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5 Rules of women's training that you need to break

girlish different rules are full of women's training and journals, and Public, and other popular sources.In the special literature for the coaches is not so much information on the subject.In reality, effective exercises and strategies work on men and on women.We just have to play more intensity and perform other auxiliary exercises, that's all.But how to understand?After all we have been taught from childhood that the girls wear dresses and bows, and can cry in public, and the boys - wearing jeans and can fight.In general, "women exercise" sell better than "power", and therefore generated at this topic a bunch of not attributable to the reality of the information.

Women have to work on the quality and the power to do depleted glycogen

Eck wrapped up, yes?No, you know what I mean.Here comes the girl, new to the fashion chain fitness center, and the coach puts it on for 20 minutes on the treadmill.Run.And then is to show some leg presses and there flexion-extension of the lower limbs in the gym.This we call

"job quality".The idea is this - you are devoured by the glycogen depots run, and then the power is already taking place in the "fat-burning mode."

Yeah, as it is not so.Liver glycogen balanced eating ladies enough to run about 20 km.And some glycogen contained in the muscles too.Anyway ... If you normally run, then you can not squat, of course, if you - not Klokov, and he is obviously to lose weight by working and boldly speaks about it.Just look at the video bikinistok who work at this very quality.They do not pick up.That is literally pick up - well, except for the 30 kg barbell on the Romanian cravings rise?In terms of training of athletes is the quality as soon as sufficient muscle mass already been set.

If you start to do "quality" immediately after the arrival of the hall, we find only one - the same as it was before, plus some weight loss if adequate diet.Increase the power of this format of training is extremely difficult.Because immediately after the period of OPT divide power and cardio on different days, or at least do cardio after your weight.

Women need to do Circuit Training

way, training supersets considered no less intense.Do you know why?Because in supersets antagonists to you most, having worked muscles with more weight weights and get the desired progress for the load, but the running circle of a circle you can get ... .raznoe.

circuit training in the theory are shown to those who can lift 70% of your 1 rep max in the exercise for 10-12 repetitions.In theory, not aerobic and power training circular not involve 20 or more repeat mode.All that we see in popular channels and in the halls - just work on endurance.And she also has a place to be, and helpful.Only if people can keep absolutely the same, and the right technique, the exercises quickly and a lot of repetition.

Women should not swing obliques

part, this is true.It is better not to make the slopes with dumbbells, bending on the block, and other exercises on simple contraction of these muscles.So you can increase the amount of skew, and waist circumference.But if not notorious sloping worked at all, it becomes a big problem perform basic exercises.Squat and even make Romanian rather than classical thrust is extremely difficult, if oblique weak.The bar, loaded on the shoulders of not getting enough stability, if part of the press in the exercise does not work as a stabilizer.As a result, the load falls on the spine, and is usually on the lower back.And this is a potential risk.Just one clumsy lowering the pelvis below the hips, and is willing to injury.

Skew should be strengthened, but if you absolutely afraid to increase the waist, you can make an indirect stress - exercise, "woodcutter" on the block, "Russian" twist sitting in the power mode, 10-12 repetitions, and train oblique static.Yes, the good old T-strap still works.

Women should work out legs 2 times a week

If so athletes do not necessarily have to do so, and lovers.Often amateur fitness overload legs, combining cardio and HIIT-2 power a week.Usually 2 "leg" exercise a week do those who do not like this is the cardio, and does so only to increase calorie consumption.In general, no special bonuses from this strategy, if you do not recover, you do not get.So do not take it as a personal commitment to the rule.

Women should refrain from carbohydrates after a workout

Workout and women are different.And the amount of carbs, too.Conventional 10-15 g of simple carbohydrates after classes have been added to the cocktail, only speed up your recovery and reduce the probability that the next training session you come weaker than yesterday.On the contrary, the modern theory of nutrition sportswomen recommends carbohydrates just surround your training sessions.Well, you understand - porridge before and after the banana with cream cheese, for example.Abstain usually a couple of weeks before entering the competitive scene, the rest of humanity should, nevertheless, take carbohydrates to train not just so, and with better results.

Elena Selivanov