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HLS: expectations and reality

103265910_07155f229c0c Members of a healthy lifestyle is very optimistic.Indeed, there is no ground for the breeding of ideas more fertile than the human brain, once and for all decided to change his life.Investments in securities of dubious and buying useless, but very prestigious bag - not only impulsive spending "me."I decided to be in the New Year very healthy subject to advertising and promotion of not less than other neophytes.In general, the health of the race of a life transformed into a shopping 24/7, and the harmony and beauty to the well-being of this does not add up.Why is this happening?

How we think, determined to change myself

Do not ignore the simple human fear of the unknown.Nobody finds it strange little to fear, change jobs, and feel a little uncertainly, moving to another country.But to start eating vegetables instead of puree and freeze-dried meat dumplings instead, like should not cause the same emotions and fears.

We believe that all useful changes are so good that take root themselves.Yes, without

effort, without problems and without any extra cost.

So, we expect that:

  • if the diet is healthy and balanced, hunger quickly recede by itself;
  • surrounding happily patting you on the shoulder when he saw a tray with lettuce and a jar of buckwheat at lunchtime;
  • children will be just as happy with the fact that instead of "McDonalds" Now you go to the park to ride on roller skates;
  • spending on food by themselves fall;
  • medical problems, too, will dissolve by themselves;
  • a month ZOZha can reap the benefits in the form of a stunning figure in a bathing suit;
  • and all this will happen effortlessly and infighting

ZOZha reality through the eyes of the common man

simple, in the sense of not burdened zombiruet positive psychology, and is not repeated affirmation rather than solve problems.Personally, I think it's better to warn the traveler that there are stones on the road and should wear sturdy shoes, you send it in a way in sandals and positive.

but finished with metaphors.In reality, it happens:

  • after a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and cottage cheese through a hungry textbook 2, 5:00, and you is shocking;
  • is only to get the tray with home-made food in a public place, you hear a lot of things about myself unflattering.And yes, head can also be delighted by the fact that you are warmed up.Many of my clients are downright complain about the boss who is always in the office, "food smells";
  • relatives prefer to maintain their own habits and not support your.And yes, you have to fry the pancakes if you fry them before, even if now you do not eat them.And in the "McDonald's" to go with the kids, too;
  • first month costs you just shocking.Yes, you will buy a "normal food for all" and "healthy" for themselves;
  • possible, your health does not improve with lightning speed, and you do not feel immediately promised vigor and growth.And perhaps you have yet to come back to the clinic and undergo the necessary tests;
  • figure for the first month, too much will not change.Someone, I'm sorry for being straightforward, just launched a textbook throw 3-5 kg.And someone - nothing at all, or even pick up.

It would seem that with the advent of the last paragraph should come universal grief, depression, and a return to the old way of life.But there is usually a period of manic shopping - one simply buys everything fitness Soup, kits and food for weight loss pills, and begins to take it all in the hope of ever so closer to the truth.And then looking at the credit card statement, a person throws all, and goes into the category of occasional visitors to the fitness club and periodicals "customer salad" for lunch.Of course, this does not health is improved as well as the same figure.

How to avoid problems and disappointments

Personally, I advise all my clients to give up setting goals like "minus 5 kg a month," even though they are physiologically and real.I support the idea that the objective was the development of certain habits:

  • to regular physical activity;
  • to strength training 3 times a week;
  • to the right, healthy eating and moderate

And, I usually advise to enter a new habit in that order, though physiologically due to the action and vice versa.It is logical, if you want to lose weight quickly, immediately go on a diet.And no less justified only then connect the training and stuff.In fact, the "rule of the contrary," only works because for the majority of women is a feat as time is not a diet, but it is a normal organization of trainings.In all diets are already used to sit, and not once.But with the sport, "friends", mainly before holiday or before the summer.And that, I'm sorry, not HLS and its imitation.

What about the rest?Reasonable savings on the products and will happen to your family as soon as you master the purchase of food in the right quantities actually, and will not push the habit in your cart 2 packages of donuts with calculation "on themselves."If you buy sweets husband or children, buy them from the calculation of what you do not eat them anymore, and that's the whole secret savings.

Fight critical of people, in my opinion, in fact it is not necessary.The first time, I, too, was such - gave a lecture on the benefits of buckwheat per judgmental view, and was happy to explain why on the tripod, I will not masculine, but my opponent from the constant chatter about anything in the room so nothing will grow.Things are fine in its diversity.And there are two "is not quite the Apollo," which poked you in the back with your finger and feel the pancakes on your post, probably in something good too, maybe they are excellent workers and fabulous father, who knows?

But what to hunger, you will suffer an average of three weeks.This is less than the adaptation to any long diet like "Kremlin" or "protasovskoy."And "let go", usually when losing weight is not only aware of the importance of the choice of products, but also need to organize diet.

And what figure and a swimsuit?Give yourself at least half a year to do it right and not go the distance.And in the summer you will be able to put more interesting goals and choose a variety of tasks.

Elena Selivanov