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3 skill, alien to your fitness trainer

pers With the first hours of daylight lasted the people reached in gyms.Objectively, more people are choosing winter slopes, skiing and group lessons.Since the positive was missing.Well, the first hints of spring return people to the mundane eternal values.Yes, soon detonation, and you do not press and gluteus prokachany.Of course, what here positive, it is necessary to hire a coach.But as bad luck, you will depart for a month, and maybe even get a little pain somewhere other than muscle.A figure - and not all pumped up.The matter here is not the weather and the nature and banal misunderstanding between the specialist and his client.Oh, and an overdose of Public advertising customer in mind, too.And here you are considering a change of coach on a more "efficient and pliable."Here, perhaps, it is worth recalling that some things are absolutely alien to all coaches.

X-Ray Vision

you: oh, something I had ankle stabs and shoots at the waist, and eye twitches ... Coach, what can it be?

coach Thoughts: The fi

rst - a pancake, urgently recall the anatomy in the ankle with us ... Yesterday we have a client with this ... probably still should not have conducted the entreaties that all her friends are running, and make her walk.Vaughn overweight, then what.The second - feet and lower back that we surely need to inquire, I do not if she squatted there with weaving in the same technique that even now a couple of weeks ago, before we met."Peck" is still there ... And anyway, even if there is already an MRI, tired of guessing.Eye, eye, like, much costly training is not given, we protect the central nervous system, such as sleeping, recovering.What could it be?Sorry, I do not have X-ray vision, I would have immediately guessed.

Coach aloud: Let's you and I will spend today restorative activity, technology pootrabatyvaem with light weight, utility do last, and ... go, please see a doctor.Here I have a good orthopedist and the surgeon, too, if you need to ...

You: No, I do not want a light, I pay money to achieve the dream figure, let's heavy

coach himself: That's the same damn it!And it is a pity to kill aunt and the conflict must somehow smooth.Well, long live the life-giving mnogopovtorny squat nose in the wall of dyeing.Oh, one, two, three ...

thinking skills to penetrate foreign menu

You: Oh, again recovered by 3 kg, and in fact did not eat any-thing

mentally Coach: So, nothing has meaningushatala metabolism.Excellent week has begun.Like her nizkuglevodku nobody wrote.So, this is true of the neighboring Sasha sandbox.Breeder bikinistok because it rastak.That catch and explain why girls should have.In the examples and positive reinforcement.It must be turned to the endocrinologist immediately, and the analysis on hormones.And without hormones to prevent.How tired of these slimming week, dismissed, I leave for Honolulu.Wait, maybe it's nothing imaginary?Or maybe she's drinking tea with sweets on the sly.Oh, it would be better tea with sweets than adaptation ...

Coach aloud: Can your menu to look for the last couple of weeks?You also phone logs with you?

you: I did not write down, was so busy at work, so busy ... but nothing to eat, the stress can not directly all.And holidays

coach himself: Yes, it seems candy, but the analysis is still necessary to make do ... Suddenly really prolactin cortisol ... And in Honolulu summer ... Oh

Coach aloud (a false positive) It's all fixable,Now let us contact you we practice, and for a week you will pass hormones inexpensive.That's where that's quickly and efficiently do.And keep a diary please, here's a handy service.Yes, right on your desktop and save to certainly not forget.

knowledge of all your vital training path

You: So, before I went to step out there though I was sweating.A school run.But between that I have worked to the gym.How to make?Well, there's legs shake, pressik.How many times a week?Yes differently.And, I remember.Then he went to the group power class.What?Well, usually, with such little black pieces tyazhelenkimi.

mentally Coach: Clear, with endurance means we are fine, and the technique is necessary to look.

Coach aloud: So, let's you and I do about it right now exercise test, so I can determine your level of training and a program to adjust.

You: Well, I have a good level.

Coach aloud: Then let's focus on your toes and hands, and spun for 60 seconds.

You: Oh, I do not know, my previous coach aerobics said that women should be wrung from his knees

coach himself: So, clearly, everyone lies, as bequeathed great Dr. House.Probably not since the beginning ...

Coach aloud: Let's try to sit

you: (squat without weights)

coach himself: So, it means that the hip is not disclosed, stretching the back surface of the body is missing, Peck pelvis, bending back the excess, chest rests on his hip ... We must retrain.

Coach aloud: Well, now we are going to do with you simple exercises for the development of the feet.Let's try to sit down, holding a stick over the head of gymnastic

You: Yeah, I know how to squat and do not want to stick, I want vulture.There, the girls in the video

Why all these scenes

And the fact that the coach is not required for you to eat right and exercise.But he sees the part of the motion of your body, and can correct those which are objectively travmooopasnymi.

We can think about yourself anything you want, including, and based on the experience of home or school training, or employment with other professionals.But all this does not mean that we do not err in the moment.

If this scene is repeated two or more coaches deal, sorry, not in low-skilled instructor staff of the club provincial town N and in your relationship.To training, to themselves, to health, finally.

And before you change the coach should try to convince yourself that your health is more important than "always hard training, for which already weeping."And that power - it is half, if not 80% success rate.Power can only be neglected genetic elite - the perfect recovery, no injuries, perfect health, perfect body proportions, brilliant technique.And not in the sense of "eat everything", but in the sense of "sometimes I do not watch and do not write."If you do not belong to this narrow category of people, the food blog you need first of all, and just because already by your coach and doctor.

Well, ask for advice, "how to treat something that hurts" is better, after all, in a specialized medical facility.Believe me, it is better to know than even the most rasprekrasny fitness trainer with an additional qualification and a diploma.

Elena Selivanov

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