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Practical gifts for newborn babies or give

Gifts for a newborn in any family with the advent of the baby begins a new era in the life that takes a completely different meaning.Of course, many relatives, friends, colleagues and just good friends feel the need to do something to give crumbs.This raises many questions: what to give newborn if - a boy?And if it is - a girl?The most "advanced" tend to beat and collect all of the newly born girl almost ready dowry.To pick up the boy no more, no less - the vehicle, machinery or pedal bikes with scooters.I feel like saying: "People!After the baby was born a few days ago!Why not draw your attention to the beautiful gifts baby names? »

It presents" future "," for a souvenir "often left to lie unused in the closet and then migrate into the baskets" junk. "Perhaps all is clear: it is necessary to choose the right gift, useful and able to bring joy and my mother and the baby.But how to do it right and give the newborn the best?


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What would be nice to get mom and baby ↑

If you've already became happy parents and going to congratulate relatives or friendsa remarkable event - the birth of a baby, then remember what subject you yourself these days like to receive as a gift the most?This memory will help you find the thing, which in turn young parents will be remembered for a long time, you kind words.

And if you're not targeting in the needs and aspirations of young parents, try to directly ask them: "What gift would you prefer to get the honor of the birth of the baby?" If you get a specific answer, well - now you can safely go to the shops and choose exactlywhat to order.But if the young parents - very shy and answered: "Yes, we actually do not know ... At your option, we will be happy around! ..", The situation is extremely difficult.Having leeway can porassprashivat newly grandparents - what is missing in a young family, and you can buy them.And if you have carefully read these tips, then you need to buy a gift you will have no difficulty!

Unwanted we launched newborn ↑

Gifts for a newborn 1. Flowers - in a luxurious bouquet, beautifully designed, of course, it looks great.But do not forget that many of them - a strong allergen and "earn" an allergy, barely coming out of the hospital, it is unlikely anyone would want.In addition, many flowers have a sharp and heady smell (lilies, carnations, some varieties of roses), and at best they will be the fate of in the garbage disposal as soon as the guests disperse.Still I would like to congratulate the young mom flowers?

There is a wonderful alternative - a bunch of balloons.You can buy them already in finished form, or by calling upon the lungs and their households, beautiful colorful balloons inflate yourself.Our advice: pay attention to bouquets made of long narrow beads.If you take the colored balls, one can "cheat" fun and festive colors, and you can fix them in the stalks with leaves, if you take the green balls.

2. The list of unwanted gifts to the newborn and hit "adult" children's toys - dolls of all sizes, cars and, of course, soft toys of all kinds.A lot of time will pass before the baby starts with them to really play, but they are real dust magnet!Young mum, trust, and no extra cleaning is what to do.

If, however, decided to give a toy ↑

«But how does a child without a toy?" - Will object other demanding reader.That's right - no way, baby toys need from birth, but what?

  • With its rattle domestic production and be sure to check that the goods were at all necessary certificates.Children in infancy all the toys try to try "to the tooth" and we must be absolutely sure that you bought a rattle is absolutely safe, not broken and not broken from the handle.
  • Another wonderful gift will be a set of rubber swimming toys for swimming - kids learn very early to follow the bright objects, and will have fun in the bath rather than capricious.
  • good for the baby and for mom to be "musical Nanny" - a rotating carousel of colorful toys with nice, gentle melody.Fascinated by the observation of the slowly "leaving" The young, the baby will be busy for a long time in contemplation of this fascinating spectacle (and the young mother could cook for the newfound daddy something tasty).

Gifts for a newborn 3. Diapers, oddly enough, are also in the list of unwanted gifts.But - here you need to make a reservation: only those who bought in haste, without taking into account the features of the baby.Of course, diapers - a very useful thing, which never hurts, and so if you decide to buy it they ask mommy advance exactly what she buys diapers in the store.This may be particularly diapers "for boys" or "girls", and the weight of the child must also be taken into account - it must meet the labeling.

Separately to say about the so-called "diaper cake".Today it is very fashionable and what to hide, original and beautiful gifts to the newborn.That's just we want to remind once again - remember that the same thing diapers personal hygiene, such as feminine pads.Will the young mom to use diapers for their intended purpose for your crumbs, if they have already folded, wrinkled, twisted knows whose hands?Many young mothers admit that they left these "cakes" as a souvenir."A pity!" - They are recognized, - "After all, for the manufacture of diapers is so much that could well serve!»

4. Most are unnecessary and many pacifiers and bottles unimaginable variety of configurations.When buying such gifts, think - maybe, baby, which is designed for your gift, do not suck a pacifier (Current Pediatrics is very welcome), and for the bottle with boiled porridge is not yet mature enough, because it feeds on the natural way - breast milk.

5. Horse-riding and walkers.These devices, which just a few years ago were very popular today do not enjoy such a wide demand among young mothers.In any case - such gifts require that their need was confirmed by the very mother.

6. Goods for kids, bought at the pharmacy - not a very nice gift for mom ("It's just in case, all the kids are sick!").Klizmochki, tube, syringe, medical fees and teas - believe me, if they need be, a young mother herself will buy them, and those who recommend a pediatrician.Needless to say, it is quite inappropriate gift!

7. Baby food - especially individual case.Newborn can not tolerate at all the components that are present in you bought expensive packages.For your child's parents together with the pediatrician picked food individually, which takes into account all the features of the baby, okay.

Gifts for a newborn 8. Books on raising children - perhaps useful, but many young mothers regard such gifts as an allusion to her inadequacy as a parent.To avoid potential embarrassing situations, such gifts are best avoided - if Mummy will understand that its knowledge of the care and upbringing of the baby is not enough, she would buy the necessary literature itself.

9. Children's clothing is very loved by many grandmothers gift, indeed, can be a great gift.Beautiful and comfortable things for the baby, and nice to get the young mother - she can dress up your crumbs for a walk or a visit.

If you want to give odezhku ↑

However, there are a number of features that you should consider when buying baby clothes as gifts.

  • not buy clothes for the baby "for growth", all children grow up in different ways, and at the time when the donated jacket will fit, the window can be a hot summer.
  • Choose children's clothes, which were used for the manufacture of only natural materials.
  • Simple models should preferably be bizarre and unusual - such extravagant things are often difficult to remove and put on.Make sure to have had neck or buttons of a button - it will greatly facilitate the process of changing.
  • Avoid clothes with decorative small details - beads, beads and pompons, that kid can pull and drag in the mouth.

Gifts for newborns and their parents ↑

  1. Bedding - pillow case, bed sheet, duvet cover (you can just buy a blanket and size).Also it is glad Mom and accessories for newborn crib - protective collar and canopy.Kids blanket, a large towel for swimming - very useful things that are guaranteed to be used and not zalezhatsya on long shelves.
  2. Gifts for a newborn Gifts a long memory - all you need to create it, the mother the baby, their own record.Since the first days of his life, the parents fix everything that happens with their child, and for this they need a lot of tools - camera, funny photo frame, a series of children's albums "I was born," "me a year," and so on.These albums are in the form of diary, where parents enroll all the achievements of the child, they are sold in "girly" design with hearts and roses, and "boys'", with cars and train.
  3. Stroller - the perfect gift (though not cheap).Going to the store for such an important and very fit any baby gift, bring the young parents, or, in extreme cases, to ask in detail what model strollers for their crumbs they would prefer.
  4. Gifts for a newborn crib mattress for a newborn or - if the parents did not buy them even before the birth of the baby (as, indeed, and a stroller), it is very popular and practical gift.Deciding to buy a newborn crib, not stingy and buy a modern model with built-in dresser drawers which is very convenient to store children's clothes.And if the bed will be transformed - to grow with the baby, it will be very cool!
  5. washing machine.Perhaps a young family, it is already there, and then it makes sense to ask whether their model function washing children's clothes?If not, the relatives can make a single joint gift and buy a modern washing machine, thus greatly improve the life of the young mother (care baby care greatly diminished), and to the baby (Mom can spend more time with him).

purchasing "serious" gift like a washing machine or a wheelchair (which, by the way, the price may be significantly greater than the washing machine!), Be sure to consult with all the relatives.Deciding what to give newborn, should all the family council - thus you can avoid the "double" of gifts and embarrassing situations.

Remember the main thing - a gift bought with love, much more desirable and expensive as memory and for parents, also for the baby than the one bought in haste, "for show".The love and care of close relatives - the best gift for baby!

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