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All existing methods willing to stretch shoes at home

Stretch shoes at home

met a man who in his life has never faced the problem of not quite suitable footwear is probably impossible.Even when buying shoes man seems perfectly appropriate, in the process of wearing shoes may begin to rub the foot, or a few hours of continuous wear becomes tight, as the legs are simply swell.Some in this case could refuse dearly beloved shoes in favor of a more convenient, but less sweet heart a pair of moccasins, but few know that the shoes can be stretched.And to increase the shoes do not necessarily run in a shoe shop, you can stretch the shoes at home.How to do it correctly and will poveschena this article.


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Indeed, there are many ways toincrease their own shoes.One of the easiest and most popular ways to stretch shoes is the following: shoes, boots or any other shoes need to close the inside wet alcohol or most that neither is a trivial vodka.Next, put on shoes on his f

eet and wetting liquid has the same top.This must be soaked shoes reproach about one or two hours.This will help it stretch to size and make it hard parts softer.

Another way to stretch shoes, by the way, rather primitive raznashivanie is, so to speak, by a wet sock.The owner of a pair of shoes, which he felt not quite comfortable putting wet woolen socks.Then, accordingly, shoes and slippers.Socks better soak in hot water, because it is more compliant shoes to warm water.After walking in that "dress" for a while, the owner of the shoe will do what shoes will shape the legs and no more pressure.

T rety way to increase the size of the shoe only suitable for leather shoes.It lies in the fact that the shoes you want to stretch, pour over boiling water.Drained excess water, and when the shoe a little cool, and break in her shoes to dry completely.Why this method is applicable only for leather shoes?Because only leather can withstand such a violent impact.In footwear, made of any other material, tend to stain.Yes!It may be a stretch, but unfortunately, it loses its former beauty.

any shoes you can also stretch with a specially created for this spray or foam, which can be purchased at a shoe store, a supermarket or a special department at the shoe masters.In this case, shoes sprinkled acquired funds and pushed onto the stretcher (usually a wooden block in the shape of the foot).Of course, also need to buy a stretcher.As it was already possible to understand, this method requires a certain cost.And the cost is less than three methods listed above.In principle, in this case, you can not put shoes on a special pad, and break in on their own.This will reduce costs.

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If you bought the shoes that you a little too tight, you should not get upset.This shoe can be bit of a stretch, using fairly simple way.They really are simple in its overall weight - a very economical.But we should not forget that the shoes to stretch on their own, you will be able to a maximum of half a size.So the shoes that you are very small, not worth buying.

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