is not necessary to be a painter or a sculptor.It's enough to take a large platter and paint, for example, mayonnaise contours of the head with a mane, ears and collar.Then gently grate on weight pattern over the first layer of potatoes for "coats".We need to look carefully to the potato does not fall out of the loop.If the first layer of salad made correctly, and all the others will also be a desired shape.

in the year of the horse

little imagination and decorate your desk horse

After potatoes laid herring cut into small cubes and marinated in vinegar with sugar, salt and onions.Next comes a layer of mayonnaise and boiled carrots with sweet and sour apple.Rubbing products, you need to carefully monitor the maintenance of the desired form, paying special attention to the ears.The secret to a beautiful salad of a horse is that the upper layer of the beet must be swapped with the previous - potatoes.In this case the coat is white, not red, and it can be effectively decorate.

eyes of a horse can be put black olives, nostrils - from green.Green sprigs of dill replace mane, peas or corn - a collar.If you sprinkle the salad with boiled egg yolk, you get bright and delicious.

When the clock twelve beat ↑

look great among the delicacies salad, decorated in the form of hours.It can be chimes with Roman numerals from pomegranate, olives, peas, corn or green.Neat and original watch obtained from stuffed eggs laid around any salad entire sides up.Arrows and numbers can be cut from a boiled carrot or salted cucumber.


figures can be made from cooked carrots, crab sticks, pepper

Bright crab sticks give fantasy freedom.They can be cut into thin julienne, grate, make them into circles to dial or cut them from the Arabic numerals.

Salad mitten

Crab sticks and boiled egg are ideal to decorate mittens Santa Claus

Additionally hours relevant are issued in the form of Santa Claus gloves dishes.Put the salad in the form of gloves is quite simple, just have to decorate it grated crab sticks and protein.A more sophisticated design may seem meals in the form of a head Santa Claus with a white beard and a red cap, but this option is feasible if desired.

unusual festive salad with pine cones ↑

New Year is associated with the Christmas tree, pine cones, snowmen and festive mood.And the bumps do not necessarily have to be true - edible much more interesting!Beneficial looks uploaded in the form of fir cones dish.For example, an unusual salad "The Little Mermaid" you can decorate with almonds.His sharp tips will create the effect of this attempted cones from heat.

How to "The Little Mermaid"?The Big Apple is cleared of seeds and peel.Herring, onion, apple, walnuts and boiled eggs are passed through a meat grinder or ground into a blender, and then fill with mayonnaise.The resulting mass is needed to lay out in the form of an elongated oval.Then salad decorated with almonds, each nut is stuck so that the sharp tip sticking out like a lump.


cones can be eaten, not only admire

If a decoration do not have time, you can build a salad in the form of a snowman.The unusual form and the content will provide a delicious meal a success.It can be round head snowman with black olives, eyes and nose-carrot or the figure of boiled eggs, fastened inside toothpicks.


Snowman done quickly and easily

exclusive dishes will spark salad of peppers filled with meat salad.Flames can be cut from hot peppers.For the filling suitable finely diced salad sturgeon, cooked sausage, pickles, eggs, bacon and herbs.Mix ingredients you can use mayonnaise or sour cream.

At whatever salad you will not be stopped, most importantly, it is interesting to decorate it, adhering to the Christmas theme.Because of the huge variety of design ideas every woman chooses the option, supplementing it and improving.The result is an original and tasty dish that will long be remembered by guests and relatives.The festive mood will be ensured, which means that the year would be the best!

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