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How to speed up weight loss: expectations and reality

speedslim Many people try to force everything in their life processes.Money is not earned the right amount?Graduated from the course, then another, then go to the MBA, and then spit on everything and find a night job.Again, no?Let us also work for the weekend, that really there is penny wise!Spouse oddly absorbed in himself and stopped responding to the daily e-mails?Buy one set of clothes, then another, then threw a tantrum, then - dinner by candlelight, and then accidentally found out that this girl had not appeared, and the risk of dismissal.Figure stroyneet not in accordance with the schedule of holidays?Well, let's boost.In accordance with the Council of the Western fitness trainers, read in the article translated.It turns out this is roughly the same as that of a dozen works, constant pressure on their own unhappy husband, and other personal projects increased importance.

accelerates advice: wait

All of us have read these tips to accelerate weight loss:

  • drink of fat burner.Author of this council is u
    nknown or hidden.Or maybe it's fruit of collective intelligence.But here and there we read that to lose weight quickly will help caffeine, green tea extract, or even some kind of a challenging thing, which supposedly increases the body temperature and metabolism;
  • Sit on a diet like "5/2" and can be done fasting days.We all know that if the calories are not cut down the human way, they can cut back on using violence against the body.Sorry, no means a miracle mineral unloading days.The rest - well, useful low-calorie food;
  • Increase the intensity of your workouts.Wonderful advice from those who do not distinguish the intensity of the volume.Usually it expressed in the fact that instead of 30 minutes of stomping on the track "intensively" should stomp hour, instead of 4 approaches with normal weights to perform 40, but almost without him.
  • Increase mobility in everyday life.There is a whole bunch of tips from quite sane kind of short warm-up at the end of business hours or walk at lunchtime, before the celebration of creative ideas such as sedentary work on a stationary bike or treadmill;
  • Exclude series - milk, cereals, all kinds of products that are not vegetables and meat, and you will feel ...;
  • did not help?Now eliminate carbohydrates, they are in fact all the problems;
  • And again did not help?Eat has a chicken breast.Well, you can with parsley.

clear that such "a quick weight loss" may result in very different ways.Most good option, by the way, is when "Fast and the Furious" will last a fortnight and did not have time to do mischief in the body so that the person will face adaptation.Usually at the end of this week and get a long-awaited vacation.In which, correctly, all eat, drink and find physical activity swimming 10 meters into the sea.Of course, the holiday so losing weight will bring not only a souvenir and a dozen self, but something more substantial.At the waist and hips.

In the worst case the race for quick weight loss is never ending.Professional slimming dieting constantly, choosing only low-calorie and low-fat foods, and suffer from well-concealed (with the help of fat burner) prostration.Somewhere in the middle of all this user's perception of the body completely lost.And every fold of skin is perceived as a ton of fat.Then there is almost nothing, only the constant thinking about the figure and attempts to correct.

Accelerate weight loss in reality

In my humble opinion, there are two processes:

  • you still lose your fat, albeit slowly, albeit not as much as we would like, and in the wrong places;
  • you do not lose weight at a standstill, with no other changes, too, there is no

second option is most likely that your body is what you do - not diet, and "supporting the regime."Moreover, there may be a variety of options:

  • you are healthy and you have all right, except for the ability to assess their own training intensity and calorie content of their own power.Do you eat a lot, and occasionally forget to write down the bar, and even a whole pack of cheese, sometimes replacing the usual high-calorie foods, and it is "sometimes happens too often;
  • you are healthy, but still not very good physical shape, because a half-hour jog your mind is perceived as a very intensive training;
  • you are healthy, but not in very good shape your coach, not physical, and so to say, education.He's trying to fix this thing, and constantly exploring the trends.As a result, today you raise the maximum weight of tomorrow - running sprints, the day after tomorrow - to make a pie, and after-after tomorrow suddenly comes the post, and the house fall from fatigue;
  • you are healthy and in good shape, lose weight, and you, in general, it is not necessary.Do you have a conventional human body with here and there manifested body fat, and you want to return the body of a fitness model.Then it is necessary, I'm sorry, hungry textbook "fitness model" food for life, and spend 5 workouts a week.Oh, and do not skip cardio.This is a fairly major change in life, and it has nothing to do with your regular fitness classes.Going this route, after a couple of months you will notice that your usual work beginning as if you interfere, and household duties, you would have somebody happy redirected.In general, this choice is not for everyone, otherwise it would be a fitness model.

And how terrible metabolic adaptation?Fortunately, this is an extremely rare condition, occurring in extremely stubborn people.It is usually detected endocrinologist and after the test.So if you suspect this is better to pass it immediately.

For the rest, the rate of weight loss and weight loss to date ... can be replaced with a normal one consult a specialist in this image and style.You argue that it is expensive?Not more than once a set of fat loss.And do not lie to yourself, you're trying to accelerate to look good?And so it is better to pay the person who teaches you to look good in your own skin, and grow thin as the body is physiologically comfortable.

Elena Selivanov

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