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Strength against beauty in amateur fitness

halfassedpush In my personal view, the aesthetic goal - the most difficult in terms of achieving.And it does not mean that to lose weight or to pump the ass absolutely impossible, because ... This means that on the way to an aesthetic purpose easiest to burn out, and slip into the most wonderful state of mind when the most tender words to themselves as are the "cow"and" hamster ".Around the crowd of beautiful women.And some of them, and some of the bar had never seen, and wear shoes only on the skewers.And the crowd around the classroom programming, candidate of historical sciences and other smart girls.But we're a little touches us all Give the body as in the image.According to my personal observations of the same, for the sake of weight loss weight loss, and exercise for the sake of beauty rather quickly turn into a sad sort of nightly duty dishwashing.When the joy of fitness goes, what's the point in general to engage in amateur fitness?

power rates as a goal

, modern textbooks for trainers recommend to redirec

t customers to other purposes as early as possible.Development of power indicators, speed, endurance, flexibility, considered more healthy goals than the notorious wasp waist with round cheeks and 6 cubes press.But in practice this is not always true.

When power development can lead us to the problems?The training always comes a time when the "novice growth" stops.That's six months you get to sit-ups with its own weight on the back, and then ... .Konechno, in the wake of the success you think then - only digits in powerlifting, and fitness and instagrammchik Levushka it's time to start already.In fact, more can happen very ocheno differently.Let's say your goal originally was "to lose weight and become a relief," but here you get involved and realize that you are more attracted to power.But the police have stopped growing.

At this very moment, you find yourself in the area and the potential harm to the "power" goals.You can somehow relate to this advice, but when it happens to you - look for a coach or athlete protruding.Just to consult on the subject of what to do next.

Independent hunt in this area usually lead to:
finding online training plan from the guru, or just by a little-known blogger, or even an entire book.Followed by attempts by all means to meet the costs written on paper, through training fatigue, pain and discomfort.Crowned champion of the Internet is generally the way or injury, or a stage grind when to go, there is no way, not to have to go to the gym;
chaotic attempts to "push" a police force of will.Also in bodily injury or overtraining;
finding a "guru", but not from the sphere from which you need.Often amateur sportswomen try to make the person with the free moral values.Some of them even work coaches.Here they offer something alien and, in general, professional sports women anabolic steroids, and often in such dosages, which are projecting healthy peasant something unreasonably high.In general, if you try to sell the run course, it is better to give up his great power target than their precious health.

Aesthetics or strength?

reading this part of the text, many were convinced that the strength - not an easy goal, and too unsafe.Maybe we should turn to the rear and presses pumping?In fact, I do not claim that aesthetics - is really useless and damaging the psyche of the case.

Aesthetic goal justified if:

  • you really need to lose weight, and many kilos.Naturally, you will limit the weight loss diet.And that, even in a relatively healthy clip, even with a small deficit, and even a short time can lead to significant changes in terms of power.Even professionals of the sport often shed weight work for the period of drying.Of course, you are not on the hard drying, but still comes a time when you just can not lift the weight, and at the very moment the purpose of power becomes a big problem;
  • you need is to lose weight, but not to run on the result.On the run, too, all for a reason.In reality, the approach "run more, eat less" is working very limited amount of time, and quickly leads to the depletion of energy resources of the body and health problems.If you try to combine a large weight loss preparation, for example, half marathon, it can be greatly disappointed.Weight, perhaps, will be reduced, but the results of the run will be slightly frustrating.Or vice versa, you will be healthy to run quietly and overeat.Anything can happen, but if you run and lose weight, better yet, run it under the relevant slimming training plan, not the plan of preparation for competition in the long distance;
  • you adequately treat their appearance, take it as a given that can be improved, but not completely transform the appearance of the other, and you have a little touched by the fact that someone out there better figure, and someone even better andeven without a room.

In general, despite the fact that now in vogue, look for the goal that will motivate you to exercise regularly and with pleasure, and, in fact, practice.

Elena Selivanov