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Recipes home soap and video tutorials on the soap with your hands

Soap at home

Recently, growing in popularity, especially among women, is gaining a new trend - soap-making at home.For some, it is a fascinating hobby akin to the mysterious magical ritual for others - the opportunity to surprise your friends original homemade gift.Still, the most important advantage of home soapmaking - 100% -natural product that meets all your needs, for color, shape, aroma and, most importantly, you'll pick up part of their own taste and desire.

make soap at home is not such a difficult job, as it might seem at first glance.Having tried at least once to cook your own soap, you would not want to go back to normal soap, but the process will entice so that it does not just want to repeat, but be sure to make some new note.


recipe for homemade soap with their hands ↑

Ready?Then, let's go!Create a soap with your hands, we will develop what is called "zero", iewithout the melting of the finished soap, we do it, as it should be - really.

Necessary ingredients homemade soap:

  • 500 g of coconut oil
  • 500 g of olive oil
  • 158 g NaOH (sodium hydroxide)
  • 500 g of distilled water, 10 ml
  • liked essential oil (optional)


  • large pot (enameled or stainless steel) designed for 2-3 liters of fluid.
  • small saucepan for liquor
  • glass or plastic jar for dosing NaOH
  • mixer or blender
  • large wooden spoon for stirring
  • kitchen thermometer
  • Kitchen scales up to 1-2 g
  • form for soap: itIt can be a wooden box and plastic, the main material to be heat-resistant.


Preparation of soap is very interesting, but not child labor.Do not forget that you have to work with lye.Be careful and follow all safety rules: Use rubber gloves, goggles, clothing with long sleeves, plastic apron, Cover the work surface with paper towels or newspapers, Care for intensive ventilation of the room, and access to water.Soap Takes You 1.5-2 hours of time during which you no one should interfere with and even more underfoot.

handwritten soap-making step-by-step ↑

  1. Coconut and olive oil are placed in a pan, put on low heat and keep until completely dissolved.Do not heat above 60-90 degrees.After complete dissolution of oil to cool to 50-60 degrees.
  2. While at the plate to dissolve the oil, prepare an alkaline solution: Measure out the strictly specified amount of sodium hydroxide and gradually Pour it into the necessary amount of distilled water.Thoroughly mix until complete dissolution of the crystals.Remember!At first the water and then NaOH!In no case shall not vice versa.For each oil saponification requires a fixed amount of alkali.If you overdo it with lye, the actual risk of getting too caustic soap that none will bring you and your skin or what kind of joy.But a small surplus of fat (perezhir) Conversely further protect the skin, but do not overdo it here, otherwise the soap quickly deteriorate.
  3. Now the fun begins: the prepared oil mixture pour liquor.Before our eyes, everything turns into a milky mass, which we thoroughly mixed with a mixer or blender until the consistency of pudding, ieon the surface of the mass must remain traces of a spoon.At this stage in the soap, you can add special additives: essential oils, cream, nutritious oil, etc., but also for the first initiation into the soap-boiler, we advise you to do a "clean" soap.
  4. Thoroughly mix all ingredients, pour the resulting mass into the prepared pan, zamatyvaem in woolen cloth and leave in a warm (in the sun or on the battery) for 24 hours.After this time, the soap must be removed from the mold and cut into convenient pieces.Sliced ​​soap leave in a well-ventilated place to ripen for at least 2-3 months.During ripening soap completely acquire the necessary consistency and properties, it will also reduce the level of pH.To check the availability of soap, you can try to "the language" - if the soap does not sting, so they can be safely used.

Soap handmade children ↑

to taste the charm of soap making, newcomers still better not to begin with complex experiments that require a special delicacy, and the so-called "digest" - the preparation of baby soap.It's just a huge field for creativity, allowing to create a very different soaps - gentle soap for washing, for hands, full body, to problem areas, liquid soaps, scrubs.

We need:

  • Base - baby soap without additives.
  • Base Oil - any base oil: olive, almond, sesame, grape seed.At 100 grams of soap 1-2 teaspoons enough to soap is not lost in sudsing and foam.
  • milk, broth herbs or plain water - to dissolve the soap mass.It is best to use milk, which must take into account the 1: 1 by weight of soap (100 g of soap required 100 grams of milk).Instead of milk, you can use a decoction of the suitable for your skin herbs: chamomile, or succession - for delicate, sensitive skin;calendula, celandine, wild cherry, oak bark - for oily and inflamed.
  • Essences - favorite perfume, essential oil, vanilla and honey flavors.
  • dyes - food or special dyes for the manufacture of candles and soaps.
  • Fillers - sequins, figures from glycerin soap, dried flowers, pollen, cream, milk, citrus slices, petals, grass, ground or powdered oatmeal to gently scrub, mud / clay or ground coffee for the hard "anti-cellulite" scrub, menthol forrefreshing effect, etc.
  • molds for soap - soap dishes, plastic boxes for lunches, cups of yogurt, silicone molds for baking.

detailed steps work ↑

  1. Bar baby soap (100 g) Grate.To rub the soap is better and not too much "pylilo", it is desirable to heat a bit, resting in the sun or on the battery.Instead, you can use a grater food processor, which greatly speed up the process.
  2. crumbs pour soapy liquid for dissolution (milk, broth herbs) and mix.After adding fluid, the unpleasant odor of alkali.Do not worry, after drying, the finished soap smell completely disappear.Flooded with liquid soap chips can immediately send in a water bath or a couple of hours left to swell, and then put on the bath.In a water bath soap melts from 10 minutes to an hour.If it melts really bad, add half a teaspoon of honey or sugar.Also, the weight can be quickly melted in a water bath, and a microwave.In the latter case, the need for three minutes, three seconds, heating to 30 with careful stirring.The result should be a homogeneous mass without lumps, the consistency similar to sour cream.It is extremely important not to bring the weight to a boil!
  3. When the mass is smooth, add the oil-based, dyes, fillers, dry ingredients.Knead well and remove from heat.Adding essential oils, mix again and poured into molds, pre-oiled conventional sunflower oil, petroleum jelly or oil-base, which was used for making soap.To obtain marble or colored puff soap, in one form can be filled with several colors.Also during the flooding in the mold can be put various decorative elements.
  4. Hardens soap usually within days, but if you add too much milk, honey or sugar, it can be a day to stay soft.To remedy the situation, a couple of hours we will send soap molds in the freezer.Taking the soap form, spread it out to dry on paper towels.Dry soap should be from a few weeks to a month.To store wrap the soap in plastic wrap.

video with step by step instruction tips ↑

homemade soap recipes from the children ↑

All of the recipes are handmade soap produced by the above technology.

  • Milk and honey soap

gentle, moisturizing soap with a fantastic fragrance - clean, skin care and aromatherapy in one bar!

100 grams of baby soap, 2/3 cup milk, 2 tsphoney, 1 tablespoonsea ​​buckthorn oil (has healing and anti-inflammatory properties + gives a beautiful color), 1 tspglycerin, to 15 drops of any herbal or citrus essential oil for beauty - chamomile flowers.

  • Coffee soap scrub

removes dead skin layer of cells and deeply cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and velvety.It can be used as a means of anti-cellulite massage of problem areas.

100 grams of baby soap, 100 grams of milk, 1 tspfreshly ground coffee, 2 teaspoonscocoa butter, 7 drops of chocolate or vanilla flavor, a couple of drops of brown dye for beauty.

  • Cream soap with the scent of cinnamon

soft soap for sensitive skin care, enriched with vitamin E and moisturizing cream.Warm spicy scent of cinnamon and warm spiritual harmony will return to uncomfortable cold days.

100 grams of baby soap, 1 tablespoonolive oil, half a teaspoon of moisturizing cream, contents of 1 capsule of vitamin E, a few drops of essential oil of cinnamon, a colorant "caramel" for beauty.

  • Whipped Soap "Peach dessert»

Very beautiful and gentle soap that fully complies with its appetizing name.A great gift option.

200 grams of baby soap, 2 tsppeach oil, a few drops of rose oil, 2-3 drops of pink and yellow dye, dried inflorescences.

The finished soap mass is divided into two unequal parts: a large pink add dye, and a smaller - yellow.Each part individually, beat with a mixer.Quickly spread the first layer in the form of pink, and right behind him, and yellow.And on top of another layer of pink spread with a spoon to form on the surface like a wave.Decorate with dried flowers, lightly tamp them into non-thickened soap.

  • Cucumber soap with basil

Cucumber juice as part of the soap perfectly cleanses and nourishes the skin, and basil herb soothes, relieves irritation and gives the soap a beautiful green color.

100 grams of baby soap, 60-80 ml of cucumber juice, 2 tspolive oil, one or two teaspoons of dried and crushed basil, a few drops of essential oil of patchouli.

Well, that's it - your soap ready - completely natural, without harmful chemical additives and stabilizers!Hopefully, the first attempt came out not lumpy and you will fully be able to wash his own hand made soap.Only now you probably want to experiment with oils, aromas, colors ... You have everything ahead.Having mastered the basics of soap making, you can safely "magic" with a variety of natural components: extracts of herbs, nutrients and essential oils, milk, honey, fruits and vegetables.Production of soap with his hands - a bright creative process, for which the limit may be only your imagination.

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